Kaira : Love me till the end by Vrushy (Chapter 49)

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Chapter 49
Things change with time !!

Karthik’s POV.

3 months later.

Slowly and steadily, life has crawled back to normal. No more long drives on dusty roads without a destination in mind. No chasing around clues and asking people about dead people.

No sleeping in cheap motels and living on dhaba food. No more spending every moment with Naira—in her aviators, hot pants and vests—and no more getting irritated by Naksh and Keerti’s insanity.

I miss all that. So does Naksh. It’s been three months. And the exhilarating feeling of the road trip still hasn’t gone.

“We should plan something.” Naksh says as he looks away from his desktop screen.

He has been pretending to work, but I’m sure he is not. It’s been days since I’ve heard anything about Keerti. Ever since we landed in Delhi, I haven’t seen him talk about her.

Naksh and Keerti had briefly posted an album with all the beautiful pictures that Keerti had clicked on the trip, but both of them had removed it soon after.

I have tried asking Naksh about what’s going on between him and Keerti, but he never really gives a straight answer. He hints that he is back to his old ways but he has not had a meeting with anyone ‘from the Times’ in about three months.

There is something really wrong, but I don’t want to intrude.

“Naira is a little busy these days. We’ll plan as soon as she’s free.” I say.

“Ohkay.” Naksh says.

A lot of things have changed since that road trip. Not that I didn’t love Naira before, but now I make an effort to make her feel what I do.

Life’s rude and it does things that are uncalled for and beyond our control. Anushka was a young, pretty girl with many years ahead of her. Why did she die ?!! Why did she have to go ?!!

I am sure Virat must have asked these questions a zillion times. I can’t even begin to think what Virat must be going through. There are a lot of days when I stare into the void and try to imagine his state of mind. The pain is almost unbearable.

“You’re leaving ?!!” Naksh asks.

“Yes, Naira and I sort of have a plan today. She is cooking after a really long time. I think she just got tired of what I give her to eat every day.” I answer.

“Nice.” he says.

“It’s been long since I have seen you with Keerti. What happened ?!!” I ask.

“Nothing, really. We just grew apart.” Naksh answers.

“Just grew apart ?!! I thought she was special, wasn’t she ?!! I hadn’t seen you so close to anybody.” I argue.

“She was special and she will be. But, you know, she’s a little strange.” Naksh says.

“Strange ?!! Coming from you, that’s odd.” I say.

“I don’t know.” he says, wistfully.

Now I definately know Something is wrong.

“What’s wrong, Naksh ?!!” I ask.

“I have no idea. Ever since we came back to Delhi, she started saying that she didn’t want it to go on, there was no future and that what we had shared was meaningless. She stopped picking up my calls and started avoiding me. So, I just let it be. If she doesn’t want me around, why should I be bothered ?!!” he shouts.

“Okay. And, when was the last time you went out on a date ?!!” I ask matter-of-factly.

“Not been out since we came back.” he answers honestly.

“That’s three months, Naksh. And you say you’re not bothered ?!! Obviously, she is still special to you. You’ve got to tell her that.” I try to put some sense into him.

“But she doesn’t want to talk. She doesn’t even pick up my calls. So just leave it.” he says, exasperated.

“I don’t know how you do it, but you have to go and tell her that it’s bothering you that she doesn’t talk to you any more.” I argue.

“That’s so girly.” he says.

“Either you do it or I will.” I threaten.

“Fine, I will tell her.” He says.

I leave my office and I am very excited to be home. I can’t wait to see Naira. Lately, she has been busy with her office projects and I haven’t seen much of her.

Ever since we came to know what happened to Anushka, I am constantly scared. I want her to be around. We spend a lot of time just talking to each other.

Sometimes, we go out and have very cheesy romantic dinners—as if it’s an anniversary or a birthday—and celebrate
our love. After all, who knows what tomorrow has in store ?!!

I knock on my house’s door and put on my best smile like I always do. Naira takes more than the usual time to open the door.

“Hey.” I say and hug her. She is cold.

“Hey.” she says.

“What happened ?!!” I hold her close and ask her.

Her eyes are vacant and they aren’t encouraging. I wonder what’s wrong.

“Something came in the mail today.” Naira says.

“Mail ?!! What ?!!” I ask.

“Virat sent you something.” she says and hands over a torn envelope to me.

“What is it ?!!” I ask.

“Read it yourself.” she says and sits on the sofa.

She has tears in her eyes. I stop thinking and frantically open the envelope and hold the paper inside it before me. I prepare myself for the worst.

It’s a crumpled piece of paper. It’s a familiar handwriting, but it degenerates as the note reaches its end—and it brings images flashing back to my head.

I have read a whole diary in that handwriting. It’s Virat’s.

I read the title of the note and my blood curdles. It’s titled “The Last Note”.

Precap : The last Note !!

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