Kaira love story (episode 50)

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so as its my 50th epi it will be long one …it will be very kairalicious ?

Precap- manish is back to home from  hospital…manish n naitik  have planned a trip for youngsters….nakshtara cant go due to tara’s pregnancy….keerti not going  due to dance academy work 


Episode  starts  with next  morning 4 am everyone is ready with  their  luggage n car waits for them at goenkas

Naira gayu vivan n rishi  arrive at goenkas  …naira goes in while other three waot outside arranging  everything in car

Inside goenka mansion….

Naira takes suwarna n manish’s blessing…others r sleeping 

Manish: naira beta how r u …weekness kum h na …

Naira: uncle m toh completely fine ab ….so uncle u took ur medicines n all na …u r feeling better?

Manish(fake angry voice): i wont  tell !

Naira looked at him confused n scared thinking wat wrong she said

Manish: u called me uncle again! …dont u consider me ur dad!

Naira smiles sorry dad! 

Kartik n suwarna come with luggage of kartik n food suwarna had packed

Naira: mom iski kya zaraurat h …wahan mumma also gave us so much food n yahan this ….ek aur car lena hoga for  food now

Kartik: same naira …i said the same thing! 

Suwarna:ab bass chup karo dono …abhi two two shaadis h ghar mein bahar ka food kahake bimaar hue toh!

They all smile n kaira go

Kartik stops everyone packing luggage inside the car

Kartik: ruko …one min….there is a surprise ride for us 

Evryone is surprised seeing a open jeep

Naira immediately  hugs kartik

Naira: wow mendhak!! Uk my preferences .. i was so thinking ki we will go in open jeep 

Kartik: yeah baby …i know ur every thought ..even before  u think of it 

Rishi: ahem ahem…ab romance ho gya toh chale

Everyone smiles 

Rishi gets a call n aftr the call he informs everyone shayad ab bhagwan ko bhi manzoor nhi h ki mein do couples ke beech kabab mein haddi banu

Gayu: bhai aisa kyun bol rhe ho

Naira: haan rishi bhai …sab ok na

Rishi: woh my imp clients r comming today for  meeting …if i dont go aaj then they will keep the meeting  in usa next week ..  n next week gayu ki shaadi 

Kartik: rishi bhai we really want u to come 

Vivan: yes but we undersrand ur duty calls …more importantly  u should be here for gayu wen she becomes a bride . .

Rishi bids bye n happy journey  n also gives a big bro warning  to the boys

Rishi goes

Kartik: so guyz ab batao kisko drive karna h?

Naira makes a puppy face 

Kartik looks at her smiles n pretends to ignore her

Vivan: dekho bhai …tum n naira decide …coz me toh apne hone wali wife ke saath romance karunga(he pulls gayu into a hug)….as aftr this she will become wife ….

Gayu pushes him away….n says achcha toh aftr wife kya …bhul jaoge!!

Vivan: mein aur tumhe bhul jaun …never

Vivan leans close to gayu

Kartik: ahem ahem ….vivan gayu u guyz sit araam se n start ur romance  tab tak me n sherni will make the important decision 

Viyu go n sit at back

Kartik: hmm so kya karna h iss jeep ke chabi ka

Naira: me .. me…

Kartik: hmm so u want it …then do something to make me happy first

Naira (blank face): ok tell wat u want me to do…

Kartik smiles naughtily …n says like u dont know

Kartik  points his fingers towards his lips

Kartik: tht too ryt now ryt here

Naira: wat!! R u mad ….coz u r behaving like one

Kartik: m just behaving like the controller …as today its my turn to show my sherni i can be a sher too

Kartik  smiles

Naira gives a angry look but as it didnt work ….naira comes close to kartik ….naira’s lip come close to kartik ….Naira sees kartik lost in the moment so she takes the key from his hand …n runs away n sits in driver’s seat..Kartik looks shocked as he tried to figure out wat happened….

Naira laughs n teases him 

Naira: oye mendhak r u comming or should we leave …

kartik gives her u r so dead look…Kartik comes sit beside naira on seat next to driver’s seat….

Kartik: not fair 

Naira: in love n war everything  is fair! Humare beech toh war se love aya h so ab toh nothing is unfair..

Naira smiles starts the jeep …They have fun on the way ….while viyu enjoy thier romance…Finally they reached the resort….Kaira hold hands n walk in ….viyu follow them

The resort manager gives  them welcome drink ….then hands over two sets of keys …one for girls  one for boys 

They go freshen up n come….

Girls r near poolside ….

Vivan comes  n hugs gayu from back …gayu smiles n then vivan  takes her to go around  the resort…Naira smiles n waves viyu bye …..she waits for her mendhak……

naira thinks – where is this mendhak ….always late….koi toh isse tym ki imp sikhao…

Suddenly naira feels a push n she falls into the pool…

Naira without seeing shouts hey u!!

