Kaira : Love me till the end by Vrushy (Chapter 36)

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Chapter 36
To Banglore !!

Karthik’s POV.

Things just get worse. First, it was a broken-down building, then a name and a number that led us nowhere and now just a number without a name.

Naksh and I are pretty sure whose number it is, if we go by what’s written in the diary. In one of the notes, Virat had written that he had called Sakshi from Ranbir’s flat because he was disturbed. Ranbir and Anushka had been missing for a few days and he had gone to his flat to find out.

Ranbir’s maid had opened the door and Virat had waited for Ranbir’s parents to return from the market. Since he was so restless, he had called Sakshi from there to distract
himself. Sakshi had not picked up calls from his own number so he had called from Ranbir’s landline.

“Doesn’t it look like someone is playing with us ?!!” Naksh says, irritated at the whole situation.

“It’s been three weeks for me. Just six days for you.” I say.

“And I don’t know why we are doing this.” Naira says.

“You’re lovesick people, that’s why.” Keerti butts in.

“Whatever.” we echo.

Naksh flashes the piece of paper in the air on which Sakshi had written down the number.

“Could it be Ranbir ?!!” Naira asks. She has realized it too.

“Let’s find out.” Naksh says and dials the number.

The phone is engaged. It’s a working number. He calls again. It’s still engaged. We wait for a little while and call again. Same result. Our faces droop.

“Is the phone still in service ?!!” Keerti asks.

“Maybe. But I can do something. I can find out the address. We can go to his place,
Right ?!!” Naksh suggests.

He logs on to a government website that has the entire database of the Bangalore landlines and the addresses against which they are registered. Bang on !! The number is registered in the name of Ranbir Kapoor. It says M.G. Road.

“Call again.” Naira tells Naksh and he does. We still can’t connect to the other side.

“To Bangalore, then ?!!” Naira asks. Naksh and I nod.

We start to discuss how and when we should leave for Bangalore, when Keerti says, “I am not going.”

We look at her and she shakes her head.

“But why not ?!!” Naksh asks.

“The trip is getting too long. Today, my mom asked me where I was and when I was coming back home. She checked my bank statement and scolded me for spending so much. I can’t go to Bangalore.” Keerti states.

“But, we have to.” Naksh says.

“I can’t, Naksh. I have no money left. Seriously, I will have to go back to Delhi. My parents will kill me. I am just lucky that they haven’t called my friends yet.” Keerti says.

I can understand. She is a student, after all. We had totally forgotten about that.

“But you don’t have to pay for this trip, Keerti.” Naksh says.

“I don’t want you to pay for me, Naksh. I will not allow it.” she says.

Suddenly, Keerti has started to sound a little grown-up and sensible. It’s almost shocking.

“Come on. Just this one time.” Naksh pleads.

“I’m not sure. My mom won’t allow me to stay out any longer. It’s been so many days
now.” Keerti argues.

“Do you want to ?!!” Naira asks Keerti and she nods.

“Let me talk to your mother.” Naira says.

Keerti hands over her phone to Naira who talks to her mom posing as her Department
Head. Keerti’s mom totally buys whatever Naira says and extends her trip by another few days.

There is a huge smile on Keerti’s face.

“So we leave for Bangalore today ?!!” Keerti asks.

“Yes.” we echo.

“I mean, we just reached here. Can’t we at least party for one night ?!! It’s getting so boring, guys.” Keerti asks, almost innocently.

“We don’t have time.” Naksh explains.

“You guys are so stupid, man. Why can’t you just let it be ?!! If grown-ups get this screwed-up, I want to remain stupid and childish for the rest of my life.” Keerti says.

“We can’t help it.” I say.

“One night wouldn’t kill you guys !! Please ?!!” she says again, with a puppy face.

I don’t know how we fall for it. All of us look at each other and we know we want to leave for Bangalore as soon as possible. Only that our bodies are now a crumbled heap of tissue.

We can do with a little bit of rest too, we think.

“Fine. We leave tomorrow ?!! Happy ?!!” I say.

“Yay !!” she says in mock excitement.

I know what she’s thinking inside her head. “Finally, they’ve got some sense.”

“Can we sleep for a bit now ?!!” Naira says.

Minutes later, we have all dozed off wherever we find place to rest our broken, weathered bodies.

Precap : Clubbing. Freaked out Keerti !!


I am here again. I know I am very late but cant help it. I thought I would write and update loads of chapter this weekend but then I went for a family outing today. My Maa and Dad didn’t let me touch my phone the whole day.

But then here it is. The next chapter. Hope you all like it. I will be posting another chapter before midnight. So stay tuned.

Also it’s the women’s final cricket match today. I am praying badly that the girls bring the cup home today. Fingers Crossed.

Do comment. Keep smiling. Keep watching Yrkkh !!

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