Kaira : Love me till the end by Vrushy (Chapter 13)

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Chapter 13
Whenever I see a couple, all I think about is you and me together.

Karthik’s POV.

Our argument regarding Keerti reaches a crescendo and we are almost at each other’s throats. We’re shouting outside our hotel and a lot of people are staring at us.

“Are you crazy ?!!” I say out aloud. Naksh makes a face and pulls me away from his car.

“She is not coming with us, Naksh. This isn’t happening.” I declare.

“But why not ?!!” he asks.

“She is a girl. She can’t go on a road trip. It’s not safe. Plus, we stay at really dirty places.” I state the facts randomly.

“She would be more comfortable in a filthy room than you. Stop being so s*xist. And I really want her to tag along. She’s special.” Naksh counters.

“She is seventeen.” I shout.

“Eighteen. And how does that matter ?!! I really like her. This could be something new and meaningful.” He shouts back.

“You always say that, Naksh. Three weeks later, it’s all history. All that will remain will be a few pictures of her. I am not ruining our trip because of her,’ I say.

“This time it’s different. I am telling you. Just trust me.” he insists.

“Doesn’t she have to go home ?!!” I ask.

“She told her parents that she’s going to BITS, Pilani, for their cultural festival for seven days. But I don’t think she’ll be with us for more than a couple of days.” he says and I know he’s lying.

He thinks he is very convincing but he smiles a little every time he thinks I am buying whatever he says.

“Fine.” I say and raise my hands up in the air.

Fifteen minutes later, I already regret my decision. I am driving his shitty car while he’s romancing Keerti in the back seat.

Why do I even listen to him ?!!

I know why — because he leaves me no other choice.

I stop by at a restaurant to grab something to eat. I am hungry as hell.

“Where are we going next ?!!” Naksh asks.

“I don’t know.” I say.

“Are you sure you’re done with Dehradun ?!!” I ask him.

“I have seen enough. I hate this place. So many schools. This is where childhood is
Murdered !!!” he states even though he has hardly seen anything.

As I sit there and eat, Naksh and Keerti leave the table and click some pictures. Keerti is an amateur photographer and has one of those huge cameras with big white-and black- striped lenses attached to it.

She looks a little hot in her fitted tee, hot pants and the big camera hanging on to one side.

I don’t feel like eating much. I take out the diary and I know it’s the only thing that can get my mood right. I keep the slip of paper with the Haridwar address inside the diary. I clasp it and my heart is thumping loudly enough to be heard by people around me.

I read the name on the slip again — Mahendra Singh Dhoni , the best friend from school — and wonder what he would say about the dead guy. How would he react ?!!

“I think we should go to Haridwar.” I tell them.

“Haridwar ?!!” Naksh asks, a little shocked.

“Yes.” I say.

“Are you sure ?!! You do know that it’s only temples, flowers and diyas there, don’t you ?!!” he asks, still confused by my choice of place.

“I know that. I just want to see what the city is like. I’ve heard a lot about it and it’s just an hour from here.” I say.

“What do you think, Keerti ?!!” Naksh asks and looks at her.

“Anywhere with you.” she says and smiles.

We leave the Dhaba and get inside our car.

“I am not driving.” I say.

“Fine then, we leave in the evening ?!!” he asks.

We nod. Naksh takes the driving wheel and we leave the restaurant to go around Dehradun and hang out at some notable places. Naksh occasionally slips his hand from the gear on to Keerti’s bare legs. He keeps caressing them till the car starts to make strange noises.

A little later, Keerti unties her hair, pops her head by the window and puts her long, never-ending legs on Naksh’s lap. She closes her eyes and lets her hair blow across her face. Naksh looks at her and smiles lovingly. Maybe this girl really is special to him.

After about twenty minutes, we switch places. I drive for the rest of the day. Naksh and Keerti keep busy clicking pictures of each other throughout. For the first time, I see Naksh posing for pictures without making a face. And I notice that Keerti is a brilliant photographer.

We decide to leave for Haridwar after an hour and drive towards our hotel. I check if I still have the address. I come to my room and flop on the bed. I realize how dependent I am on Naira.

The minute I see a couple holding hands, exchanging short, sweet unsaid messages or making out, I can’t help but think of her. I miss her so much. I have no idea how long-distance relationships work. What do you do when you miss him or her like nuts ?!! I call her.

“Hey.” I say. “Where are you ?!!”

“Just got back to the hotel room. I am so exhausted, Karthik. I wish I were on a road trip too.” She says in a tired voice.

“Then come !! I’m getting bored anyway. Naksh and Keerti keep doing stuff and I feel left out.” I complain.

“Aww !! That’s sweet. But I am going back to Delhi tomorrow. There is some work there so they cut short the Mumbai trip.” she says and I feel sorry for her. I don’t like her working so hard.

“Stop working so much. I think it’s time for you to retire and never be away from my arms.” I say.

“That’s so sweet. Don’t make me want to be there. I have so much work.” She says and I can almost feel her smiling on the other end.

“Leave work, Naira. We need to go out and have fun !” I try to convince her.

“You mean we don’t have fun now ?!!” she asks.

“We do. But we don’t do crazy stuff any more,” I say. I really want her to come and I try to incite her.

It’s stupid; I know she has better things to do than to accompany her boyfriend on a senseless road trip.

“If it were possible, I would’ve come. I am leaving for Delhi today. My flight leaves in an hour.” She says.

“Hmmm.” I make a puppy sound, but she doesn’t feel pity.

She is surprised to hear that we are going to Haridwar and even more surprised to hear that it was my idea. She is a little skeptical but doesn’t say anything.

We talk for a few more minutes and hang up. Usually, how much a couple talks on the phone goes down as the relationship progresses. In our case, it has just increased exponentially.

I go to sleep at six and it’s ten in the night when I wake up. Naksh and Keerti still haven’t left their room and I knock on their door to wake them up.

Precap : The journey to Haridwar. A big Surprise !!

Another chapter down the line. Are you all liking the story ?!! Because the number of comments are decreasing day by day. Please do comments peeps as that’s the only thing that keep me going and motivated to continue with this story.

So how many of you are liking the new track of Yrkkh ?!! I really like how Keesh’s love story is shaping up, slowly and carefully. Frankly speaking, I didn’t like this track of Suwarna’s son. Its just too much to take in at the moment and Yrkkh has always been sensible and avoided such things like a son appearing out of nowhere. But then lets see what the writers have in store for us.

Do comment. Keep Smiling. Keep watching Yrkkh !!

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