Kaira love story (episode 48)

Hello everyone!

Doctor comes n tells them the situation is very critical ….manish has lost lot of blood…

Doctor also asked for more blood….only kartik’s blood matched with manish

Kartik:doctor …my blood group matches…

Doctor took him ….

Keerti n singhanias reach there

Keerti rushes to suwarna n cries …n consoles her

Aftr some time 

Doctor comes n says manish is awake …

Everyone is happy 
Doctor advises not to crowd the room where  manish is kept…

So only keerti kartik n suwarna go in …

Manish wakes up n is happy to see them…

Suwarna holds his hands n cries

Kartik: aap ko har cheez mein ghusna h na …main sambhal leta wahan lekin aap wahan aa gye …goli mujhe lagti lekin aap samne aa gye …kyun?

While saying all this rather than anger …concern was seen more on kartik’s face

Manish signs  him to come near …..

Kartik hesitantly  goes …

Manish (weakly n with breaking voice):coz i love u …nothing is more imp for ne than u …n it never was  back then also …n..

Without letting manish  complete … kartik hugs manish

Suwarna manish  keerti r shocked n happy …even naira n singhanias who r seeing this from small  window thing from outside smiles  seeing this

Kartik: dad!! mujhe naira humesha kehti thi ki mein galat fami mein hoon ….but i never listened to her neither to mom n keerti…but today i realised  i was the one who was wrong

Manish holds kartik’s hand consoling him

Manish: where  is naira?

Keerti: woh dad doctor said kum log honge toh achcha h …so akshara aunty  n all suggested only family should meet first…they all r outside

manish: naira is my beti ..call her in 

Keerti rushes out n says …he wants his dusri beti with him too 

Singhanias n mehshwaris r confused

Keerti  drags naira in…

Naira is over whelmed…

Naira: uncle main kya bolun thnk u bolun bhi ya nahin ..kyunki ek taraf apne mere hone wali husband ki jaan bachai …but aftr all he was ur son so apko thnk u bolke i dont want to make u think less of tht dad n son relation …as it is very precious  one

Manish: naira kuch bolne ki zarurat nhi h …bass ek cheez bolne ki h

Naira: kya uncle

Manish: yehi! Ye uncle nhi ab dad bolao .. 

Naira smiles n calls him dad

Suwarna: mujhe bhi mom plz 

Everyone  laughs …singhanias n mehshwaris  watch n smile seeing naira bond with them

Keerti gets dadi’s call so she goea out to tell dadi everything

Meanwhile in room

Suwarna: hmm …bohot jyada heropanti chad chuki h inn baap bete ko ….

Naira: haan mom ..bilkul theek kaha.

Suwarna: ab naira ek baar tum shaadi karke ghaar aao hun inko dekh lenge

Suwarna n naira hifi

Kartik: achcha pehle toh aap ladikiyon ko hero jaisa pati  chahiye…n heropanti dekha do toh dhamki 

Manish: yes beta .. ye toh naa insafi h

Kartik: theek h na dad hum bhi kum thodi na h …dekha denge inhe

Manish: yes dekha denge 

Manish n kartik hifi…

Naira: mendhak jyada tarr tarr nhi kar rhe ho tum aaj

Kartik: naira agar tum aise mujhe tease  karogi na then ..

Naira: then kya aur tarr tarr karoge

Kartik: then na mein phirse chala jaunga 

Naira gets teary listening to this n saying  kartik she faints …kartik is surpised n he immediately holds her in his arms n saves her from falling!….naira mumbles kartik kaha ho .. mat jao ….(again n again)

Kartik: naira!! M here only …m not goi g anywhere  …. Wake up

Suwarna: kartik aisa nhi bolna chahiye tga tumhe ….ek toh she …

Suwarna stops 

Kartik: she kya???

Manish: ye sab chodo doctor ko bolao

Aftr few minutes ….

Naira opens her eyes n is surprised to see herself in a hospital bed n everyone  surrounding her …while her eyes search for kartik …then she spotted her near the window not facing her though

Naira: kartik

Kartik turns around with a angry look!

Kartik  briskly comes near the bed ….

Kartik: tum apne aap ko kya samajhti ho …ye sab karne se pehle mera khayal nhi aya na tumhe…kya zarurat thi without food n water rehne ki …now its almost  2 days!! 

Naira: tumne bhu toh kuch nhi khaya hoga na …n all i thought at tht tym was agar ye hum dono ka last meet tha …then my everything should have ur essence  …makar sankranti  mein u fed me so i didnt want to have anything

Kartik carsess naira’s hairs

Naira: dad kahan h ..is he ok?

Suwarna: he is better

Everyone decide to leave kaira alone with some food ….

Precap- kaira breaking the unknowingly n                         unwantedly fast!
            -gayu’s wedding day is near 
            – kaira romance

I hope u liked the baap beta millan ….soon this unwanted fast will break in next one..?

Aftr 1 more epi 50 will come … a nyc twist waiting for u ??

Plz do comment…m open to all suggestions

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