Kaira Love Story (episode 4)

Hey guyz maybe in next  episode i will reveal  about the mystry character …m sorry yesterday  i couldnt post one episode..so here is a long episode with new developments…do comment guyz

So the next day
Kaira go to airport n meet akshara  naitik  n  gayu  ..they greet eaxh other gayu is happy seeing kartik aftr one full  day!

Akshara naitik n gayu were bit ahead n kaira  behind them While taking the luggauge for check in a luggage  of naira slipped from the trolley n was going  to fall on naira’s foot ..but kartik just catched the luggage n saved it from falling…kaira eye contact??

Kartik: ba….(he stopped  realizing  evryone is present)…baar baar bach gyi naira tumhe itna bhi dhyaan nhi deta sirf bak bak karna ata h!!(getting angry out of concern)
[U got saved ..naira cant u take care of urself]

Listening to this naira got furious
Naira:i can take carr of myself ….thank u but i can handle from here!!!?

Kartik noticed her anger but was helpless as everyone was present there

Gayu came n said naira dont get angry kartik was just helping u …dont fight now

Naira went from there…..

Kartik got upset n went to the check in counter as he took the responsibility  to do the check in part!

Kartik got  a brilliant idea he asked the incharge sitting on the counter
Kartik: excuse me ..if possible give the seats as following….of akshara  n naitik singhania in 2nd row together  seats …gayatri singhania  in 3rd row behind  the seats of akshara  n naitik  singhania  ….n seats  of kartik n naira in 15th row together…..will these seats be available

Incharge: let me check sir….(aftr checking) yes sir it is available  ..n these r ur tickets

Kartik: thank u

As there was plenty of time before  the plane arrived so naitik akshara  went to duty free n gayu kartik n naira were sitting in the  lounge…suddenly

Guy (to naira)-tina!!!

Naira a bit surprise n turned:omg sammy u!!!wat a surprise!

[Kartik was observing n got a bit upset as he wanted to utilize this time  for convinving naira]

Sammy:i m going to london for a meeting n will visit rishikesh again sometime  soon!

{Sammy went to rishikesh  very regular n naira was her guide n thus had become her nyc frnd}

Naira: oh wow ! How r ur parents…n how is ur business going!?

Sammy:everything is awsum …btw who r they both ur frnds?

Naira: no my family! Actually the misunderstanding i told u about got cleared n now m back in my house in udaipur n u can even call me naira!

Sammy:ohh congrates  i m glad everything got cleared …family n love play a very important part in anyone’s life….

Naira: so sammy this is my sister gayatri we call her gayu….(sammy n gayu shake hands)…n this is kartik …family frnd!!
[Kartik  got upset hearing this n said in mind only FRIEND!! ]

Naira n sammy kept on talking n kartik was overly jealous 

Kartik (in mind): i n naira r frnds like tht n now who this sammy thinks he is m just to fed up!!

Finally  they go to board the flight

Naira:bye sammy it was so nyc to meet u …(naira side hugs sammy)….give me ur no. Yr n take mine …call me ..n do tell me if u ever come to india

Sammy: sure…yr bye will miss u

(They exchanged thier no.)

Kartik (in mind): thnk u krishna ji ..finally u sent away this sammy!!

Naira: mumma our seats r together or r  different..

Akshara: beta it is different  different n only my n naitik’s seats  r together but if u girls wish to take u can sit together!

[No one knew on which seat kartik waa sitting as his boardibg pass was with him]

Gayu n naira together: no no its ok

Gayu: mami u both have met aftr so long so u both sit together☺

They all go n get seated….

Naira was sitting peacefully she didnt had the window seat…
Naira (in mind): arrey yr…now i will have to reauest the person sitting  nect to me to excgange seats with me as i want a window seat! Iss kartik  ne bhi na …pata nhi kahan kahan seat le liya (this kartik  took seat nos
 In so odd way!!)

Suddenly  kartik appeared
Kartik: apke seva mein i m there …so tell me eat is ur samasya (problem )….

Naira: nothing …its just tht u took very different n odd seats!

Kartik : no i havent coz i have a surprise for u

Naira looks curiously 

Karthik: madam will u get side coz my seat is tht that window one….