Naira then sees its none other than kartik…who was laughing….

Naira gives  a angry stare ….n says how dare u!! Wat is all this?

Kartik: revenge

Kartik winks at her ….

Kartik starts laughing ….just then sees naira no where in water nor outside pool….he just sees bubbles comming out of water where  naira stood…Kartik worried ….n thinks oh no …i thiught she knew how to swim …wat will i do now…Kartik jumps into the pool…..kartik is looking here n there….suddenly he feels someone has hugged him from back! He turns ….he sees naira smiling…Kartik holds her from her arms ….

Kartik: r u mad? I was so tensed u know ….

Naira: chill  mendhak it was just a….

Before naira could complete 

Kartik: prank ryt!! Well this was the stupidest prank ….u r my responsibility here wat if tumhe kuch ho jata ..

Naira hugs him tight ….Kartik takes a breath of relif n hugs her back…….

They release  the hug …kartik was going out ..but as he turned ..naira jumped n locked her legs on kartik’s waist…Naira hugged kartik tight ….naira gave kartik a a kiss on his cheeks

Kartik: oh wow!! Mujhe nhi pata tha pani mein push karte h tum itni romantic ho jaogi ! 

Naira: shut up ….jao m going now then

Naira released her hug but yet couldnt go away as now kartik held her from back..So naira went back to lock her legs around his waist ….kaira came out of the pool in the same  pose …..Kartik carried naira to naira’s room ….they go in 

Naira: wait i will change n come n then we can go out!

Just wen naira turns to go Kartik pulls her n she now is face to face with kartik!

Naira blushes n couldnt look at his eyes….

Naira: kartik ye kya kar rhe ho?!

Kartik: wahi jo tum soch rhi ho

Naira: gayu di will come

Kartik: no she wont

Naira: how do u know

Kartik shows her a msg on his phone of gayu saying “kartik just check on naira n tell her we might get late as we came too far from resort n now i dont know how late we will  come …i called her but her phone was switched off”

Kartik: so madam its only u n me …n this romantic resort…

Naira blushes more!!

Naira thinks wether to tell him or how to tell him …but then just bluttered it all out

Naira: kartik listen i want our day to be spcl not like this n spclly not before marraige …as our families trust us n have some expectations we shouldnt break tht ….i dont have any doubt on us or our love but we should respect our family….Saying this she hidea her face in his chest…

Kartik starts laughing…Naira looks at him n is blank

Kartik: aaj tak itna hi jana h tumne mujhe!!

Naira: woh ..mein ..woh

Kartik comea closer to naira’s  ears n says naira i completely agree with u ….Kartik then kisses her cheek!Now as naira has cleared off her mind …she was again back to her comfort  level …Naira put her hand around kartik’s neck

Naira: u r the most understanding boy i have ever met …i sometime wonder u r a boy only na

Kartik: ohh hello!! Majboor mat karo apne aap ko prove karne ke liye

Naira: nhi toh wat!

Kartik moves close to her …naira moves back….

Suddenly naira hits the bed  ….she realises she cannot move further…

Kartik holds her from her waist

Kartik: now where will u go?!

Naira: umm kartik ….let me change…..

Kartik: no need….

Naira: but

Kartik  keeps his fingers on naira’s lips …he moves his finger over her lips…
Naira feels his touch n closes her eyes….Kartik puts his lips on naira’s…..they kiss passionately….Naira looses her balance n they fall on the fluffy bed …kartik was on naira …..they continues with thier unbroken kiss……
Naira n kartik’s legs tangled …..Soon they broke the kiss due to lack of oxygen..Kartik lays beside naira ….they r stills holding hand…..Naira is blushing ….

Kartik: wow sherni aaj itna blushing!!

Kartik laughs

Naira thinks of something n brings her face close to kartik’s neck ….kartik gets happy ….
Naira gives him a love byte on neck …below his ears….

Naira: hehehe u have a hickey now! Ab gud luck hiding this from everyone

Kartik thinks achcha ab mein bhu dikhata hoon ise….Naira was busy laughing … kartik also gives a love byte on naira’s neck….

Now both had a hickey on thier necks!

Precap- viyu n kaira romance ….picnic continues…..

I hope u all enjoyed this update ….now on for sure i will be more regular …..sorry once again plz forgive me n keep showring ur love n support i really need them ….

See this is kaira so how can thier romance be always lovey dovey ….so thts y this hickey track is introduced…lots of fun n romance is there in next one  too 

Plz do comment n let me know ur reviews it really acts as a driving force for me to write n to give new twists to the story!

Luv u all!

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