Kaira : Love me till the end by Vrushy (Chapter 27)

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Chapter 27
Naira – The Sherni !!

Karthik’s POV.

The next morning, we leave early. Keerti is still sleepy, so she sleeps in the back seat, while Naksh drives the rented motorcycle alongside our car. It’s a 1987 Harley Davidson, collector’s edition, and it looks ragingly hot. The engine makes more noise than an airplane’s turbine and it looks powerful and imposing.

Too bad, I would never get to drive it. My parents have always been paranoid about two-wheelers. They never let me even pillion-ride one, let alone ride it. They used to tell me ghastly stories about brutal accidents and I used to believe everything they told me. Consequently, I never learnt to drive one.

It’s been a couple of hours since we’ve been driving. The sun comes out a little. The weather keeps getting more pleasant and the views more spectacular.

Keerti wakes up after a while, rubs her eyes and asks, “Where are we ?!!”

“Umm, no idea.” I say.

“Amazing !!!” she says as she looks around, stands up on the back seat and stretches her arms, just like they do in the movies.

Naira and I look at her, a little scared that she might fall off, a little jealous because she is the first one to do that. She takes out her huge camera and starts to click pictures. Naira and I smile for a few pictures. She makes us look good in them. Her talent in undeniable.

“STOP !!” she says suddenly. I screech the car to a halt.

“What ?!!” Before Naira can even say that, Keerti is already sitting behind Naksh and hugging him tight.

Naksh gives her a cute yellow helmet, she puts it on and they race ahead of us. Naira looks at them and sighs. I hold her hand and tell her I love her. That’s how I try to make up for my flaws.

I tell her that I love her and assume that it works. I know she wants to sit behind and be driven around on a gorgeous motorcycle, but she has a useless boyfriend like me. Meanwhile, Keerti stretches her arms and leans back dangerously on the bike, but I think it must be fun.

We enter the state and are just a few hours from where we have to go. Naira switches places with me and we drive on. The weather, the setting, the scenes around us -perfect to fall in love all over again.

We stop at a roadside eating joint and order for ourselves. Last night now seems so far back in history. Time’s flying by and I love this life.

“It’s a freakish coincidence that we’re back together.” I say as I start to eat.

“What if they called your parents ?!!” Naira asks Keerti.

“Chuck it now.” Naksh says.

“I would be screwed.” Keerti says.

“But I don’t like them anyway.” She adds.

“They are your parents.” Naira preaches.

Naira has always been a very family person. Well, at least she has wanted to be. That’s why my mom, sisters and everybody—they all love her. But my family is her only family apart from her real brother.

She belongs to a family of rich businessmen and she was always treated like a piece of
furniture. Her parents wanted to get her married off as soon as she graduated but she ran away. She never liked her parents either, so she feels bad for anyone without a family. So when Keerti shows apathy towards her own parents, Naira is visibly disturbed.

“So what ?!! They treat me like shit. They never let me do anything.” she says.

“And they keep fighting all the time.” Keerti adds.

“So what ?!! There are problems in every family.” Naira says.

“I can’t take it. Can we talk about something else, please ?!!” Keerti says.

“You’re going to regret it.” Naira warns her.

“I’m young. I’m allowed to make mistakes.” she says and smiles at Naira.

“There are some mistakes you can’t undo.” Naira says.

“Whatever.” Keerti replies and shrugs of the topic.

We get back to the food.

Keerti and Naira have been at loggerheads ever since they first met. They are like the same poles of a magnet. So similar that they continue to repel each other. Naira will not stop acting like her mom and from how things have gone till now, Keerti will not stop screwing up. But everything aside, it’s a little amusing too.

We finish our food, pay the bill and head back to our vehicles for the last part of our drive. I throw the keys towards Naira because it’s her turn to drive. She looks at the keys for a while and throws them to Naksh. Naksh looks strangely at her.

“But….” Naksh starts to say.

