Kaira love story (episode 49)

Hello everyone….thnks a lot for ur amazing comments ….i felt so nyc reading them …they motivated me to keep on writing n to always add twists ….those comments means  a lot …thnk u very very much


Everyone left now only kaira r there ….

Naira calls kartik to sit beside her in the bed…she created some space shifting to left

Kartik lied beside naira …now naira side hugs  him tight…..

Naira:plz never ever go like this …if u do then m telling u …u will find me here in a hospital bed very injured or dead…

Kartik doesnt let her complete …n to avoid negative talks he kissed her….they both interlocked thier lips as if it was a long lost desire getting fulfilled….

Soon they break the kiss …kartik brought the food… 

Kartik was going to feed naira wen even naira picks up a bit to feed kartik ….they look at each other n feed each other at the same tym!

Kartik:i love u!

Naira:i luv u too…

Aftr 4 days ….manish was also being discharged from the hospital…

Kartik had planned a big welcome for him at goenka villa …as it wasn’t  just the home comming of manish or mr. Goenka …today it was the celebration of his DAD returning!

Naira gayu  vivaan rishi keerti n naksh r helping too …tara is strictly  given bed rest due tp her pregnancy so she just sat n watched  all of them work

Some lights  n stuff were to be put up at a certain  height….gayu  hesitates to climb up the ladder …so naira says gayu di …dont u worry ..i will do it

Gayu:but naira its risky u can fall …let me call vivan or naksh bhai or rishi bhai

naira:dont worry di i used to climb up stairs for ashram work in rishilesh too..

Saying this  naira climbed up on the ladder….aftr fixing the lights n all she was just comming down ….but she slipped n she  fell ….but not on ground ….rather on something  very protective n caring …she fell in kartik’s arms…

Kartik:naira …be careful na baby….u coyld have fallen ..n then

Naira:shh! I know u will always be there  for me …

Naira gives a small peck on kartik’s cheeks

They both looked  at each other n smiled…

Tara(teasingly):gayu …keerti we did ryt  na by sending luv kush  mishti n veer to the park …coz yahan so much of romance going on ki galat asar pad jata 

Kaira realise  tht everyone saw it …kaira blushed while everyone  laughed

Everyone gets  back to decorations ….keerti is unable to blow ballons …..rishi  comes  n shows her a easy way to blow them …they together blow ballons

They all hear sound of car so they hide …..

Manish with  suwarna luv kush n veer enters n its all dark ….everyone surpise manish…

Manish is so happy seeing all this n gets overwhelmed wen kartik says welcome home “DAD”

Manish cuts  the cake but asks kartik to join him in cutting the cake…they all feed each other

aftr a while  everyone is chit chating …

Akshara: waise bhaisab how did u get to know about kartik?

Manish: ohh ryt …i totally forgot to thank the reason i was able to find where kartik was

Manish walks upto luv kush n veer n hugs them

Manish: these three helped me spclly veer …he was telling luv kush how while he n kartik were watching a detective movie n kartik had told him some ways to how to find a person …n how these r the tactics which can help in leaving clues for someone to find u…then i realised seeing few stuffs looking like kartik’s…tht i saw near the old airport while i was going to mumbai to talk to my detective  frnd

Kartik:u r so observant of me …i never knew

Manish smiles 

Kartik  comes n hugs veer ….

Kartik: champ …aap toh chaa gye

Veer: our team rocks na mausa!

Kartik: yes it totally rocks!

Kartik hugs veer 

Suddenly dadi n her chamchi enters

Dadi: manish m glad u r ok …kittu is back …but there is something i want to tell u ….i also got to know this from surekha  just now …

Manish: wat happened ma?

Dadi: i m so sure  aftr hearing this even u n even kartik would agree with my decision 

Everyone is clueless

Kartik: kya hua dadi ..which  decesion

Dadi: surekha  heard naira saying something about rishikesh n ashram ….then she contacted few ppl n got to know tht naira was in rishkesh …she ran away from home

Dadi tells them about the past of naira

Naira is very hurt n tears flow from her eyes

Kartik: dadi plz stop it ….for ur information i knew all this from very long …nair n i we both decided never to hide anything ..so i know…i m sorry i should have told u all but i though everyone  has a bitter past …but tht shouldnt be connected …n morever naira became mature n responsible by staying away …so how does it matter

Dadi: kittu stop it! U r a kid …n this is ur blind love tht is saying all this ….manish beta u toh understand na 

Manish comes to naira n shocking everyone  puts his hand on naira’s head …

Manish:maa ….i agree with my son …no matter wat happened but this girl made the impossible thing happen …she united me n kartik ….n i dont care wat happened in past …n even if she left house so wat kartik also left home ….m proud of children …they have grown from learnings of past …they never stopped trying to give thier best!

Everyone feels happy except dadi n surekha 

Suwarna: bilkul sahi kaha apne …keerti kartik n naira all three of them r fighters! We all r proud of them

Manish: waise kartik i think u should have alsp gone to rishikesh only …atleast naira jaise samajhdar ho jate n shaant ho jate ..

Kartik: dad u too …..ab no one in my side i guess

Naitik: manish ji …kartik jaisa koi ni h …he has gr8 capabilities …n beta dont worry hum tumhare team mein h 

They all laugh

Manish: naitik ji …ab inn bacho ko bata de jo humne plan kiya h 

Naitik:yes yes

Manish:so we have planned a very nyc trip for all of u ….

Naitik: as gayu n vivan ka bachlors party n hens party bhi hona h …so isi bahane woh bhi ho jayega

Gayu n vivan blush

Manish: so take this pass to delhi ….there we have a personal resort ….u can go by car or plane ur decision  n every thing  set in tge resort!

All the youngsters r so happy n excited 

Naksh: me n tar cant go …..doctor has strictly told her for bed rest ….so i dont want to take risk

Tara: naksh its ok plz u go …waise bhi gayu is ur sis n vivan bachpan ka dost …u should go …i will take care yahan pe

Naksh: bass …i know all ur plans u want to spend more tym with the baby n then baad mein the baby will always  think  i left him n went ….

Everyone laughs on seeing naksh behaving so kiddishly

Naira: i have work in my dance academy ..so..

Keerti: naira dobt worry i will handle dance academy …as 2 days mein i have a competiton  here only so m not going  

Naira: but then it would be too much burden on u

Keerti: no no naira …no burden at all …u need to be with ur sis ok …so chill

Naitik: so finally kartik naira gayu vivan n rishi r going

Manish: yes n no more excuses ok

Everyone nods n leaves happily  for packing

Precap- youngsters  going by the road! ….
             -kaira romance   n fun 

I hope u all liked this part …i tried covering  all the main part …. plz do comment n let me know how this is

Btw guyz on 4 feb 2017,.shivin came live for the first tym togther on instagram…tht too for 25 mins or so!! Isnt tht gr8?

Keep reading …commenting….n keep on watching yrkkh …we need to make the trps awsum! Soon bachelors party n then soon kaira shaadi bhi!! Dont miss these episodes ?

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