Kaira : Love me till the end by Vrushy (Chapter 42)

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Chapter 42
I wish I could see her tomorrow.

Karthik’s POV.

Ranbir has tears in his eyes. They still don’t move me. He destroyed lives. He deserves no pity.

“I have called her a million times after that, but I think she has changed her number.” He says.

“So you have absolutely no idea about where she can be now ?!! Which city ?!! Anything ?!!” Naksh asks.

“After that phone call, she had sent me a Get Well Soon card. There might be some address on it.” Ranbir says and his voice gets worse. He can barely talk now.

“Can you get it for us ?!!” Naira says.

“Sure.” he says as more tears trickle down his hollow cheeks.

He gets up, staggers a little and then leaves the waiting room. I feel a little sorry for Ranbir now, but he himself is responsible for his condition.

It is such a contrast. On one side, there is Alia, the beautiful girl confined to a wheelchair, robbed of all her happiness due to her cruel fate and here is Ranbir, who did this to himself. Sometimes, life makes no sense at all.

A little later, he staggers back inside the visitors’ room with an envelope in hand. He sits before us and hands over the envelope.

“Here.” he says, showing us the card too.

There is nothing written on the card. We give it back. We have no use for the card. But our eyes widen as we see the address on the envelope. Finally. Anushka !!

There is a Mumbai address on the envelope. We smile.

Keerti sighs and mutters under her breath, “Mumbai again.”

Naksh fetches his cell phone to save the address.

“You can keep it. I have no use for it now. I have lost her forever.” Ranbir says.

“Hmmm.” Naksh says, folds the envelope carefully and keeps it in his pocket.

“What else do you know about Virat and Anushka ?!!” Naira asks.

“They could have made a really good couple.” Ranbir says. He looks guilty as he says that.

“You know you screwed up, right ?!!” Keerti almost scolds him.

Naksh asks Keerti to keep quite.

“She’s right. I screwed up. And I am sorry for that.” Ranbir says.

“You’re sorry ?!! Virat is dead now !! And he couldn’t even tell Anushka that he loved her. All because of you. And you say you’re sorry ?!!” Keerti, with tears in her eyes, almost shouts at him. We look at her, shocked.

Ranbir looks back at us and shouts, “WHAT ?!!”

Before we can say anything, Keerti runs out of the room.

Is she crying ?!! It’s freaking weird. What happened to her ?!!

We look at Ranbir, who looks back at us. His eyes have many questions and his face is blank. We don’t know where to start. And in this story, if there is a villain, it is him. And, obviously, some guy across the Indian border, who planted the bomb.

“Is … is it … true ?!!” he asks, choked. We nod.

“… H … how did it …?!!” Ranbir asks further.

As Naira starts to narrate the story, he holds his head in his palms and breaks down. Naira tells him everything that has happened till now. He takes time to compose himself.

Finally, he says in his croaky broken-down voice, “It’s my fault.” And breaks down again.

“It’s not.” Naira says.

“I should just die.” Ranbir says.

Maybe he should. He is detestable.

Naira looks at us and asks us to go and take care of Keerti. It’s another way to say get lost. We get up and walk away from them.

Naksh starts to look around for Keerti. I look through the glass to see Ranbir break down time and again, as Naira consoles him. She has that magic touch and those enchanting eyes that make everything seem better.

I don’t know how she is so kind-hearted and empathetic. I still don’t feel a thing for the guy. Guys like Ranbir are pests and should be treated like that. A little later, Naira walks out of that door and smiles at me.

“What did you say ?!!” I ask.

“Nothing. He will be okay in a while.” she says.

“Did you find Keerti ?!!” Naira asks.

“Naksh is looking for her.” I answer.

We leave the building and spot Naksh and Keerti sitting in the car. Naksh is hugging her as she lies in his arms.

“Keerti really psyched out in there.” I say.

“She is a love-struck kid, after all.” Naira says.

“Such a bastard.” Keerti mutters as we sit in the car.

“Yeah. You gave quite a performance in there.” I say.

“I was just so angry. How can he throw away his life like that ?!! And he even dragged down Anushka with himself !!” she says.

Naira nudges me and says, “What did I tell you ?!!”

I smile back. Keerti knows better than we’d assumed she does. She knows what’s right and what’s not. She is not stupid.

“What did she tell you ?!!” Keerti asks me.

“Nothing.” I say.

“Tell me !! You guys b*t*h about me behind my back ?!!” she exclaims.

We chuckle.

“Whatever.” Me and Naira say at the same time.

The conversation ends and Naira asks the taxi driver to take us to the airport. Another flight.

“Please tell me that this will be the last stop.” Keerti pleads.

We know it’s fake. She’s equally interested in it now. Not once during the whole exercise from entering the facility and coming out of it, did she make a face or plug in her I-Pod and appear disinterested. She was listening intently, had shouted at Ranbir and almost snatched the envelope from Naksh’s hand to read the address.

“I think we have established that Naira is going to handle all our conversations from now on ?!!” Naksh says.

“That’s a stupid question. Obviously it’s going to be her.” I say.

“Fine.” Naira says.

The taxis whizzes through the streets of Bangalore as we head towards the airport again within the space of five hours. There is nervousness written large on our faces. It’s going to be our last spot and it’s going to bring an end to our wild chase.

Anyway, I can’t even begin to anticipate how Anushka would react.

I’m glad Naira will handle all of it. But I’m super curious to meet this mystery girl from the diary. I wonder what she’s like.

And, as Virat always says, “I wish I could see her tomorrow.”

Precap : The end of road for us.


So there is Alia on one side who has beeb given a cruel fate and there’s Ranbir who choose this cruel fate. That’s why we should always value our life as not Everyone is lucky to get it.

The next Chapter will have 2 more notes from the Diary. Probably the last one written by Virat.

Do comment. Keep smiling. Keep watching Yrkkh !!

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  1. Shivaya khanna

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    1. Vrushy

      Thank you 🙂
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  2. Fenil

    Excellent work.
    Fabulous chappy.
    Worth reading Keerti’s different shades.love her.how she scolded Ranbir on the top of her voice like if no one is there she will beat him ip red and blue.

    1. Vrushy

      Thank you 🙂
      Glad that you liked it.
      Yup, Keerti is becoming mature !!


    1. Vrushy

      Thank you 🙂
      Glad that you liked it.
      Will post next Chapter soon !!

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  5. Then I’m going to miss the diary…. Probably…. Ohhh and keerti…. Is just so sensible…. I’m a different way… And that’s nice…. I like that way naira handle stuffs… I loved it… Lots of love…. ??waiting for next episode

    1. Vrushy

      Thank you 🙂
      Glad that you liked it.
      Will post next Chapter soon !!

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