Kaira love story (episode 40)

Hey guyz! How r u all!

Episode starts with naira returning home 

Akshara:naira beta achcha hua u came! 1hr ke baad kamlesh ji is comming to show rings …

Naira:mumma wohi have planned a particular design in my mind for the ring ..

Gayu:so ab isme bhi u n kartik have decided pehle se

Naira:nhi nhi di ..we have never talked  about it but i have a idea of my own …let me show u

Naira draws the design she wants  in which the center of the ring has KN written in a particular font …on KN diamonds r present 

Tara:wow naira amazing…n aww 

Naira:bhabhi wat happened?

Tara:even ur bhatija or bhatiji also liked it …the baby kicked..

Naira smiles n says this baby is gonna  be my favourite m telling u all!

All the ladies were enjoying  n talking about jwelleries n clothes

Just then someone greets them radhekrishna ..they all turn n see its ananya n 

Ananya comes n hugs everyone 

Ananya:congrates gayu  on ur engagmnt sorry couldn’t  come …tara congrates for ur pregnancy…n naira beta tu toh sabse chupi rustom nikli ..i still remmber u n kartik fighting like tom n jerry ..wen u once said ki isse shaadi karke kisi ladki ki zindagi kharab hogi …tu hi ban gyi woh ladki

Naira: kya di!

Naira blushes 

Ananya:oho blushing n all!

Akshara:ananya  ..ranveer ji ..veer kaha h?

Ananya: bua uska toh puchu hi mat …woh kaha h kya karta h sab uske papa ko pata h ..sari shararate uske ranveer ji ke pass chalte h

Naira: waise di apko pata h abhi abhi ghar mein bohot bada mouse ghus gya …maine suna h ki woh kisi pillar ke peche chupta h 

Naira goes to a pillar n pulls a boy of 3 yrs old …he is ananya n ranveer’s son veer 

Veer: naira masi!

Naira: hey champ! How r u? Tum toh bohot bade ho gye

everyone hug veer n play with him

Ananya: tara let me warn u ki bache hond ke baad na aaram nhi millega jitna abhi mill rha h le lo!

Tara smiles n nodes

Meanwhile in goenkas 

In manish n suwarna’s room

Manish:suwarna ask kartik to decide a ring a person  will come with sample designs of italy n paris

Suwarna:uski koi zarurat nhi h 

Manish:arey maa ne kaha h jaldi select karne ke liye n tum bol rhi ho ki zarurat nhi

Suwarna:coz kartik ne khud se ek ring select ki h …i have seen its design mast h ..

Manish:waah ..kartik do kadam agge chalta h nyc ..

On the other hand kartik gets a call from vivan

Vivan:hello kartik…busy ho?

Kartik:no no …bolo vivan

Vivan:listen i know u must be wanting  to meet naira like i want to meet gayu

Kartik:yes sahi kaha! So ..

Vivan: mere pass ek plan h kyun na ek saath singhania mansion  chalte h ..then jyada odd bhi nhi lagega …ghar walon ke samne ek saath niklenge then baad mein  u n nakra ur way n me n gayu our

Kartik:nyc idea …chalo  the m on my way!

The call ends

Aftr  some time

Naira gayu n tara r sitting together  …veer is colouring  in his colour book!

Veer: naira masi …gayu masi ..mumma ne mujhe photos dikhayi thi mausas ki woh kaha h ..

Gayu: woh veer …they don’t live here 

Veer: but y …naksh mamu n tara mami bhi ek saath rehte h toh aap dono kyun nhi

Just then vivan n kartik enter greet everyone

Kartik greets ranveer…family members introduce  ranveer and vivan

Kartik goes to greet  ananya 

Ananya: achcha beta kartik …tom n jerry to romeo juliet kab bane tum dono …congratulation

Kartik: thnk u di

Vivan  also  greets ananya  n she congratualtes vivan also


Veer: ye toh kartik mausa ji n vivan mausa ji h

Kartik n vivan  look shockingly  at veer

Ananya: kartik ..vivan ye veer h my son 

Kartik: ohh toh aap ho veer ..bohot  stories  sune h maine tumhare  bare mein ..how r u?

Veer: m good …but tell me one thing .. aap n vivan mausa ji mere masis ke akela yaha kyun leave kiya h

everyone  laughs

Ananya: veer beta hum yaha shaadi ke liye aye h na inke uske baad ye sab ek saath rehenge

Kartik comes to naira

Kartik(whispers): chalo naira …i want to take u to a place 

Naira(whispers): no

Ananya: mami i think in dono couples ko permision de deni chahiye to go out 

Tara:theek kaha apne di ..inki faces toh dekho 

Akshara: tum sab jao jahan jana h but jaldi wapas ana ..kal bohot imp day h tum charo ke liye

They nod n leave

Aftr comming out of the house 

Naira: hum sab kaha jaa rhe h?

Gayu: haan guyz kuch toh batao

Vivan: gayu we r going seperate seperate  ..woh bass family ke samne ajeeb lagta toh..

