Kaira love story (episode 8)


Hey guyz thank u for waiting so long!! M really happy  with all ur reviews about my mystery  revelation  in my last episode!! N my exams went awsum thnk u all for ur wishes n i also submitted my story for the tellyupdates competition 

N guyz many of u worried tht kaira will be separated  ..so dont worry guyz! M never gonna separate  them  thts my garuntee ..ya they might have fights n nok jhoks as all these increases love but they will not seperate so keep reading  commenting n enjoying!! ?


Last epi ended with naira consoling kartik aftr kartik’s mamu came n threatened him!!

SM (singhania mansion)

Kaira were hugging ..they heard footsteps n released their hug n pretend to search stuffs!

Just then nakshtara came n asked dis u guyz get anything …

Kaira: no 

Then both couples go diff. Ways 

kaira decide to go to the coffee shop to lighten thier moods

Nakshtara while searching saw naitik n akshara from far off type of romancing as no one was around!

Tara: mr. Hubby learn somethibg from them..it has been so many years to thier their marriage n see how ma n papa r still romantic n u toh have become  so boring in just few months of marriage  n she leaves 

Naksh thinks ohh yr now i will prove tara boring n tht too naksh singhania never!!

Suddenly tara sees flowers falling on her from somewhwere!!

She looks around n sees no one…naksh comes from back n holds her from back…tara was about to scream but naksh whispers its me nain tara singhania i heard tht ur hubby is very boring so lets run away! 

Tara: oh y not but where! 

Naksh:maybe cofee

Tara: ohh really 

Naksh: ya

They go to cofee shop as everyone busy in task

nakshtara n kaira reach the same coffe shop!

Kaira sits inside the cafe n nakshtara  take a seat outside 

Naksh gets a call so he attends it as it was  imp meanwhile tara goes inside the cafe to use  the wahsroom…while going she doesnt see kaira but while comming back she sees kaira holding each other’s hand 

Tara thinks ohh so my guess  was ryt! M happy  for them ..i want to share wid naksh but i know naksh very well he will over react so for now i will not tell him!

Tara comes to naksh 

Naksh: tara u sit here ..m going inside to order our fav


Naksh:  wat happened  to tara!!??

Tara: arrey nothing i meant its late everyone must be searching lets go!

Naksh: but let me prove m not boring!

Tara: hmm for now i think  its temporarily done so leta go back

Nakhstara leave


Kartik: naira how much emphasis do u give on past?

Naira: umm..i beilive present n future r more imp than living  in past..everyone has done some mistake in past so wats the use of talking about them instead  think about present n future

Kartik: yeah! I believe this too!

Naira thinks is he doubtful about my past!!..no it cant happen …then y this!!

Kartik thinks thnk god i hope then naira will not mind my past n will not leave me

Naira: y this 

kartik:just like tht i dont want us to get seperate at any cost!!

Naira holds his hands n says kartik dont say like tht we will be kaira forever n our love is for always n forever

Kartik:always n forever??

Kartik was leaning to kiss naira on cheek but she reminded him they r in public 

Kaira decide to return home!!


Vivan: wow gayu u r good at knowing where things can be hidden

Gayu:  oh plz vivan u did so much of thinking even though  u dont live here …ur efforts can be seen

Vivan: m sure we r gonna win!!

Gayu: i hope so

Vivan: btw i was thinking tomorrow is sunday so u wanna go have a coffe some where  near!

Gayu gets surprised thinking vivan is asking her on a date

Vivan thinks ohh vivan wat did u say u should have said it differently now wat gayu must  be thinking

Viyu together say: woh ..

They smile n gayu asks vivan to go ahead

Vivan: actually i was saying to discuss businesss deal only!!

Gayu thinks ya it will be nyc as the  kartok will have to be present there too!

Gayu: yes sure..i will also tell kartik as he has done a major part for this deal!


Vivan (in mind): y m feeling a little bad tht kartik will be there!! Ohh god vivan stop over thinking!!

Now the competiton gets  over viyu gets the maximum things tht was there on list so they win

Kartik comes to naira when she is kind of alone

Kartik: m sorry lady love!!

Naira (confused): y frog prince? ..ohh wait u r doing this so tht i will get emotional n again u will get to go on a date with me na!!

Naira thinks kartik is joking …but seeing him serious 

Naira: arrey chill!! Wat happened plz tell me clearly!!y r u sorry?

Kartik: u asked me something for the first tym aftr we r together in a realtionship n i couldnt fulfill  it!!

Naira again confused 

Kartik: u said na to be a superman n to make u win but i couldnt ! Instead i spoiled ur mood n hence we couldnt win 

Naira: ohh kartik!! Dont be lyk this i dont want to see u like this all painful hurt n sad!!u know the old naira might have wanted just to win! But ur gf naira  got her win by spending lovely tym with u!! N she would love to see the old joyful playful n cheesy romantic kartik back!!

Kartik(thinks to maje him self cheered up for naira): ok done!! M back ..i mean m old kartik  now so the way u described me let start from the bottom of the description!!….so cheesy  romantic …

Kartik leans forward to kiss naira on cheek …

Naira says not this type n runs from there

Kartik thinks i will not let my past over rule my present with naira…

Everyone goes to have dinner on the dinning table …a big table has been set in the garden  for everyone to sit n enjoy!!

