Kaira : Love me till the end by Vrushy (Chapter 40)

Hello Everyone.

Chapter 40
I love you.

Karthik’s POV.

It seems like the flight is taking forever to reach Bangalore.

When I wake up, I find Naira running her fingers through my hair. I feel like sleeping some more so that she keeps doing it. But soon the fasten-your-seat-belt sign comes up and I get up.

I look at my right to see Naksh and Keerti holding hands. They seem to be in love. I have begun to accept Keerti as a part of our little world.

Despite all her unnecessary bravado, Keerti seems like a sweet girl. We already know that she is super sharp. So it’s not all that bad having her around.

The airplane stutters and shudders to a stop. That’s really the best part of flying. A certain part of me always wants the plane to crash, just to know how it feels to be seconds away from a catastrophe and feel that thrill and the rush. Yes, I’m a little creepy.

The airplane stops and everyone rushes to take their bags out, like they are the busiest people around. We sit and wait.

Naira points to Naksh and Keerti, who are still holding hands and talking to each other. They look cute, even though Naksh distinctly looks about ten years older than her.

“What do you think of them ?!!” Naira asks.

“Them ?!! She’s too young, isn’t she ?!!” I state.

“Yes, but she’s smart.” Naira answers.

“I thought you didn’t like her.” I say.

“I didn’t. She was a little too brash. I thought she would go down the same terrible path I went on. Or her way.” Naira points to the diary meaning Anushka.

“But she seems a little too smart for it.” She declares.

“And how can you say that ?!!” I ask.

“Remember when we mentioned that Ranbir went to rehabilitation ?!! She was shocked. When I was told such things, I always thought that it could not happen to me. That’s cockiness. But she was shocked. She is scared of what happened to Anushka and Ranbir. She isn’t stupid. I was.” Naira says.

“You’re not stupid !! You’re lovely !!” I say and she smiles.

We see Naksh and Keerti get up, with their hands wrapped around each other’s. We follow suit.

Finally, we get off the plane and enter the Bangalore airport. The weather, as expected, is awesome.

“I’ll go and find out where the rehabilitation facility is located.” Naira says and walks towards the tourist information counter. She comes back with a map that has a circle marked around where we have to go.

“Should we leave ?!!” Naira asks.

“Is it really necessary ?!!” Keerti asks nervously. We look at her strangely.

“Yes, we have to go.” I say.

“Maybe after seeing the rehabilitation facility you’ll understand why Naira is so concerned about you and why she asks you to behave sensibly. She has been through all that and knows what it’s like to be in there.” Naksh says.

“Huh ?!!” me and Naira echo.

We don’t get the point behind what Naksh just said. Usually, he just encourages Keerti’s stupid behavior. This was strange and totally out of the blue.

“You mean I don’t act sensibly ?!! Why would you say that ?!! All of a sudden ?!!” Keerti asks, surprised.

“It’s because….” Naksh starts to say but trails off midway.

“Because ?!!” Keerti asks him to complete his sentence.

“Nothing.” he says.

“I just don’t want anything to happen to you. It’s for your own good.” Naksh adds further.

Yeah, right !!

We all know what Naksh had almost said out aloud. He was about to say that he is in
love with her.

He had just almost said it.

It’s been years since Naksh has told anybody that he loves her.

Naira and I look at each other and smile. Keerti doesn’t react. I think she missed the point and is just offended by what he said.

The rehabilitation facility is located fifty kilometres outside the city. We take a taxi and the driver tells us that it’s a long drive. We don’t really mind. We are not driving any more.

A part of me doesn’t even want to get there. The thought of Anushka’s dead guy is freaking me out.

Precap : Ranbir !!

Another update for the day. Hope you all liked it. I know it was short but today was a busy day so could manage only this.

Also its the 40th Chapter. Another milestone. Thanks to all of you.

I would also like to add that the story is at its last stage and would be ending soon.

Do comment. Keep smiling. Keep watching Yrkkh !!

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