Kaira : Love me till the end by Vrushy (Chapter 16)

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Chapter 16
All of us do reckless stuff during our teenage but then we become mature only from our experiences and mistakes.

Karthik’s POV.

We drive away and I text Naksh that Naira will be joining us. There is no reply from his side and I am too busy staring at Naira to care. She looks beautiful as the moonlight reflects of her long black hair.

As she looks in the distance, I wonder if she is thinking about me. If she is, will she always be thinking about me ?!! Sometimes thoughts like these trouble me. What is a girl like Naira — who is so perfect in every sense, doing with me ?!! She deserves someone much better.

“How far is it ?!!” she asks.

“Just there,” I say and point out to the hotel.

“Are you serious ?!!” she asks and crooks her nose. She looks adorable doing that.

“Yep.” I answer.

We stop at the gate and unload her suitcases. The bell boy of the hotel refuses to pick them up for free. They are huge and heavy. I fish out a hundred-rupee note and he smiles.

“Seriously ?!! This is where we’re going to stay ?!!” she asks again.

I nod and ask the manager for a room. The manager informs us that Keerti and Naksh moved into the last room available and that he might allow us to share that room if we pay a little extra.

We do so and instruct the hotel guy to take the luggage to Naksh’s room. The waiter dumps all the suitcases in front of the room and goes away. He is half-dead and has a broken spine for sure. We knock on the door and Naksh opens it after the third knock.

“Where were you, man ?!!” Naksh shouts out as he opens the door. “And Naira !! Welcome to our trip !! And our hotel !! And our room.”

I look at him. He looks strange. I look at Keerti. She looks stranger.

They are drunk !!

Like majorly drunk; they look like they’re about to pass out. Their eyes are rolling over and they have silly smiles plastered across their faces.

“Did you drink ?!!” I ask and Keerti waves a bottle from behind. She looks sloshed and her head keeps bobbing from side to side.

“You can’t be serious,” Naira says and enters the room.

I get down to my job — the suitcases. Naksh and Keerti look at me with wide-open eyes as I pick the suitcases one by one and bring them inside the room.

“How many ?!!” Keerti mocks in her drunken state.

“Twelve,” I say as I huff and pant. Still seven to go. My back snaps into two, my body revolts against the weight.

“Actually it was a long business trip. So, I had to,” Naira defends herself.

“Long trip ?!! You were there for three days,” Naksh adds and both of them, the drunken fools, laugh.

I want to join in the laughter but I can’t laugh at Naira. She is my baby. Everything she does is forgiven.

“Shut up, Naksh. I was going to be there for two weeks,” Naira says. “And you !! You should be home.” She points towards Keerti.

“I am eighteen. I can run away from home if I want to,” Keerti says and takes a gulp from the vodka bottle.

“It seems fun now, but you’re going down the wrong road, trust me.” Naira says with authority in her voice.

“Achha ?!! We will see what happens !! You’re just jealous that you’re not young and fun any more. Twelve suitcases for a three-day trip !! Even the three of us combined don’t have more than four.” Keerti replies.

Naira looks at the tiny four bags, those that belong to the rest of us, collects herself, and says, “You’re going to puke soon.”

“No, I’m not !!” Keerti says and the vodka bottle finds her lips again, this time for a little longer.

“Isn’t she super hot ?!!” Naksh says and hugs her.

Naira looks uncomfortable. I think she has taken what Keerti just said seriously. She sits on the bed and I hug her.

“Is something wrong ?!!” I whisper in her ears. She shakes her head unconvincingly, flicks her hair and looks away.

Suddenly, Naksh shouts out, “ OH SHIT !!!”

We look at him and notice that Keerti is starting to shudder. She has both her hands on her mouth and her eyes are bulging; she is going to puke. Naksh moves away from Keerti and Naira rushes to her side. She helps Keerti to her feet and walks her to the washroom, while I pray to God that she doesn’t puke anywhere outside it.

Naira closes the door behind them. Naksh and I look at each other and exchange a dirty expression. It’s disgusting when girls drink and puke. Only guys have the right to be disgusting. We play that part better. Plus, you can no longer kiss a girl once she has puked !!! Ugh.

We hear sounds from inside the washroom and initiate small talk to drown out her coughs and other detestable noises. Keerti automatically becomes a little less hot for me.

“Keerti has some guts, man,” I say.

“Yes, she does. She talks back to Naira. And no one does that! Not even her boyfriend.” Naksh jokes.

“Very funny. But yes, she is crazy and not in a good way.” I say.

“C’mon, she is so much like Naira used to be !! I still remember your college days. Those insane and wacky night outs. I’ve always wanted all that.” he mocks.

“I love the way Keerti is. The things she does. It’s freaky !! Yes, she is a little young, but
that doesn’t matter, right ?!!” he says.

“But she is mad !! She got drunk in fifteen minutes and puked. She doesn’t have any freaking sense.” I say.

“She will learn.” Naksh answers.

“Let’s see.” I say.

We lie back and wait for the girls to come out. After about half an hour, Keerti stumbles out and we help her on to the bed. She looks half-dead. Naira tucks her inside a blanket and looks at Naksh with murderous eyes.

“Naksh are you mad ?!! She is just a kid. And you’re encouraging her stupid decisions,” Naira says.

“I tried to stop her.” Naksh defends himself.

“You did ?!! You just stood there and grinned. I’ve never seen someone more irresponsible. If you love her, then don’t ruin her life. And if you don’t, please find someone who is immune to your stupidity. If you have a little sense left, you better start taking care of her or leave her. I don’t know if you realize it, but you can and you are destroying her.” Naira speaks out.

Naira’s outburst shakes us up a little. She gets on the bed and asks the two of us to manage something on the ground. Then she switches off the light. I look at Naksh and curse him.

I could be hugging Naira right now. As I’m going to sleep, my phone rings. It’s a text from Naira.

“Am I getting old ?!! Boring ?!!” she asks.

I reply. “Are you crazy !!! No !!!”

The phone beeps again.

“I wish you could hug me right now. Love you, Karthik.” She replies.

Precap : Some more notes from the Diary.


Sorry for not keeping my promise of updating last night. My assignments were pending so I could not write the whole of it. Therefore, posting this today. Hope you all like this chapter.

I don’t want to show any of my character in a bad light or disturbed mindset. Its just that Naksh is a reckless person by nature and well Keerti is too young by age so they would be making lots of mistakes. Kaira have already gone through this phase and you will read snippets of their past endeavors in the upcoming chapters.

Also I loved yesterdays Yrkkh. Keesh look so cute together and their story is moving forward. I am excited to know if they will fall in love before marriage or after marriage. Still cant believe that its dadi who is thinking of getting them married. Well fingers crossed.

Do comment. Keep smiling. Keep watching Yrkkh !!

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