Kaira love story (episode 39)

Hello guyz some of the highlights  of 12th jan ..which is  a emmense pleasure for all kaira /yrkkh fans were-

1. Yrkkh Completing 8 yrs

2.yrkkh being no. 1 among star plus shows accrding  to star rating! Trp increased by 0.5 as compared to last week so gr8 going veiwers

3.Bhavna Vyas ma’am  (writer yrrkh) confirmed tht kaira wedding will happen in a palace of rajasthan it has been finalised!

4.Kaira engagment finally done ..the rings were exchanged

5.shivangi and mohsin posted a selfi together on instagram

Congrats everyone! I hope u have enjoyed all these 5 beautiful events!!??


Aftr naitik disconnects the call ..he shares the news tht goenkas  invited them to dinner as to know each other n to discuss about functions 

Kaira get happy!

Kartik takes leave …

Naira is deciding on her clothes to wear to dinner..she is very confused

Naira calls kartik

Kartik: hello

Naira: aaj only hello ..koi h kya aas pass

Kartik: hmm

Actually kartik is laying down with his head rested on suwarna’s lap! 

Naira: ok yes or no mein tell me ..wat should i wear ..m very confused

Suwarna hears this n asks kartik to give the phone to her

Kartik: naira wait ..take mom will talk to u

Naira:but karti..

Suwarna: hello naira beta

Naira:namaste aunty ..woh

Suwarna: dress na? Listen we dont have any such restriction u can wear jeans or u can wear indian attire ..we r totally fine with it! So dont worry ok beta

Naira: thank u so much aunty! Apne meri tension door kardi

Naira n suwarna smile  n then disconnect the call

Kartik gets happy seeing their bond 

Akshara was observing this …she smiles ..she comes to naira 

Akshara: achcha toh abhi se sasu maa ki advice  lena shuru …

Naira: kya mumma aap bhi na!

In goenka  villa

Surekha n suhasini in one room

Surekha:maa ji y did u say yes to this proposal 

Suhasini: surekha i have done this aftr lot of thinking only

Surekha: thinking of wat? If this continues then..

Suhasini: surekha dont tell me wat to do …i know wat m doing ..u just wait n watch..again our tym will come back to us tht too soon

At 6pm

in sighania house

Everyone  is ready n leaves for goenka villa..
They reach the goenkas ….

Manish suwarna n dadi welcum them

They all greet each other
All the youngsters gather up in garden area …just then kartik comes there…

Kartik looks at naira n gives a flying kiss
Naira smiles n blushes..

Manish asks keerti to show the house to  singhanias(gayu naira n all)

As all the youngsters  go ..they see everyone’s room n then it was turn to see kartik’s room

Kartik  whispers to naira …ready naira to see ur future  room 

Naira:yes ..i hope tumne room ka haal mendhak ke ghar ki tarah  nhi rakha hoga…

Kartik:agar rakha bhi hoga toh tum  aogi na sab theek kardena?

Kaira smile

kaira enter the room naira was so mesmerised by the beauty  of the room …she could imagine all moment with kartik

Kartik whispers naira kaha kho gyi? Hunare romance ke khayalo mein? …

Naira blushes …kartik smiles

Kartik: mere saath bhi hota h ..maine toh  kya kya sapne dekhe h hum dono ke …waise if u want aaj hi yahan ek do pure kar de

Naira: shut up mendhak hadd mein raho nhi toh 

Kartik: nhi toh kya madam!? Aaj toh situation mere favour mein h ..ye ghar mera h …aur ye room bhi n tum bhi sirf meri ho …so sabpe hak mera h !

Naira:i will…

Naira gets interrupted wen suwarna calls everyone to come down

Everyone comes to hall 

Suhasini: kittu ..naira ..humne tum dono ki shaadi ki date fix kar di 

Kaira look at each other with mixed feeling

Suhasini: date next month ki h ….lekin engagemnt as decided parso h subah ..as shaam ko naira ki behen ki sangeet h

Kartik whispers to naira ..naira 1 month ab wait nhi ho rha 

Naira whispers ….only 1 month mein sab kuch!

Kaira touch everyone’s  feet n everyone gives them blessings..

Naira is the only one who took blessing  from manish as kartik refused to touch his feet

Everyone head  towards eating dinner …they all were disscussing about the wedding while kaira were busy staring at each other

Later the singhanias were going to leave

Naira seemed a little worried 
Kartik comes to her no one notices as everyone  is busy

Kartik: naira no matter wat i will stay the way i am with u m….n u will also stay as u r…just the thing tht will change is me n u together  24×7

Kartik winks n naira smiles

Suwarna comes n asks kartik to talk tht important thing  with naitik ji now only

Kartik agrees n goes ..naira wonders wat is the imp thing

Suwarna: naira r u free tomorrow  at 12 noon

Naira: yes aunty i am

Suwarna: ok then …lets meet up at bolly coffee shop ..at 12 noon ..u n me ..wats say?

