Kaira : Love me till the end by Vrushy (Chapter 8)

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Chapter 8
Because love knows no age !!

Karthik’s POV.

A little later, we get inside the car. Naira is driving today. There’s nothing hotter than a girl driving a big car. Plus, she is wearing a really short dress and I want my hands on her porcelain-smooth skin and not on the hard leather of the steering wheel.

“Naira, the only reason you go to these parties is because you like dressing up !!!” I say to start up a conversation.

“Everyone likes dressing up.” she says and puts the car into gear.

“But you dress up to make other people realize that you’re prettier and hotter than them.” I state with a smirk.

“That’s just a by-product.” She smiles and winks at me.

“I tell you every day that you’re the hottest !! Why isn’t that enough for you ?!!” I ask.

“It is, baby. I know you hate such parties. We will stay there for just an hour, pucca.” she assures me.

My mind drifts off. The diary. I still haven’t decided whether I should tell Naira about it or not. It’s kind of killing me. I take out my cell phone and start to find anything that I can on the internet.

I have searched the name “Anushka” a million times on Google, Facebook, Orkut and My Space, but nothing substantial has come out. There are just too many girls with that name.

The only concrete information I have is that this guy was from Imperial Academy, Dehradun. But there is one sentence that can tell me more — “I used to call him Pappu, to show him down, but he was the champion, his name was etched on the achievements board of 2012 as the All-Rounder of the Batch.”

I search the name of the school on Google. They have a very elaborate website, but I can’t find any list of toppers or rank holders.

We drive on. We reach the place.

It’s a humungous house. f**king huge. I look at Naira. I don’t have a big house, but at least my girlfriend is hot.

Within minutes, I am bored. There is only expensive whisky, wines and what not in the party. I sit in the corner and watch television when my phone rings.

It’s Naksh. As usual, he’s in trouble and sounds frantic. This time, I don’t mind.

“I hope you’re not lying,” Naira says as we get inside the car.

“You can ask Naksh !! He called and said he needed me.” I answer.

“But why ?!!” she asks annoyed for leaving the party soon.

“He banged his car into a divider,” I say.

“So can’t he call a taxi ?!! Or a crane ?!! Why us ?!!” she asks again.

“I don’t know.” I say.

Naira sounds really pissed.

We reach where Naksh had asked me to come. It’s really deserted and I am scared. It really shouldn’t be a silly prank or I will be so screwed.

At a distance, I see two pairs of headlights. I drive towards the cars. As we go closer, I see things more clearly. Naksh’s car is Smashed !!

“f**k !! That is his car, right ?!!” says Naira in shock.

“Yes,” I say and park our car nearby.

I ask Naira to stay in the car as I see a police car near his. Girls and policemen is a bad combination. For the police, every girl out in the streets after six in the evening is a sl*t.

I walk up to where Naksh is standing. He is still smiling. On his right is a frail girl, who looks pretty young and she is shivering in fear. A disgusting, pot-bellied policeman is taking down information on his pad in Hindi.

“Sir, he is Keerti’s brother. Ask him. We’re getting married next month.” Naksh says in a very timid voice. He winks at me playfully.

“You are ?!!” The police guy looks at me.

Before I can say anything, the young girl comes and hugs me. “Bhaiya !!” she cries out.
“Ummm …I am her brother,” I say and point to the young girl who has held me tight around my waist.

I see Naksh smile. The girl is a better actor. She keeps clutching me, as if hanging on for dear life.

“You two can go home,” the policeman points at the girl and me. Naksh nods and tells us he will come home and explain our parents everything. The girl’s arms are still around me.

We walk towards the car. Naira looks strangely at us.

“What’s going on ?!!” Naira asks as soon as we get inside the car.

“No idea !!!” I say, and we both look at the young girl in the back seat.

Suddenly, she is calm and composed and stares right back at us. Before I can say anything else, she asks me to turn the air conditioner a notch up.

“He was teaching me how to drive. We started making out and I didn’t see the divider,” she says nonchalantly and keeps chewing on her bubblegum.

