Kaira Love Story (episode 5)


Hey guyz …i had gone out n was busy due to diwali so sorry for the delay…thanks to all u readers tht u r liking my ff ….if u guyz  ever  want to suggest me u can comment or private msg me…?

Still in aeroplane
Kaira wake up for food

Akshara  naitik gayu vivan n all were eating food suddenly  akshara remembers to check on naira so she goes to see her…

Kaira scene
Naira was eating something n then suddenly she ate a chilli part …

Naira:ahh ohh its so spicy …water …uhh

Kartik got  very worried n then makes naira drink water ….they have cute eye lock

Akshara sees this n first worries but then thinks these two r so kiddish first they fight like tom n jerry then  becomes best friends for ever wenever one of them is in trouble

Akshara  goes to them
Kaira gets shocked seeing akshara there fearing she might have sensed something

Akshara: wat happened  to u both! M so happy tht u both r such nyc friends  though u fight but wen anyone  of u needs help u try ur level best to help …keep it up beta …

Kaira give a smile

Naira: waise  mumma did u want anything?

Akshara: no no i just came to see if u need  something …but i dont think i need  to worry as ur bff is there with u ☺

Akshara leaves

Kartik: dekha even ma’am  knows i cant let u hurt …btw madam just take care of urself…otherwise…

Naira: otherwise u will help me lovingly ryt!

Kartik: ovio …luv u

Naira: luv u too

The plane  lands….while taking luggage out from planes upper cabin gayu was taking out her hand bag but suddenly a bag besides hers was about to fall too but vivan saved the situation n they have a eye contact….

Vivan: r u ok miss gayatri?

Gayu: yes i am …thnk u

Here kaira was getting off the plane with hands held together …but release it wen they see akshara n naitik!

Finally They see nakshtara (naksh+ tara as uk in my ff they got  married like not even a year from this point as they focused on their carrers at tht tym)

They hug n greet each other …. nakshtara r happy to see naitik…naitik n naksh have the same type of meeting like in yrkkh

Tara: thank god u all came …aunty wen u called yesterday tht u all will be taking the next flight i was worried!

Akshara: tara again

Nakshatara shocked tht wat again

Akshara: arrey beta no aunty …ma or mumma anything u feel comfortable  with ik it has been only 6 months  to ur weddong but come on do it ur habit ok

Tara: sorry ma

Naksh: ma lets go or u wanna have all the talks here only!!

Evryone : ya ya lets go

Akshara: lets do one thing me naitik n gayu have to keep this jewellery  in locker  so we r going with the driver n naksh beta u tara n kartik n naira go in one car

Kaira gets happy as they will be travelling together

Kaira nakshtara  on their way to car

Tara:  naira u seem too happy …kya baat h (wats the matter?)

Naira (getting normal n stopping  to smile): nothing bhabhi …papa came na thts y

Kartik smiles hearing it n shows her a thumbs up

While seating in car 

Tara: kartik we will drop u on our way so u sit in front ..

Before letting tara complete

Naira: no!!

Tara: wat happen naira?

Naira(realising wat she said): nothing as such bhabhi just tht u r bhai’s wife n u should sit in front wid bhai only …otherwise…how will u romance

Nakshtara together  naira shushh

They four laugh n someone notices them n calls someone else n says i m ryt? …gud then

So tara sits in front n kaira at back

In the other car..
On thier way to bank the car suddenly stops

Naitik akshara  n gayu step out…the driver says they have to call a mechanics

Naitik n akshara dont feel safe as they have a lot  of  jwellery with them they plan to call naksh bit suddenly

Gayu: mama ji  mami see tht car stopped lets see

Naitik n akshara hesitantly went

Seeing whose car it was she said you!

Guy: hi…u here?

Naitik n akshara ask who is he gayu?

Gayu: mami he is vivan about whom i told u guyz about seema aunty’s son ..

Akshara: oh yes

Vivan: can i help u guyz!?

Gayu: actually we had to go to xyz bank but our car had some problem

Vivan: ohh actually i m going  there too n then to home so we can go to tgt bank n then to house too..if u guyz r ok with it?

Everyone agrees with this idea n travel

So in front vivan was driving as he let his driver help singhanias driver for fixing the car n gayu had to sit in front as naitik couldnt as he had some injuries n cant wear a seat belt so naitik n akshara sit at back 

At meheshwaris 
Kartik goes in …naksh says tell nani we will come inside some other day as today we have to prepare the house to welcum papa…n we all will be meeting in eve for the celebrations too

While kartik was going naira slowly just waived in a way no one would notice …n then they go to singhanias

At singhanias
Everyone says where is naitik?

Naksh: he is comming  in the other car as they had to go to bank too!

Aftr while  vivan drops three of them at singhanias

Akshara:thnx beta.. i know u have meeting  with singhanias  but its proffesional relationship ..but u should come to our house too to develope a personal bonding u r a very good guy beta ..gud luck 

Vivan: aunty u call me beta n say thnx also?? Aunty its my duty to help anyone needy….n will surely come with ma ..

Naitik akshara n gayu enter 

It is celebrated by all family members in  similar way as the show…everyone  is happy 

Naira n tara come to kitchen..

Naira: wow bhabhi u made this cake …it seems so tasty!!

Tara: thnx naira …just icing is left…

Someone calls tara

Tara: naira do me a favor u do gr8 creativity so do the icing

Naira: sure

Tara goes 

Naira preparing  to start icing 

Naira:this trip has given me so much good memories n some a bit bitter (the thing about)
…ganga maiya thnk u for everything …btw kartik  said wen he fell in love with me he used to have dreams about  me …but i have not got one since i realised …maybe thts too cheesy for naira singhania

Naira suddenly feels there is someone behind her  n she turns….n says u ..how come here go from here wat if someone sees …

Precape:kartik comes to singhanias looking so handsome to celebrate naitik’s come back!
Akshara invites vivan n his mom n family 

So guyz how did u feel? So now tge mysteries  u should look  forward  r –

Who does naira sees in kitchen

Who is tht  someone who observes  kaira

Whats stored for vivan n gayu
N many more twists!!

Comment n express  ur views !! ??

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  1. It waz a great one dear
    lookinmg forward ti all the twists omg so many yaar
    obvious naira ka tho pucca dream hi hey thats karthik
    thank u

    1. Hales

      Thank u so much shilpa ?
      Maybe it might be kartik but there r other amazing twists ..keep reading commenting n enjoying

  2. superb ff

    1. Hales

      Thnks mihi☺

  3. It was nice
    U can even make pairing of.kartik and vivaan as brothers.
    And btw kartik always handsome.
    Reveal the suspense of that someone soon.

    1. Hales

      Thnks yr…will try to consider ur suggestion….n someone will be revealed soon ?

  4. Sethidisha002

    thats i only want to know pls write soon

    1. Hales

      Ok sure ☺

  5. Renee

    NYC one it’s karthik,n other one may be from karthik’s side…. any way continue ur ff is interesting

    1. Hales

      Thnks a lot renee …Keep guessing n enjoying ?

  6. Naira dream about karthik yeahhhh

    1. Hales

      Kiran maybe or maybe not …keep reading to know!

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