Naira:(first smiles but then remembers the morning incident n acts cold) wat ….ok go sit

Kaira finally sat n then kartik held naira’s hand n brought  it towards his heart 

Kartik:naira can u feel how fast my heart is beating….it is always this fast wen m near to u …sorry i got angry today but tht was wat of concern ..i cant even bear a single scratch on my gf ..not even by u!! So take care…my intention was never to hurt u i can never think of hurt u …u know tht ryt!!(getting all teary eyed)

Naira:idk (still being upset)

kartik: ohh really …(tears run down his  eyes n he lets go her hand )….its ok i understand tht we have not yet understood each other spclly u havent ….its ok not ur fault …(he looks out of the window)

naira:(tears shed out seeing kartik) m sorry  …ik u can never hurt me ever …n m sorry i got angry on morning’s scene …but u know ur gf na how she gets moody n angry on unnecessary  things ..so forgive her n pakka i will take care of myself ..plz smile now 
(Naira holds kartik’s hand places it near her heart )…kartik can u feel my heart beat even my heart beats fast wen u r near me…

Kartik looks at her n says u r also crying first u stop crying n smile then i will 

Naira says no u first…then finally kartik says ok then together ok 1 2 3 

They both smile n wipe each others tear away n kartik takes naira’s hand n kisses it …naira blushes ..then naira does the same…

Kartik (in mind): wow our first fight aftr being gf n bf

Naira: oye where r u lost??….wait let me guess  u r thinking na ki this  is our first  fight aftr being gf and bf…

Kartik: wow how did u know …!!

Naira: coz i know u very well n continue to know u more n more

Kaira together: always n forever??

Kaira smiled at each other 

The flight  then prepares to take off 

The airhostess  gives instructions n stuff 

Kartik  was seeing tht …naira noticed it n said excuse me i think u have a gf n u can notice her too ….

Kartik: (smilingly) arrey gf will always be with me but this beautiful  airhostess cant be seen always ..so y leave the opportunity…?

Naira: achcha ….gud then coz tht foriegn guy in side row looks like a Hollywood  actor ..n now i can keep on looking at him …thnk u kartik!!

Kartik  (gets jealous): where  where….n y will u look at him ..m here na …n yr u know na i was kidding …

Naira: kartik chill …i was just kidding!!!

They both have a gr8 laugh together

Someone is still  noticing them from far

Gayu scene

Beside  gayu a guy ..young gentleman sits….
Guy: hello miss m vivan sharma …u?

[Guyz i m bringing vivan as gayu’s lover  but not as it was shown in yrkkh…m bringing him  as a stranger who falls in love with gayu ..coz i really liked vivan  n gayu as a couple]

gayu: hello i am gayatri …

vivan: so u live in udaipur

Gayu: yes u?

Vivan: yes me too…(n tells the address )

Gayu: ohh so u r seema aunty’s( neighbour of singhanias) relative

vivan: yes m her son… how do u know my mother? 

Gayu: actually i live next to ur house in singhania mansion 

Vivan: ohh ok …actually i have a meeting with the singhanias for some jwellery design stuff ..so its ur family business?

Gayu: yes…so r u comming to udaipur just for the meeting?

Vivan: no no actually this tym permenantly  as my dad needs my help in udaipur now…we have business of jwellery designing mainly…earlier we have had  many collaborations with ur company too! This tym its imp as i have heard a new really well qualified designer is present n we would love to start a project with singhanias having this kind of talent…she recently  has won some competion in switzerland  too

Gayu smiles hearing this n says thts me

Vivan says ohh wow congrates wat a coincidence…

Gayu excuses  herself to go to see naira

Kaira scene

Kaira has fallen  asleep …naira kept  his head on kartik’s shoulder n then kartik kept his head on top of naira’s ?

Gayu came n saw …she felt hurt but then ignored the negative thoughts n made herself believe tht they must have been tired so they just slept n they r close frnds so its ok ..n goes back to her seat…

Precape: the group reaches udaipur…someone still following kaira…kaira in one car n gayu akshara  n naitik in other car..suddenly the second car stopped!!!

Guyz i hope u r liking the episodes…do comment!!…more twists on the way …today i showed a bit of gayu as i had to bring in vivan as a character ..but will  do more justice to kaira in next for sure….?

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  1. Dear trust me this episode beats ur previous ones it had all emotions jealousy anger esp naira is back and love care brought a smile
    Good hood bring in twists interesting dear

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      Thnk u so much ….it felt such a relief aftr hearing this …?

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  3. Its totally superb, full of suspense and romance and nok jhoks.
    Just waiting for next

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      Thnks a lot namrata …its the expectation of my readers tht help me rise n write more…keep reading n commenting! ?

  4. Hales

    A very very happy diwali to all my readers ..hope this diwali bring u a lot of happiness n success…and readers its all thnx to u tht u read and comment..this motivates me to stand up to ur expectations n write …luv u guyz so keep reading commenting n enjoying! ??

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  6. I think You are a perfect writer with all skills of dialogues and story writting.

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      Thnk u so so so so….much this statements means a lot to me?? ….m glad u feel lyk this about me n my writing….i hope i avoid disappointing u readers in future ??

  7. Anyan

    You wrote so well.
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