“Why are the police here ?!!” Naira asks.

“We banged the car, that’s why !! And they think I’m under eighteen, so they wanted to call my parents. That’s why Naksh called you guys. And that’s why you’re my brother.” she says with absolutely no change in the expression on her face.

“How old are you ?!!” Naira asks her.

“Seventeen,” she says.

f**k. Is this the girl from the washroom ?!! The girl, with whom Naksh went on two dates ?!! She’s not even eighteen !!

“Then what are you doing with him ?!!” Naira asks, shocked.

“I love him !!” she answers.

If you ask me, she looks at least twenty. And she is too bold and hot to be seventeen. Anyway, Naira isn’t too interested in the discussion. In fact, she’s furious and takes it out on the car.

She puts it in gear and goes full throttle on the accelerator. I’m a little scared now. I don’t have a car any more, and if things go like this, Naira’s car would not be in a good condition either.

“Where are we going ?!!” I ask.

“Home.” Naira says.

“And where is she going ?!!” I point to the girl in the back seat. Keerti, Naksh had called her in front of the policeman. But nothing Naksh says in front of a policeman can be considered truth.

“She’s coming with us.” Naira replies.

“And Naksh ?!!” the girl asks.

“I don’t give a damn.” Naira says.

She’s angry and she pushes the pedal all the way down. She shouldn’t do that. She is a girl, after all, people expect her to drive badly and bang into dividers and not weave seamlessly through the traffic. But, I have to admit, I am a little turned on.

A little after we get home, Naksh drops in. We are sitting in the drawing room and no one says anything. I steal a glance at the girl. Despite the dead serious look on Naira’s face, the girl is unfazed.

She sits cross-legged next to Naksh and is least bothered. I hadn’t noticed it before but she is quite tall — around five – eight – and a little skinny. She looks a little like those anorexic models on Fashion TV. But her face still has a kid-like glow. Her long hair is a mix of black and golden brown, and strangely enough, she is only seventeen.

“I didn’t know Keerti wasn’t eighteen !!” Naksh says finally.

I guess her real name is Keerti, after all.

“How does that matter ?!!” Keerti protests.

Everyone is looking at Naira to react. She looks like a mafia don presiding over a gang meeting. Her cold stares are scary and her posture is menacing. I know why Naira is taking it so seriously.

Naira has a screwed-up past. She had gotten into drugs and alcohol pretty early in her life. She’s had many flings before me and she blames them for the years she lost to drug abuse. So every time she sees someone young getting into stuff like this, she freaks out.

And this girl is Seventeen !! I can tell she’s very angry at Naksh and Keerti.

“Come,You’re sharing a bed with me.” Naira says.

“Why ?!!” Keerti protests.

“Because I’m asking you to.” Naira answered sternly.

“Why should I listen to you ?!!” Keerti protests again.

“My house, my rules. Though you are free to go home. I can call your parents and they will be more than happy to pick you up from here.” Naira says. Keerti just looks stumped at her.

“Now come with me.” Naira says and takes her away. Keerti looks at Naksh, blows him a kiss and winks at him. He responds.

After the girls leave, I look at Naksh with a murderous look.

“What ?!! I didn’t know, okay ?!! She said she was nineteen !!!” Naksh insists.

I give him a warning stare. We don’t exchange a word and get into bed. I think about all the hardships that Naira had to go through in her past and slowly drift off to sleep.

Precap : Naira’s business trip. Some more notes from the diary.


So, two sensitive topics are discussed in this chapter. The first one, Naira being a drug addict in her early teenage years. She was manipulated and pulled into the dark hole and she regrets loosing the precious moments of her life. You will come to know about her troubled past and how Karthik became her savior in the upcoming chapters.

The second topic being Keerti’s age. Many often people say that you are too young to understand and fall in love. Well I highly object. Anybody can fall in love at anytime, after all love strikes when you least expect it to.

So stay tuned. Interesting twists coming up.

Do comment. Keep smiling. Keep watching Yrkkh !!

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