Kartik sits beside mishti n prompts naira to seat on the othee side  of him (it was near the end of one side of table)

naira sees tht n quietly  goes n sit there!

Gayu had gone to get something  wen she returns she sees the seat she wanted to sit in is filled by naira n gets upset!!

She goes n sit on a seat next to rose n suddenly even vivan sits next to gayu

Evryone was about to begin but kartik holds naira’s right hand under the table

Naira makes a surprising face n looks at kartik…kartik was smiling

Naira  was forced to eat with left hand ..

Gayu sees naira eating with left hand n asks about it 

Everyone notices it …kartik still is smiling n naira is tensed thinking wat reason to tell now

Naira:actually..wo..wo..di..umm..di  my right hand got hurt during tht treasure hunt task …so i have applied a medicine so thts y m eating from left …

Everyone continues

Kartik whispers in says good going  miss rishikesh!!

Tara notices kaira’s smile n guesses tht something is wrong…

Suddenly a spoon of tara falls down n tara bends to pick it up …n notices kaira holding hand…tara smiles looking at it

Everyone has finished eating n now they r just siting n talking for a while 
Suddenly gayu comes to naitik kaira n naksh  n says  mama ji vivan has asked me if it is possible to discuss few things before the  actual meeting ..so i was thinking if someone can accompany me …maybe kartik as he is involved in this deal!

Naira gets a call n attends it

Naira (on call): yes…tomorrow?? Cant it be any other day?? Ok

Naitik: wat happened  princess

Naira:papa woh it was from the registration office …i need to complete some formalities for the dance academy….n tht too tomorrow …n papa the problem is kartik has to be their as the officer there knows kartik as he has handled everything about the official thing of the academy!!

Gayu gets shocked  n upset 

Naitik: its ok princess …see i think u should take kartik as he knows the main officer there n  he has handled everything about the official thing of the academy! N as it is idont have much idea ..as i wasnt involved in it as i was gone …so i would suggest u to take kartik only…

Kaira glance at each other…gayu gets upset 

Gayu: then m canceling the pre meeting thing with vivan

Naitik: no gayu …we can do it ..so wat if kartik wil not be there but i can be ..as i was involved in this deal from the very beginning ..so dont worry

Gayu (half heartedly):hmm..

kartik thinks thnk god m out of this vivan deal atleast temporarily  …otherwise i dont know wat he (Mr. Dixit) would have done to anyone …m not worried about sonething happening to me as much m worried something would happen to this loving family n to naira!!

Naksh: naira where do u have to go for the registration then..??

Naira:bhai its in jaipur..

Naksh: wat!! So far…m comming with u two then…

Kaira look at each other helplessly

Akshara n tara also enters the scene

Akshara: no  duggu …u cant

Naksh: y ma?

Akshara: coz u r going out with tara..

Nakshtara get confused

Akshara n naitik smile at each other 

Naitik: beta now adays u were burden  with so much of work so we want u n tara to go out n have fun …u r still newly weds so enjoy!

Nakshtara become shy 

Naksh: but papa where!

Akshara: there is a reosrt 2 hrs from here ..its a nyc place n u guys r going for three days..n duggu i know u have work n stuff but it will be handled  so u both go n enjoy ..n promise us no work worries there ok

Nakshtara: ok

Tara: but  ma u have to promise us tht u will take ur medicines regularly! Otherwise i will call u to remind

Akshara hugs tara sideways n says u take so much care of me now take care of ur husband n urself!!

Naitik: so kartik n naira …u both go in the car ..i will call shambhu (driver) 

Naira: but shambhu uncle took a holiday for his family function na! 

Naitik: but naira how will u both go then

Kartik: sir u dont worry i can drive 

Naira: y only u …even i know how to drive

Naitik: but..

Akshara: naitik let them go …they can handle it …but u both  take care n keep calling n informing us ok!!

Kaira: ok

everyone leaves n everyone prepares to go to bed

Nakshtara in thier room

Seeing naksh tensed tara asks wat happened 
.r u not happy ti spend tym with me?

Naksh: no..

Tara doesnt let hin finish n says wat ..ok then i will not pack ..n makes a cry baby face 

Naksh cups her face n says no wifey its no like tht i was saying no m very happy ..but m tensed for naira …jaipur is too far…

Tara: control naksh..naira is big enough now..n kartik would be with her …he can never let anyone hurt naira..coz..(then she stops)

Naksh: coz wat?

Tara: coz he has helped all of us so much in past..u know na

Naksh: ya true tht

Tara is relived as she handled the situation….

Precap: kaira first night  talk!! (As in swiss they were never apart n it was first day aftr they returned from swiss)….kaira road trip ..nakshtara road trip!!…

Next episode is gonna be very interesting 
So guyz i was planning some additional fun i should add in my episodes ..a ques related to my ff n kaira in real yrkkh lets see who is a real kaira fan ..just for  fun! Plz do comment guyz i rely wanna know ur views on the episode n also ur views on this quiz thing!?

Keep reading commenting n enjoying  ????

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