Kaira love story (episode 9)


Hey guyz so i will be giving u two ques aftr the episode ….so enjoy!

Aftr everyone goed home …kaira is unable  to slep thinking about each other n thier trip cum date on next day..they both plan to call first but dont…finally naira out of concern  as kartik became  so emotional  ..naira called kartik

Kartik: ohh so finally u  remembered i exist!!

Naira: atleast i did remember  u toh never realised

Kartik:wat to do lately it was too much of chattering around in swiss n aftr comming back too …finally got peace …so i was making my ears rest!!

Naira: ohh ..ok do one thing give ur ears  good rest tomorrow also i will go on my own!!

Kartik: hahaha u will drive all alone to jaipur…

Naira: yes …wat is there to laugh in this (angrily)

Kartik:coz if someone will provoke u then ..u will get hyper n just drive ..u remember na once wen we went to resort to celebrate ananya di’s bday!!

Naira: bye (in a very  angry n teary voice)

naira disconnects the call!!

Naira was taking out something  from her almirah with her eyes full with anger n tears …

Suddenly someone holds naira n then closes her mouth

Someone(whispers in her  ears): shush its me!! Kartik!!

Naira looks shocked n says u ..wat r u doing here just go!!

Kartik: m sorry!! 

Naira: u know how much i did regret doing tht …but u 

Kartik gets all teary n says i said it in a flow m sorry i should have realised tht u will feel bad..

Naira: yes u should have …i expect tht the people i love wont hurt me intentionally

Kartik: naira  i can nevee hurt u in my dreams then how can u think i will hurt u intentionally

Naira: i dont want to talk to u!! I have to give this thing to tara bhabhi …u also go from here …there is no point in arguing…n dont bother to accompany me tomorrow ..i will manage …otherwise who knows next tym u will be teasing about it to me

Naira leaves the room 

Kartik thinks today is not good at all n kartik gets emotional

Naira comes to nakhstara  room…just then she notices  naksh hugging tara from back n talking n smiling..

Naira knocks n nakshtara release  their hug n naksh says he needs to go to papa to talk about something 

Naira comes n gives a new set of make up  kit to  tara which tara asked for

Naira: take this  tara bhabhi!!

Tara: thnk  u so much naira!! Btw naira i want u to feel free talking to me …i mean as bhabhi nand relation ..we should be frnds 

Naira is confused n thinks does tara know about her n kartik!

Naira: y r u saying this bhabhi!?

Tara: just like tht …the other day i saw gayu getting close to rose n was talking to her like frnd only…so i thought we can too!!

Naira: bhabhi never feel left out ..m always there for u…btw bhabhi can i ask u something

Tara: offcourse

Naira: wen u n bhai started in ur relationship ..did u guyz have misubderstandings..i mea  u both loved each other ryt …so u two must be knowing everything about each other na 

Tara: no naira …we were in love but we still had to discover each other to avoid the misunderstandings ..we used to have  a lot of misunderstandings  in begining of the relationship …

Naira: but y? 

Tara: see naira ..wen two people only have started to love each other they know their likes n dislikes but not actual feelings as they havent  shared the bond of love …they know each other just as frnds …but wen we love someone we want tht someone to know  us better than anyone has…this expectation creates all the misunderstanding  in begining  of a realtionship

Naira: ohh …  bhabhu i really enjoyed talking to u .. bhabhi now i should go …i also have a imp work to do..

Tara: yes go n give urself n kartik a little  tym..u both will really be a gr8 couple!!

Naira was going but shockingly stopped hearing this ..she turned n saw tara smiling

Naira: bhabhi it isnt anything like tht!!

Tara: naira i know ..n dont worry i wont tell ur bhai or anyone anything …i know  chup chup ke pyaar is something every  lover wants ..so have ur tym..m there for u guyz

Naira comes to tara n hugs her tightly 

Naira: thank u so much bhabhi …i really wanted someone by me to make me understand ..coz i get hyper n talk impulsive decisions 

Tara: m always there for u naira!! N congrates on ur first  date tomorrow !!

Naira:bhabhi actually its not our first date (blushes)

Tara: wat? From when it is going on?