Naira: yes sure aunty


Kartik comes to naitik  n tells sir i wanted to tell u about a imp decision i have made …actually my mom n my ma tht is my birth  mom wanted to see me work in Goenkas group of companies ….i was not ready even kal raat tak but then the way mom said i could not refuse …so sir

Naitik: beta m very happy  with ur decision…u should be helping ur dad in ur family business..i was very happy to have a employee like u …n m glad u took this decision …i hope u get more n more success in life all the best

Kartik: thnk u sir…but to be clear i m doing these for my mom n my ma!

Kartik angrily stares at manish 

Singhanias leave ….

Next day

Singhania mansion
At 8am

everyone is at breakfast table..

Akshara: gayu n naira today nani has asked u both to go to mehshwaris to check  out some jwellery she has …as she has very nyc n unique designs ..n if u like any then u can wear it day aftr yesterday for sagai n sangeet  or we will go to shop n buy

Gayu: ok mami we can go at 11am

Naira: no i cant 

Akshara: y naira …if u r not going coz of work at dance academy ..then plz postpon

Naira: mumma woh m going to coffee shop..

Tara: achcha toh kartik ke saath plans h…pehle kartik mehshwari  house mein tha toh wahan jane ke excited rehti thi n ab nhi h toh this..

Naira:nhi bhabhi not with kartik …m going to meet suwarna aunty ..

Naksh: waah abhi se sasu ma ki favourite banne ka irada h 

Naira: kya bhai 

Bhabhima: naira beta ..achche se ready hoke jane n jo puche soch samajh kar jawab dena ..

Akshara: gusse ko control mein rakhna 

Naira: haan haan ik ik ..i will manage

Naitik comes there ..naira goes n hugs her

Naitik: kya hua princess

Naira: papa dekho na sab mere piche pad gye h wen i said ki m going  to coffee shop to meet suwarna aunty

Naitik: aap sab kyun pad gye h iske piche ..meri princess sab handle kar degi 

naira: i just hope unka n mera relation bilkul mumma n bhabhi jaisa ya mumma n dadi jaisa ho

Tara: naira tumhara  n unka bond bohot spcl  n unique hoga for sure…just dont compare with any other relation  n put in ur part of effort dekhna sabse best bond ban jayega

Naira smiles

Meanwhile at goenkas

kartik comes ready for first day at goenka office

Dadi nazar utarti h 

Suwarna: kartik beta …mann laga ke kam karna u will get success surely!

Kartil smiles n all the men leave for work

Suwarna also gets ready to leave 

Surekha:bhabhi aap kahan jaa rhi ho?..aaj toh apki chutti h na

Suwarna: yes surekha  …woh mein naira se milne  jaa rhi hoon 

Suwarna smiles n leave

Aftr suwarna leaves n only suhasini n surekha r presnt

Surekha:maa ji dekha …kitni khush thi bhabhi …jaise saas banne ki baat suni h ye toh satwe aasman mein h

Suhasini:udne do jitna udna h …naira humare saath rehegi ..tab isko pata chalega

Surekha:woh kaise

Suhasini:abhi shaadi toh hone do

At coffee  shop

Naira:namaste aunty 

Naira bends to touch her feet

Suwarna: nhi nhi beta gale millo

They sit n order coffee

Suwarna:naira tum soch rhi hogi maine tumhe yahan kyun aise bulaya h …woh actually sorry but kal i heard a bit of ur n kartik’s talk jane ke 
waqt …i felt ki u r very scared about marriage n all …so let me make few things clear ..never consider me ur saas …m just another mother of urs…ik starting mein n bohot tym tak i might not know u well but we will soon have a strong bond…n dont feel like ki u will not be able to fulfil ur dreams of dance academy  or anything just coz u got married…in goenka  family everyone has a equal ryt to fulfile n chase his or her dreams ..similarly u chase ur dreams even aftr marriage we r with u

Naira:this means a lot aunty ..i hope mujhse koi galti na ho

Suwarna:ser naira new relation  shuru  hoga toh mistakes hogi ..but we should keep in mind ki the new relation we r entering involves people who will now start to know u …so give it some tym n let them understand u ..u also be frank n make ur self more open …every relation works on mutual understandings ..i m sure u will be a very nyc bahu n wife …n i just want to tell u tht in this journey kartik is oviously there with u …but other than him i n manish ji r also there with u …always..

Naira is all teary due to happiness

Naira: aunty  u dont know how much relife this conversation  gave me today! I think i really needed it ..thnks a lot for every thing even for saying tht u n uncle trust me n r with me

Suwarna:beta no need of thanks ik how it feels before marriage…u me kartik n manish ji r a team now …n we will make sure this new relation cherish n never goes in wrong direction

Naira  nods yes

They pay bill …they both leave to thier homes  aftr sharing a hug ?

Precap-kaira sagai comming closer
            -viyu n kaira romance

Guyz i hope u liked it .. i was planning to add some scnes from the show coz i really liked it ..spclly new new ways of romance n few other situations…do give me ur views on this would realky want to know!☺

lots of twists n turns r upcomming keep reading to know more!?

Do comment about how u felt about this episode n any suggestions r warmly welcumed 

Keep reading…commenting n keep on watching yrkkh at 9:30pm only on star plus like this tym we need more trp rise like this..we can n we will do it??

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