Kaira : Love me till the end by Vrushy (Chapter 24)

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Chapter 24
Because her happiness is what matters !!

Karthik’s POV.

“Mumbai ?!!” I ask Naira.

“Gandhinagar first.” she says.

“And we don’t have to call him the dead guy any more.” She adds.

“Yes. Virat sounds much better.” I say.

Naira has a heart as big as anyone you can imagine. Her office project is lagging behind and she is getting a little restless with the road trip. She has to get back to office, but I know she wouldn’t do that before she meets Alia.

I can tell that she really wants to meet her. Gandhinagar — another thirteen-hour drive stares us in the face. I wish we could’ve taken buses like Virat did every fifteen days to meet his crippled sister. But, instead, we have Naksh’s creaky, rotten car.


15 November 2015

When you know that your happiness is like a sacrificial lamb for the happiness of the person you care about, you should realize that you’re in love. The most incurable form of love.

Anushka has been a little sad since the past few days. I knew the reason but I insisted she tell me and she did. It was not something I enjoyed doing but I found my bits of happiness in my own small way.

I imagined her talking about me the way she talked about Ranbir. How lucky I would be if I could make her eyes sparkle the way Ranbir did. I wanted to be the guy she loved, but life had other plans.

The sparkle didn’t last too long. After a while, she started to cry and said she missed him too much. She told me that Ranbir had been trying to get her an internship at the bank he works in but things were going nowhere.

Our vacations are scheduled to start in another fifteen days and it was too short a time to go through the entire procedure for securing an internship. I don’t know how I feel about that. I have mixed feelings. I would be happy to see her happy. I would be sad to see her happy with someone else.

After a little while, she stopped crying and smiled at my efforts to make her smile. I wish I could have frozen that moment in time. I wish I had, because the very next moment, her phone rang and it was from Ranbir’s company.

During the entire duration of the phone call, she looked at me with wide-open eyes, bit her nails and smiled at me. She shrieked like a little kid after disconnecting the call and hugged me. Her application had been accepted.

Being in love is difficult. When she was right in front of me and smiled, I was glad. Now that I am alone, I am consumed by my loneliness and the hollowness of the times to come.

She was going to Bangalore. And not to meet Ranbir just once but to stay. For two months. Her little gamble had paid off. Ranbir called to confirm the news. Suddenly, she was ecstatic. She passed her phone to me and Ranbir asked if I too wanted to apply.

I turned it down. Anushka begged me and insisted I come with her. I said no. It hurt me to say so, but going with her would have hurt more. And she would not need me anyway.

She would have Ranbir to take care of her. He was all she ever needed. I feel like being alone for a while.

But still, I wish I could see her tomorrow



18 November 2015

And when you agree to hurt yourself for the happiness of the other, you know you’re never going to stop loving that person.

Anushka was supposed to be happy, but she wasn’t. After all, the way things were panning out, it seemed like even God was in on their plans. She said she was in a bad mood and would be okay soon. I didn’t buy that. Something was wrong and I had to know.

I probed. She broke down and held on to me for dear life. She asked me if I considered her a good friend and whether I would do anything to help her. I feel lost when she asks me questions like these. Sometimes, I am very tempted to tell her the truth, but pull back thinking it’s too early and too stupid.

I told her I would do anything to make her happy. She stopped crying and told me that her parents weren’t allowing her to go to Bangalore alone. Unwillingly, I asked her how I could help. Her parents had told her that she would be allowed to go only if someone else from the college was going to Bangalore for the internship too. With tears in her eyes, she asked me if I would.

I was the reason for her tears. It was because of me that those beautiful eyes had shed tears, the cute nose had crinkled and the sweetest girl in the world was sad. I was angry at myself for it and I made up my mind.

Yes, I would accompany her to Bangalore. I couldn’t have been selfish and said no to her.

While she smiled, my life came to a standstill.

Two months. Ranbir and Anushka, in front of my eyes. I shudder to think what would become of me.

All the paperwork is to be done and we have to leave in ten days. I didn’t see Anushka in college later today. She was way too excited about going to Bangalore and had lots of shopping to do. After all, she had a boyfriend to impress.

Since the day her internship was confirmed, she has changed. She looks hot, yes, that’s what people would call her. She has done something with her hair, the natural waves and cute curls are missing. All that is left is stick-straight hair, which falls all over her face and gives her a sharp look.

The sweetness is gone.

Did Ranbir ask her to ?!!

I knew she loved her curls and would never destroy them. Maybe I am thinking too much. She told me all about her day and how much fun she had shopping. But after a while, she fell silent and had a dreamy look on her face.

On our way back home, I saw her look out of the window, wordlessly. She had stopped talking. She must have been tired. But her eyes weren’t. They were still dreamy and thinking about someone.

And as I saw her look out of the window, I noticed her lips curve into a little smile.

I wish she would remain like this, happy, forever. Even if her happiness was because of
someone else.

I wish I could see her tomorrow.


Precap : If I had only known !! Kaira’s Romance.


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