Kaira love story (episode 54)

Hello guyz so sorry i took such a long break!
All my entrances went well n results were good too …thanks for all ur patience. It means a lot!

So my plan is i will rush a bit through reception .. will show first night n then new twists! Don’t worry u will love all those twists!

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Previously – kaira romance on thier way back home and kaira’s grah n room pravesh! Cut nok jhoks


Kaira wake up n start getting for reception

Naira was going to wear the jwelleries ….but with pain as she has got bruises by wearing such heavy ones in vivah only!

Kartik notices it

Kartik- oh mrs. Naira kartik goenka…i call u sherni but tht doesnt mean u always have to justify it

Naira is clueless

Kartik takes those heavy jwellery off her hands n makes her sit on chair

Kartik- naira u look beautiful n u dont need these unnecesary burden to look pretty! See already ur natural beauty is getting affected (pointing towards the bruises)

Naira- but mom has given me this she will feel bad n even dadi will be upset i dont want to let hee down

Kartik- shh

Kartik brings a KN pendant n makes her wear it …

Kartik- i was going to give u this tonight but i guess its perfct for now so there u go …now plz no bahanas pf wearing those burdens

Naira- plz kartik let me wear its just for few hrs everyone will feel bad its like my first impression …i dont wanna ruin it

Before kartik could speak ….a voice came saying no u will not ruin it naira!

Kaira turn n find suwarna

Suwarna comes in n says naira see health always comes first beta how can u think i will feel bad …m ur mom na i will feel pain if u go through pain just to make me happy!

Naira hugs suwarna…Kartik smiles seeing this….

Kartik- achcha matlab sach mein i m getting invisible slowly n steadily …mendhak se invisible man good promotion i guess

Suwarna n naira smile seeing his nautanki

Suwarna- chup kar nautanki come here

Trio share a hug!

Naira- mom but wat about dadi

Manish enters room n says dont worry maa ko mein samjhaunga … see naira suwarna n kartik r right seeing u like this wat will naitik ji think we dont think about u would u like our name go bad (naira nods no) …then dont wear these jwelleries

Naira- thank u dad

Keerti comes to call everyone down ….

Suwarna – naira wait let me make ur hair

Keerti- mom may i help

Suwarna – yeah sure

Manish- achcha kartik beta woh those clients are also comming to make them feel more close n giving them warm welcome to business i invited them …so i need to discuss few stuff come with me

Kartik (seeing naira through mirror) – haan woh

Manish- ik beta tumhe romeo banne ka mann kar rha h(kaira blushes) but abhi work pe dhyaan de do…n the papers i will give u usme apna hi sign karna naira ka mat karna(all the three ladies laugh …kartik shys)

Manish and kartik go out


Dadi- surekha i am sure that naira wont be able to match our status she will get ready in a very normal way ….u go and check

Surekha- ji maaji

Surekha went n saw naira comming with suwarna n keerti but wore no accessories on her neck …just a pendant

Surekha complains to dadi …before dadi could say anything kartik n manish tell dadi about how its ok to be simple sometime so dadi was forced to stay quite!

Reception weny well n now it was over …all the guests went ….

In kaira room naira was waiting for kartik but was nervous!

On the other hand kartik was proceeding towards his room but was nervous n excited both!

Kartik entered the room ….it was decorated with scented candles n flowers!these were all siders ….the center of attraction was naira who sat with her ghonghats!

Kartik smiled n n came near naira.

Kartik (in his mind) thank u thank u krishna ji for this day ….the day i always dreamt of …the day wen naira is only mine!

Naira lifted her ghonghat .. n shaked kartik

Naira- oh hello mr. Mendhak …again kaunse dream mein ho tum!? Abhi toh mein yehi hoon!

Kartik- oh sorry sorry!

Naira – m sleepy …m going to sleep as it is u r not interested

Saying this naira stood of from bed! Kartik pulled her into a back hug….

Naira blushed.

Kartik (whispered in her ears)- afternoon ka promise bhul gyi …no sleep tonight (he kissed her neck)…aaj toh mein tumhe mere se bilkul bhi dur jane nhi dunga

Naira closed her eyes!

Kartik turned naira towards him!

Now they stood face to face….kartik put his lips on hers …they kissed passionately …kartik kept holding naira from her waist ….naira held his hairs!

Aftr sometime they were unable to breath so they parted their lips away!

Naira (still panting)- i need to go …umm change plz

Kartik(smiling)- i dont think there will be any use to change u will just waste ur time!

Naira (blushing)- no! U dont understand…

Kartik (knowinh very well)- wat?

Naira- hum sherni kabhi kisika udhar nhi rakhte ….u gave me tht locket now my turn!

Kartik (comming close n in a teasing tone)- oh so ur turn!

Naira shyly went with a bag inside the bathroom to change!

Precap- kaira’s night of love, naira’s first day at goenkas

Guyz this time dont worry i wont make u all wait much! Thanks for all ur support …plz keep supporting me n my ff?

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