Kaira Love Story (episode 6)


Hey guyz so without any delay i am continuing

In singhanias kitchen

Naira:you  here…wat if someone  sees…kartik go from here 

Kartik:i wont leave my lady love aftr being united with her aftr so so long!!

Naira: if someone comes

Kartik: then they will see m helping u icing the cake….

Just then tara enters

Tara: naira r u done with the icing 

Naira shocked….

Tara: wat happened did anything went wrong?

Naira: no no 

Naira sees she has done the icing n has drawn hearts n smilies…n she notices  kartik is no where

Tara: naira smilies ka samajh ata h(i can get the logic of smilies) …but y hearts

Naira:umm …hearts coz…coz we all luv papa na

Tara feels wierd but then says ok …so lets keep it in fridge to let it settle till the evening function 

Naira goes to her room n calls kartik….

Naira: yr u will put me in trouble someday

Kartik:wat …wat did i do

Naira: u came here from kitchen window!!!

Kartik: ohh tht

Naira: kartik!!

Kartik: chill i never came there i was here in mehshwari mansion u can ask ur nani also

Naira: really??

Kartik: ya now wat happened to u madam …r u getting day dreams about me too

Naira: no …but if u count jumping frogs doing tarr tarr then yes i saw tht kind of day dream while watching a animated movie wid mishti!!!

Kartik has a  angry look n cuts the call

Naira: hello ..hello oye i was just  kidding yr..hello

Naira in her mind says so my frog prince got angry no worries ik how to lighten his mood!!

Naira calls kuhu n says kuhu i need a little help! But promise me u wont tell anyone ..

Kuhu: ok di promise

Naira: ok just send me a pic of kartik’s shirt which he will wear for evenings function

Kuhu: ok but y…

Naira: wo …its a surprise mishti wanna give him so m helping her …dont tell mishti m taking ur help ok

Kuhu: ok

In singhania mansion

Everyone asks for naman n then everything happens the way it was shown in yrkkh (guyz i dont want to go in detail as i wanna mainly focus on kaira n couples of young generation)

everyone  still decides to live past it n celebrate naitik’s return

In eve in mehshwari mansion

Kuhu goes to kartik’s room n secretly takes the pic of him wearing a yellow shirt…she sends it to gayu by mistake instead of naira..

Gayu: wats this…ohh thnk u god i so wanted to wear the same color dress as kartik…now i will wear yellow…but y did kuhu  sent me this

Soon kuhu realises she sent it to gayu so she sent her a text tht it was sent by mistake

Then kuhu sends it to naira this tym

Naira says yellow!! I dont have a nyc yellow dress …i can borrow from gayu di!

Naira goes to gayu

Naira: di do u have a yellow dress ..which i can borrow

Gayu: naira actually i have only one n i was planning to wear it….

Naira: ohh its ok u wear it ..i will wear another dress

Gayu: btw any spcl reason to wear yellow

Naira: no no just like tht..my mood swings ..

Gayu: ok

Naira sadly goes n thinks how will i cheer up kartik  my plan’s first step only failed…

She sadly wears a blue dress..long one piece dress with a tiara kind of hair band ..she looks gorgeous 

Nakshtara room

Tara wears a pink color saree …leaves her hair open …she tries to tie the ropes of her blouse…suddenly naksh comes from behind n helps  her..

Tara: naksh u? 

Naksh: ya ..i somehow get a feeling wnever u need my help!!

Tara: oh really 

Naksh hugging her from back  says yes…n guess wat i luv u (whispers this in her ears)

Tara turns n they  r face to face n she says i luv u too naksh

Akshara calls duggu tara come here for a minute

Nakshtara release  their hug n go

Aftr a while tara gayu naira n mishti come down the stairs where  the singhanias mehshwaris,kartik, nandini n her family, vivan with her mom n dad  were present

All four of them looked so beautiful….
Naksh mesmirised by tara
Kartik mesmeirised by naira n contiously looks at her
For some reason vivan was a bit amazed seeing gayu

Wen all four of them came down

Naitik said all  the four singhania daughters r looking like angels today
Rukmini aunty says naitik beta not four daughters but three daughters n one is ur bahu

Naitik: no aunty four daughters only…for me n akshara even bahu is equally like our daughter 

Tara gets happy listening to tht

Aftr  a while naira searches for kartik n for a surprise she sees kartik wearing blue

Kuhu  comes to naira n says sorry  naira didi ..actually kartik  bhaiya did wear a yellow shirt but at last minute tea fell on his tea so he changed…

Naira gets happy but controls it m says its ok kuhu ..

Gayu sees kartik wearing blue n gets upset 

Gayu thinks oh god is this a sign me n kartik can never be together …n gets sad

Naira goes to kartik n says  slowly cheater…

(No one noticed as everyone was busy)

Kartik: huh wat?

Naira: blue blue  dress

Kartik: ohh ..dont worry iss mendhak  ki itni himat nhi h ki he can copy the naira singhania 

Kartik leaves from there

Naira thinks oh no he again got upset  but dont worry naira singhania always has a plan b

Precap:everyone is happy n celebrating ..kartik goes to car to bring something n sees tht someone who was following kaira!!

Guyz do comment..n next tym m surely gonna reveal tht follower someone n more kaira moments ..keep smiling!☺

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  1. Nice update
    And that was a fine thing that dress mismatch Nd gayu gets feelings that kartik is not deserved by her.hope.it happens in real also

    1. Hales

      Thnks namrata☺…every kaira fan wants it to happen in real yrkkh?..so badly hoping kaira back yr

  2. Lovely epesiodes when u gonna write the next one

    1. Hales

      Thnx kiran…Soon m gonna upload it ☺

  3. Dear by far I remember this is ur best one
    loved it esp kaira moments destined couple
    thank u I am so now looking bforward to ur next

    1. Hales

      Thnks a lot shilpa …this comment really made my day…m glad m able to satisfy all my readers ☺

  4. Hehe I loved nairas reply to karthik abt her dream
    nice one

    1. Hales

      Thnx anjali…. i myself loved tht part too….while writing i just thought wat will our dear sherni naira would reply like!! ?

  5. next part plz

    1. Hales

      Sure …its comming soon…till then keep smiling n guessing?

  6. Anyan

    Lovely episode.
    I loved naira reply to kartik.
    Keep writing

    1. Hales

      Thnx anyan…thts mine fav part too..?

  7. Sethidisha002

    0sam but plz reveal it fast

    1. Hales

      Thnx …n surely in next episode!!?

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