Kaira : Love me till the end by Vrushy (Chapter 28)

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Chapter 28
Because when you love someone, you learn to be happy in other person’s happiness.

4 December 2015

When you see the person you love move away from you, what do you do ?!! Do you panic ?!! Or do you keep loving and hope that things will be just like they were before ?!!

My heart sank when our train reached the railway station in Bangalore in the evening that day. Ranbir had come to pick us up. I looked away when I saw them hug. He took us to our accommodation, which is in the same building where Ranbir lives with his parents.

Anushka and I are staying in two different rooms on the same floor. We met Ranbir’s parents for a bit too. Sweet people.

After that, I excused myself to my room, saying I was tired. It had begun to look like I was hindering their privacy, so I took their leave.

I came to my room and unpacked. The image of them hugging was still in my head. I was having a few doubts about the kind of person Ranbir is, but I thought I should let it go. Who am I to say anything, right ?!! He has not done anything wrong anyway and has been a perfect boyfriend.

And the look on his face when he saw Anushka was reassuring. He seems equally in love with her. Who would not be ?!! But I felt something was wrong. Maybe it was all in my head.

I did not hear from Anushka the rest of the day. I had felt like going to her room several times and I did that a few times too, but every time I came back without knocking. I did not want to be an unwanted interference. I didn’t even know if she was there.

Maybe she had slept off. I sent her a text message wishing her a good night. She didn’t reply.

These two months are going to be the hardest, I told myself. I couldn’t sleep that entire night.

Today is my fourth day in Bangalore. And apart from the initial neglect I faced on the first day, right after we had arrived, she has been sweet to me all through. The first two days of our internship have passed by without anything interesting happening.

I think that is how things will be here. It is really dull and boring. But I guess I am the only person getting bored. Anushka has a smile plastered across her face through the whole day. I like her like this.

Just that I do not get to see her much. She is either working or with him. Every second of her free time is accounted for. All for Ranbir. I saw him in the office today. Before I could do or say anything, I saw him make his way to where Anushka was.

He whispered something in her ear and I saw her turn a little pink. She looked immeasurably adorable. They left soon after that. I did not need to ask where they were going. I did not even want to know.

I was happy with the short, semi-formal wave Anushka gave me before she walked out of the office doors. She looks so hopelessly in love with him. Ranbir is an extremely lucky guy. I hope she spends more time in office tomorrow.

I wish I could see her tomorrow



8 December 2015

As the days pass by and I see myself getting engulfed in loneliness, my mind wanders off to the days when I used to see her and that used to be my biggest pleasure. I want more now. I am spoilt.

I have not seen her in the last two days. I do not know whether she misses me. She is probably busy being in love. I miss her. I miss her smiles, her chirping, her eyes. I miss everything about her.

But I know she has other better things to do than to spend time with me. She has come here for a reason. And that reason is Ranbir. It’s only fair that she gives him proper attention. I do not have the right to complain.

Two days ago, I had seen her in office, tense and worried, and she was walking around in circles. Once again, I committed the mistake of asking her what’s wrong. She told me she wanted to go out with Ranbir. He had something planned for her, a secret, or maybe she just did not want to tell me.

Anyway, that’s not the point I am trying to make here. She had wanted to go out with him, but our supervisor had assigned us a lot of work. It would have taken her a full day to complete it. She did not have a full day to waste. Ranbir’s surprise was waiting for her.

She had looked at me with her big, puppy eyes and my heart melted immediately. And that’s where I had come in — her foolish knight in shining armor — and offered to help her with her work so that she could leave early.

But she was still having a lot of trouble. She did not know anything about what needed to be done. It was obvious since she hadn’t been paying attention in the orientation classes in which we were trained. I asked her to leave and told her I could handle it alone. And she left, but not before asking me to explain everything to her when she got back.

She must have been feeling guilty about neglecting the internship so badly. I hope she had noticed that I was being neglected as well.

Two days and she hasn’t yet returned from her date. It is midnight now. I think I should sleep. I do not need to worry about her.

She is with Ranbir. He would take care of her.

Anyway I had texted her and she had texted back saying that everything was perfect. Perfect.

I should stop being the pestering friend who worries too much about everything. But I can’t help it. I hope she is all right.

I wish I could see her tomorrow.



Precap : Alia !!


Second update of the day. Hope you all liked it.

Coming to the show, well frankly I am not liking the current track. I understand that the creative’s wanted to show something different rather than the normal love story of Keesh but the ongoing track is completely absurd. Forced marriages is something I have always disliked and I have even stopped watching some of the shows after they showed such unacceptable track.

But having said that, I wouldn’t give up on Yrkkh as I love it immensely. Well when you love someone or something you do accept their flaws and I would do the same thing for this ongoing track. Since Yrkkh has given me so many awesome tracks to cherish for, I guess I should bear with this track for the sake of it.

Do comment. Keep smiling. Keep watching Yrkkh !!

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  1. shivaya khanna

    nice update virat is a great guy missed kaira immensely eagerly waiitng for next current track is pathetic although naksh is a great brother but forced marriage is unreasonable i hope they start to make some sense soon and show some kaira together its been soo long

    1. Vrushy

      Thank you 🙂
      Glad that you liked it.
      Next Chapter will have kaira !!

  2. Fenil

    Nice update
    loved it dairy pages.
    Awww Cutie pie Alia is entering.

    Right Vrushy ,Naksh will agree for the sake of Naira’s marriage thats hurts me.I also stopped IB when Anika and Shivaay marriage.missing Ishkara and Rumya so badly. IB looses its charm.

    1. Vrushy

      Thank you 🙂
      Glad that you liked it.
      Let’s hope Yrkkh will not repeat the same mistake !!

  3. Sanaya kapoor

    Wow loved it it was awesome waiting for next one…. And you are right even I also hate such tracks but just bearing for Kaira.!!

    1. Vrushy

      Thank you 🙂
      Glad that you liked it.
      Will post next Chapter soon !!

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    NYC chapter

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