Naira: he proposed  a day aftr papa returned…we had our first date in swiss as papa mumma n gayu di had gone for some work..

Tara:wah naira! U guyz r pretty fast!! 

Seeing naira happy 

Tara: always keep smiling  like this naira …n remember u can always talk to me…it will be always confidential  (she winks at naira)

They both smile…just then naksh comes

Naksh: wats all this!!

Tara n naira get scared n think did he hear 

Naksh: arrey arrey m just joking yr continue with ur nand bhabhi pyaar!!

They all smile n naira takes a leave..

Naira sees the tym its 12 am …naira thinks oh no its so late i need to call kartik n sort it out…i dont want to miss out on our exciting date trip!!

Naira enters the room n naira had expected kartik to be there in her room only waiting for her…but wen she comes into room  she doesnt find him!!

Naira gets a bit sad ..but says i will call him

When she calls she hears kartik’s  mobile in her room ..then she sees kartik sitting  n sleeping in a corner behind the chair …

Naira: kartik ..kartik wake up

Kartik: naira!! Woh actually i thought  no one should see me so i sat here …then i fall asleep

Naira suddenly hugs kartik tightly

Kartik smiles seeing this n is  also surprised

Naira repeats all the thing tara had told her abiut beginning  of relationship 

Kartik: who gave u so high level gyaan!

Naira: actually tara bhabhi!

Kartik: tara bhabhi??

Naira: ohh yeah!!  Actually she got to  know about us i didnt tell her ..she observed  us n hence she got to know..

Kartik: ohk so she will tell naksh? Does naksh know?? (Making a nervous face)

Naira thinks lets take a little fun

Naira: yes bhai knows …he said he will talk to u face to face tomorrow before going on trip 

Kartik: ohh ohhk ..hmm 

Naira  couldnt  control  her laugh n she laughs 

Kartik is confused

Naira:just look at ur face kartik…hahahaha

Kartik: woh its nothing …stop laughing u gave me  a shocking news n now laughing in me

Naira: i waa kidding yr ..bhai doesnt know n tara bhabhi said she will not tell anyone ..

Kartik: ohh thank god !!

Then they both have a laugh

Kartik:i luv u naira …always

Naira: n forever!!

 Then kartik goes back from the window  n they botg sleep thinking about each other!!

Precap: nakshtara n kaira trip romance

Guyz for today only this as next tym i have planned out the big romantic episode …so be ready for tht…it will be pretty long…

So the two ques r-
1.what was scenario/ocassion when jai veeru concept  of kaira started?

2.wat is the most common n used  line shared by kaira  in my ff?(just for fun)

Its ok if u dont know tge answer for second ques cotresctly?

NOTE:this quiz is just for fun so enjoy ..

Keep reading, commenting  n enjoying ????☺☺

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  1. Answer for first one when kaira comes to know about chandu made there mms and kartik saved naira at that time they became jai veeru

    1. Hales

      Ok ..i will be announcing the correct guessers wen i upload next ?

  2. And the most common line I love u and always forever

  3. Vrushy

    Good work yarr.
    It was friendship day when kaira started calling each other jai and veeru. Naira said that she wants their friendship to be as strong and everlasting as that of jai and veeru.
    I am not sure about the second one but I guess its ” love you forever and always “.

    1. Hales

      Thnx.n i will be writting the correct guessers names wen i post next☺

  4. Jai verruu friendship day
    and I love u naira always n naira says forever

    suoerb dear ur keeping naira character intact of her impulsiveness
    good one looking forward to next one

    1. Hales

      Thnk u so much shilpa!! ? I will post the correct guessers names in my next post ?

    1. Hales

      Thnx ☺

  5. on friendship day jai- veeru concept started
    i love u and jaan

    1. Hales

      ?☺ ok sona

  6. It is a frndship day when nairasaid to karthik to be her best friend like jai veeru

    1. Hales

      Ok anshika …u got to wait for my next episode to know who all gussed it ryt ?

  7. Answer of the first was friendship day .
    They became jai and veru at maheswari mansion.
    Answer second is “i love u forever and always”

    1. Hales

      Ok ? wait for the next episode to know who all have guessed it ryt??

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