Kaira love story (episode 41)

Hey everyone.. i will be doing this kaira engagment  in two or more parts …coz i dont want to rush through it at all .. as kaira ka ek ek moment is precious…hope u like it☺

Guyz today with ur reviews also comment about ur suggestions about the actor who will play our cute veer…its open to imagination …u all can think who ever u wish to?

Episode starts with kaira thinking to do a video chat as aftr engagmnt they have to do social  media vrat!

Kaira do a unique style of video chat using projectors (*like in show*)

They talk Romantically….they come closer to the screen then were  busy in adoring each other ….just then 

Someone:arrey waah! He kya h..

Kaira gets disturbed by the screen covered by someone’s face …n tht someone is none other than veer

Veer: masi ye kya h?

Naira: champ abhi tak u havent slept?

Kartik is confused as he thought veer n ananya di would be at mehshwaris..

Naira: woh kartik …ananya di ne decide kiya she will stay here as kal bohot kam hoga so jane ane mein tym waste  …n champ was sleeping as far as i remmbered

Kartik: hey champ! Neend nhi aa rhi apko?

Veer: K mausa ji …aapko kyun ..dude take a chill pill 

Kaira  laugh  hearing him say this cutely

Veer:itni respect kyun de rhe ho mausa ji …aap bade ho ki mein

Kaira  still laugh ..

Kartik: hmm nyc question ..mausa ji confuse ho gye ab toh …chalo good nite champ tum so jao ok 

Veer: mujhe neend nhi aa rhi h …dad toh humesha stories sunate h tabhi neend atu h mujhe

Naira: achcha toh maine tumko story sunaya na ..toh kyun nhi soye?

Veer:uffo masi u girls bhi na …apki stoires boring hoti h …boys cool stories sunate h

Naira: achcha toh meri stories boring …chalo room se bahar niklo

Kartik:arrey naira bechare bachche pe kyun gussa kar rhe ho

Veer: yay mausa ji on my side …so aap hi story  suna do aaj

Kartik: mujhe nhi ati champ

Veer:toh aap apne bete ko kaise sulate ho …bina stories  ke koi kid so nhi sakta

Kaira blush n look at each other

Kartik(slowly): champ abhi uske liye  bohot tym h …tumhari masi bhi tayar nhi h abhi toh

Naira listens n smiles

Naira: bass kartik  ho gya .. ab story sunao

Kartik  tells a story about  a sherni n a frog …(actually story of kaira little modified)

Veer sleeps 

Naira(slowly): kartik bass ho gya ..he slept 

Kartik (slowly): ok good …waise abhi se chote kids r comming in between our romance pehle mishti luv aur kush kum the 

Naira laughs 

Kaira say i love u to each other n then sleep

Next  day everyone is preparing for kaira engagment…

Veer: mom mujhe apne  frnds chahiye yahan

Ananya: veer ye kya how will i bring them from usa now?

Veer starts running around n say jaise kal K mausa ji aye the 

Everyonr shocked…naira double  shocked

Ananya: naira kartik aya tha?

Naira: nhi di …woh ..hum 

Tara: haan haan woh hun kya ..bolo bolo

Tara says teasingly

Naira: we used projector  with video calling  ..so almost live lag rha tha ..

Everyone teases her

Veer: aur toh aur itni amazing story bhi sunai

Everyone  laughs  

Ananya: naira waah kya baat h abhi se practice  h with kids 

Naira blushes  n runs from there

Aftr some time

Guests arrive …then it was time for arrival  of goenkas

Goenkas arrive …aarti n all is done ..dadi n surekha r all disatisfied 

Kartik is searching for naira 

Ananya n gayu come  n say kise dhoondh rhe ho jija ji!

Kartik: kya aap log bhi jija ji kyun ..kartik  hi theek hoon mein!

They laugh

Otherside naksh  sees tara working n seeing the arrangements 

Naksh: statue

Tara: naksh ye kya kar rhe ho …bohot kaam h

Naksh: nhi ji apka ek hi kaam h aaram aur sirf aaram …

Tara: not fair naksh …meri nand ki sagai n mein aise aaram kaise kar sakti hoon …woh kya  sochegi apne bhabhi ke baare mein

Someone fron behind  says kuch nhi…its naira

Naira: bhabhi aap mujhe itna hi janti hoon kya …aap bas mere bhatija ya bhatiji ka dhyaan rakho ….nhi toh  i will be angry

Tara: first of all naira u look so amazing ..kisiki nazar na lage …n ok meri pyari nand i will take rest happy!

