Kaira : Love me till the end by Vrushy (Chapter 15)

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Chapter 15
Whenever we are away, I miss you like the sun misses the moon.

Karthik’s POV.

I look for the keys of the car and find them on the dashboard. I rev up the engine and drive through the crowded roads of Haridwar. The city is lit up with candles, diyas, tiny LED lights from China and it looks beautiful.

But I am incredibly pissed off. I couldn’t possibly have missed it. Damn the phone !!

I ask around for directions and reach the hotel. It’s a big hotel. I call her and she doesn’t pick up the phone. It seems like she’s having her own sweet revenge now.

“There is someone by the name of Ms Naira Singhania who checked in earlier this evening ?!! Room number ?!!” I ask frantically at the reception.

“303.” the receptionist says and points to the lift lobby.

I rush through the corridors of the hotel, get on the elevator and reach the room. It’s safe to say that Batman would have taken longer to reach there — I was that quick.

The door is unlocked. I take a deep breath and push the door open. I’m more eager and nervous than a newly – wed bride. There is no light inside. I am panting by the time I reach there. My breath is heavy and my eyes are still getting used to the darkness. I look around and she is nowhere to be seen.

The bed is covered with satin sheets — red and white. I see light emanating from below the washroom door. My mind tingles as I construct images in my head. I open the door slowly and the sight is exactly what my mind had conjured up, and better !!

There is a huge bathtub filled with glittering soap bubbles, lined on all sides by candles of different colours and sizes and the air filled up with intoxicating fragrances. I spot her behind those bubbles with her one leg, wet and smooth, lifted atop the bathtub.

She looks radiant in the glow of the candles around her. Her eyes are smoldering and they invite me, mock me and disarm me. Oh. And disrobe me.

She doesn’t say anything. Neither do I. Minutes later, I am with her inside the bathtub, holding her from behind and our lips are in a warm, wet embrace. All that I had imagined, and probably she had too, when I was driving down to her hotel, does not come true.

We aren’t overcome by lust but love. I just want to hold her close and never let her go. As she kisses me deeper, I can see a few drops of tears run down her cheek. I can feel what she feels.

We’ve never been apart for more than a day at a stretch and it is painful. I am happy to see her and my grasp around her bare waist is not out of my physical desires and needs, but it is to tell her that I would never want to let her go.

We don’t make out. Yes, we start, but both of us just keep telling each other how much we missed the other being around. An hour later, we find ourselves on the bed, naked, wrapped around each other and in those satin sheets. It was good. It was more out of love than lust.

The stares lingered for a little longer, the touches were more deliberate, the kisses were more passionate, and the moans were replaced by I love you. It was exhilarating. We didn’t have s*x. We made love. There is a distinct difference.

“How much did you miss me ?!!” she asks and puts her hand on my chest.

“A lot,” I say.

“Aww !! You’re the best,” she says and kisses me.

“You’re better !!” I say.

“I know that,” she says and winks at me. We lie there for quite some time.

“So you cancelled Delhi ?!!” I ask her.

“I had no choice; I missed you. I took the flight to Dehradun and hired a taxi to come here. Strangely I reached before you could.” She smirks.

“And I wanted to see how much fun you’re having on your road trip !! Where have you guys put up ?!!” she asks further.

“Umm, it’s a small place. Outskirts of the city,” I say.

“Why don’t you come here ?!! You are here for a day or two, right ?!!” she asks.

“Yes, but it’s a road trip. The ground rule is that you don’t spend money unless it’s really
necessary. This place is really expensive. Plus, we have Keerti with us. She insists on spending her own money and she wouldn’t be able to afford this hotel,” I say.

“Then take me to your hotel,” she says.

“Sure,” I say.

We laze around for a little while and she gathers all her stuff. Twelve suitcases !!

I wonder why though. She looks good in anything she wears.

“Are we going in this ?!!” Naira exclaims as we put her suitcases in the car.

“Naksh insisted.” I say and we get into the car.

Precap : Spoilt Keerti. Caring Naira. Clueless Naksh. Confused Karthik.


15th Chapter. A milestone for this FF completed with another short update. Hope you all are liking the story and the way its progressing. Thanks to all of you that this FF has lasted this long.

Have some assignments and project reports to write so could manage only this short Chapter. But will be posting another one by midnight which would probably be more longer than this and a bit more fun.

Ps : Yrkkh cast received 5 awards in an upcoming award show. Karthik and Naira received it for fresh new talent, Naitik for best papa, Suwarna for best supporting cast and Rajan sir for best show. So proud of them and congrats to the team. Their hard work and amazing execution has surely paid off.

Do comment. Keep smiling. Keep watching Yrkkh !!

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