Before Naksh can say anything, Naira takes the bike keys from his hand and sits on the motorcycle. She takes the cute yellow helmet and puts it on. She puts the key into ignition, turns it and kicks the pedal hard.

The beast comes roaring to life. A gear shift and the bike starts moving. Our eyes pop out as she takes to the road with fierce acceleration. We look at each other and run to the car. Naksh puts the car in motion and we start following the bike as it whizzes through the traffic.

Naksh and Keerti throw questions at me with their eyes.

“What ?!! I didn’t know she could ride a bike.” I say, equally puzzled.

We start to follow her, but she is moving too fast. Fifteen minutes, a few trucks and cycles on the road slow her down and we catch up with her.

I shout at her, “Since when ?!!”

“FOREVER.” she shouts back.

I ask her to stop and she does. I get down from the car and jump on to the bike. We start moving again. It’s a little sissy to be pillion-riding a girl, but when the girl is immensely s*xy, it doesn’t matter.

I get to hold her close, my chest touching against her every time she brakes, and say dirty things in her ears. I look at her in that cute yellow helmet, the aviator shades, the denim hot pants, and the black tank top and I am mesmerized.

Her hair blows in the wind and smells heavenly. I hold her from behind and plant a kiss on her neck, with a lot of tongue in it.

“I didn’t know you could drive.” I say.

“Neither did I. I used to drive long back. Just wanted to see if I could still do it.” Naira says.

“Seems like you can.” I say.

The entire ride is awesome. I pull back from letting my hands wander all over her satin smooth body and from biting into her neck. I do it from time to time, but then her driving goes all awry.

It’s nearly lunchtime by the time we reach the quiet and dusty city of Gandhinagar. We follow the usual routine — find the cheapest hotel and check in. We are dead tired.

Thankfully, Naksh and Keerti check into a different room and Naira doesn’t kick up a fuss. I flop on the bed and Naira goes for her shower, smears moisturizer over her already creamy legs and snuggles up next to me.

We are both tired and hungry. No matter how s*xy it is to ride a bike, it’s always back-breaking. I run my fingers over her perfectly arched and smooth back and she purrs lovingly. She asks me to keep doing that and I happily submit. It’s amazing how she drove today. It was as though she has always been driving a bike that heavy.

“Why did you do it ?!!” I ask her.

“Do what ?!!” she asks.

“You know, Naira. Drive the bike. To stamp superiority over Keerti ?!!” I ask.

“Yes.” she says.

“But we know you’re better, hotter and everything else she can never be.” I state.

“Aww !! Thanks, baby But it’s not about that. That girl is a kid. She needs to know what’s right and what’s not. You can have fun and do crazy things, but you don’t have to be stupid. And she is being stupid.” Naira says.

“Is that it ?!!” I ask.

“And I think I’m just a little jealous too, Karthik.” She admits.

“Jealous ?!! Why ?!!” I ask.

“She just doesn’t give a damn !! She can just go about doing silly things and it doesn’t make a difference to her. We can no longer do that, can we ?!!” she says.

“Are you crazy ?!! We can’t ?!! Did you not drive a bike across the most difficult and busy roads ever ?!! Not even she can do that. You’re the best. She can never come near you.” I say.

“This is why I love you so much !!” Naira says and hugs me tight.

“Not even close to how much I love you, though.” I say.

Precap : Virushka in Banglore !!


Hello Peeps, how are you all ?!! Hope everyone has been having a fantastic Tuesday so far.

The next chapter would have 2 more notes from the diary. That’s a pattern that I have created so that you all don’t miss Kaira but also the story keeps on moving. So there would be a couple of chapters about Kaira and Keesh and then a chapter with notes from the diary. This pattern will keep on repeating.

Let me know through your comments if you all are liking the story. Is it moving too fast or too slow ?!!

Do comment. Keep smiling. Keep watching Yrkkh !!

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