Naira hugs tara

Naksh: waise  kisiki nazar lage ya na lage but kartik ki nazar zarur lag jayegi ..garunteed

They all laugh 

Kartik comes  from behind n hugs naira from back

Naksh n tara: bass bass thodi toh sharan karo …bade bhaiya n bhabhi ke samne romance ..

Ananya: n badi behen ke samne bhi!

Kartik releases the hug ..kaira blush  n smile

Veer: masi mausa ji aap log bhi cheeks pe kiss exchange karoge 

Everyone is blank  as wat veer is saying 

Veer: mera matlab jaise mom dad hug ke baad cheeks pe sweet sweet kiss karte h waise

Ranveer n ananya shy …n say badmash 

Everyone laugh 

Naira: ahem ahem so di kaun romance karta h jyada ab 

Naksh: haan di bolo na ..jiju aap bhi bolo

Ananya n ranveer leave chasing veer ..as veer runs away from there

Tara: waise gayu kahan h?

Naksh: woh apne sayian ke saath garden mein h…they will come inside 

Mean while  kartik signs naira she is looking beautiful! Naira gives a flying  kiss…

There is 30 mins left for engagment so everyone is roaming here n there 


Kartik: naira woh kya h …

Kartik points towards naira’s face 

Naira: kya ..kahan

Kartik then points  down to ground

Kartik: arrey dekho gir gya ..

Naira n kartik get under table ….naira didnt realise  tht it was just kartik’s plan…

Naira: kya aise kya dekh rhe ho? Help karo na ..n kya gira h toh batao

Kartik: kuch nhi 

Naira: matlab 

Kartik holds naira’s  face n places his lips on her lips…they kiss …they kissed so passionately …suddenly while moving their head kartik hits his head on table ..

Kaira get back to reality  .

Naira: ye kya tha ..

Kartik: achcha phirse bataun kya tha?

Naira shys n nods no 

Naira blushes n goes out 

Kartik also later comes out..

Its engagemnt tym .. they exchange the rings …n they take everyone’s blessing

They all happily dance n enjoy…

Suddenly someone enters…

Someone: mein jyada late ho gya shayad …

Everyone shocked  to see …

Precap-who is this someone n y is he here?
            -kaira romance

Guyz i hope  u all liked it!!  Precap is short as agar kuch bhi aur bataya then everything will be out…so lots of twists n suspence in next one

Plz do comment …m open to all kinds of suggestions?

Keep reading…commenting …n keep watching yrkkh on star plus at 9:30 pm☺

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    1. Hales

      Thnk u☺

  1. Vrushy

    Such a long update itself made me happy !! So finally kaira are engaged. Very nicely written and the under the table walla romance was also very cute. Superb engagement.
    Can’t wait for the next part !!

    1. Hales

      Thnk u so much m so glad u liked it so much! Next part soon?

  2. Fenil

    Amazing chp.
    Trio convo with veer superb.

    1. Hales

      Thnk u yr! M glad u liked it ?☺

    1. Hales

      Thnk u ☺

  3. AnikaSaini

    It was fab as always…….
    Veer nd kaira scene was cute??
    Engagement ❤❤
    Post next one soon☺☺

    1. Hales

      Thnk u so much!?❤
      M so happy u liked it ….veer n kaira was my fav part too☺?
      Next one soon☺

  4. Anyan

    Amazing story and such a long update
    waiting for nxt

    1. Hales

      Thnk u☺
      Honstly i enjoyed writing it so much tht never realised it got so long! ?❤

  5. Rosa18

    Amazing dii

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      Thnk u ☺

  6. Vinni05

    Fabulous can’t wait for next part

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      Thnk u☺

  7. I bet it is kirti or her husband or an enemy

    1. Hales

      Keep reading to know?

  8. nice one …kaira’s romance were cute…plz update soon…m curious to know who’s that someone..

    1. Hales

      Next one soon?
      Thnk u

  9. Lasyashree.10

    Hi Di!!! It’s ? awesome…..

    Firstly; Veer is chooo chweet!!???
    Secondly; I think someone is…..Karthik’s cousin….or well wishers to these families…..i’m right?? Excited…?
    Thirdly; I suggest….young shravvu…..i.e, Bhavesh Jaiswal or Eklavya ahir….from sns…?

    Okay…bye ❤️❤️

    1. Hales

      Thnk u so much lasya ??
      To know who is tht someone keep reading?
      Its open ti everyone think watver u think suits veer’s character?❤

  10. Awesome

    1. Hales

      Thnk u ☺

  11. Soumya85

    It was awesome

    1. Hales

      Thnk u ☺

  12. Aadi

    Good episode di !
    Is the person kirti’s husband ????

    1. Hales

      Thnk u ☺
      Keep reading to know who is tht someone?

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