Naira: waah jiju kya socha h 

Kaira leave in kartik’s car
While viyu leave in vivan’s car

Kaira come  to a beautiful lake side region 

Naira: kartik yaha kyun?

Kartik: uffo sherni chill karo itna mat socho 

Naira: ok

Kartik: ab ye blindfold tie karne h mujhe 

Kartik blindfolds naira 

Naira: arrey mendhak kahan leke jaa rhe ho 

kartk: jahan bhi leke jaa rha hoo  trust me jaaneman u will love it

Kaira  reach to a place where everything was decorated with  heart  shapped ballon near lake side 

Naira: wow kartik its so amazing

Naira turns n doesnt find kartik

Naira (worriedly) :kartik? Kartik?

Just then naira sees kartik on his knees

Kartik:from the first day i saw u n heard tht typical tar tar tar i knew there was something in u ..with the course of tym n by seeing lots of dreams about u n us …n now this tym has finally arrived where our love can go beyond limits n we can love each other n cherish us forever…just saying i luv u or making u wear a ring is just not enough to express wat we have between us or wat we feel about each other…usually boys say tht they wanna say superior  to tge girls  in a relationship but i was happily ready to see u the superior  one in our unique relationship …a relationship where u r the sherni n m just ur cute little mendhak doing tar tar tar ..n agreeing to u always…i luv u is the only tar tar tar i know to speak naira ..i swear if this roaring  sherni ever leaves this mendhak then that day will not only be his last day of his life but tgt minute n tht second will be the last breathe  he would take…i have no expectations or conditions for ur immense love ….though we dont have to give prove to anyone of how much we love each other but just for our family’s acceptance will u like to become mrs mendhaki from miss sherni! U can still keep ur roars n power of sherni though..

Kartik winks at naira …while naira was filled with tears of joy …naira nods in a yes n says i luv u so much kartik

Kartik pulls out a box n it has two rings …one is of crown n another is of a ring where from stones little mendhak n sher is made on the ring with a heart

Naira gets delighted ?

Kartik was going to make naira wear crown shaped on ring finger of right hand 

(*as u guyz must know a girl wears engagment ring in her ring finger of left hand …so kartik makes her wear on right hand ring finger*)

Naira stops him n says in my other ring finger  i will be wearing engagment ring n in this one i want to wear a ring reminding me of us …so make the mendhak n sher one …kartik makes her wear the frog n sher one on ring finger of right hand n crown one on middle finger  of right hand

Naira: y this crown one?

Kartik: coz u r the queens of my heart n soul!

Kaira gets very emotional …they come close n thier  lips meet n they have a long passionate kiss …they were lost in thier world of love 

Kartik was holding naira from waist n naira held kartik from his head 

Aftr a long kiss they  break the kiss n stare at each other n hug each other tightly!

Naira: kartik uk today i heard something!.

kartik: wat?

Naira: mumma  was telling me how his n papa’s love story was n how arrange marriage can create lot of restlesness n adrenalin rush  to meet each other 

Kartik: yes one of my frnd was alsp telling  me how his arranged marriage was done …n while listening  to him i felt we ppl who do love marriage cant get tht type of tadap

Naira: yes ..i wish we could ..but its ok

Kartik: if u want then we can have tht rush

Naira: really? How?

Kartik: see aftr tomorrow’s  engagment lets decide to do a vrat!

Naira: vrat? 

Kartik: yes social media ka vrat! we wont talk on phone msgs or video chats! N will meet only wen functions happen n we have to meet!

Naira: u mean all this for 1 month? Can we do it!! I mean staying a day without listening to ur voice is so difficult!

Kartik: agar we do this kya pata on our wedding night we will have more deep feelings! N then ..

Naira: ohh mr. Romeo …wat if awkwardness  develops due to this

Kartik: awkrwardness  n tht too between us ..never n if we ever feel awkwardnes is developing i wont even think for a min n kiss u …even if everyone is around us!

Naira laughs n says ok then done …but if any one person wants to meet the other then the other person will not say no

Kartik: ok done! Waise i was just wondering wen later on we will tell our grand children about our love story wat all things we will tell them! There  r so many things tht i think i will start listing them from now taki kuch miss na ho!

Naira laughs n says seedha grandchildren!

Kartik: ok then u want to talk about children ..m ever ready lets begin then…

Naira: uffo! Control future pati dev control 

Kartik: haye pati dev sounds so good from ur mouth janeman!

Kaira laugh ….then they return ..kartik drops naira at her house ..n goes to goenka villa

Precap-kaira’s mixed  feelings before                               engagment ….
            -kaira’s great engagment celebrations 
           – wat kind of ring does kartik have in                    mind for naira
           -viyu sangeet

I hope u all liked it! Guyz i have explained onky kaira’s date coz my ff is on kaira …viyu i will be showing but very little i hope u understand …but if u want more viyu then do share ur views  n suggestions?

Do comment guyz! 

In episode 41 therefore a grand kaira engagment awaits for u ..u all r invited to it …?

Keep reading ….commenting …keep watching yrkkh at 9:30 only on star plus!❤☺

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