Kaira love story (episode 38)

Hello all..so  yesterday  for the first tym i uploaded not just one ..two ..but three episodes!! I was glad tht u all liked it! It was a yrkkh  bday spcl for u guyz!

As today is yrkkh ‘s happy birthday!yrkkh has completed  8 yrs n now 9 running!?❤?

Btw the suspense will get revealed in this episode…i hope u all like it?

link to my prev epi- http://www.tellyupdates.com/kaira-love-story-episode-37/

Naira crying 
Kartik: naira plz tell me how far have u gone this tym??

No one understands wats kartik is talking about

Kartik looks all tensed n teary eyed to naira…seeing this 

Naira:(still crying so in breaking voice) ma..rrie..d li..fe

Kartik n everyone felt a relief tht atleast she spoke

Kartik:hmm ..toh ye baat h …

Kartik cups naira’s face

Kartik: nothing will be changed ..u r still u ..u still have freedom to do wat u want ….no restrictions

Naira:but aftr marriage  anyways i will have to take care of the family first n then work

Kartik:naira no u dont have  to …u can still keep ur dance academy n dream as first priority …remmber this n even if u forget  i will make u remmber this! I love the way u r …even my mom likes u like  tht …so others will too

Naira:kartik…(cries)…y me …y did u love me? I have so many imperfectness…like so many …then how can u love  me

Kartik:shush!!! There cant be any question for y i love u ..coz there r infinitely many reasons …n those small ant like imperfectness …they r just like the daags on chand …my chand my moon naira….so stop asking  tht question y i loved u ..

Naira:see now also u have to struggle so much  handling me 

Kartik cuts in between n says and m ready to do it all my life …even for all my next janams!!

naira cries stands up n hugs kartik tightly

Seeing this n hearing their  convo all family members had tears in thier eyes to see such love

Kaira release the hug …kartik wipes naira’s tears..

Kartik:now never think of so far …think of the next happy moment ..n if u ever go tht far then promise me u will call me …dont cry n do like this …i cant see u like this..my eyes can not even see u like this ever again

Naira nods in a yes n says promise

Then naira turns to naitik standing just at the side ….naira notices the mixed feeling he has

Naira goes n hugs  him..

Naitik:till today i felt ki the mood swings  of my princess can be solved by me …n no one else in this world…but i forgot tht soon a prince charming will come n he must have this ability otherwise who will make her happy aftr marriage …m glad kartik has tht ability .. m glad Princess tht kartik is ur prince charming!

Naira:m sorry papa …i didnt respond u earlier ..n then responded to kartik ..u must

Naitik cuts naira’s sentence

Naitik:princess no need to be sorry …m very very happy kartik knows to cheer u up …

Naitik goes to kartik n says aaj se ye job se mein resign karta hoon ..n aaj se ye job tumhari ..ab tum decide karna how to cheer her up 

Naitik n kartik smile

Kartik:sir u r so expereinced …aap mujhe advice denge na iss job se related coz apko toh pata hoga hi na kitna difficult n dangerous job h ye 

Naira gets into  her form …

Naira:achcha m a difficult job for u now!

Everyone gets happy to see naira happy n back to form..

Everyone hugs kaira n goes out ..to continue with the preparations…

Atlast kaira were alone…

Kartik: haan toh miss rishikesh …aapko readons janne h y i want to marry u…so i wanna wake up to u n sleep seeing u …i wanna make us tym not only 2 or 4 hrs but 24 hrs a day ….i wanna kiss u ….n most importantly i wanna show u how much i love u by making love  to u …i really love u naira…nothing can change tht ever! Even agar u want to leave me n go i wont let u!! I love u always n forever remmber!!

Naira:yeah always n forever i luve u ..i luv u so much …

They hug

Aftr a while …

Kartik (still hugging naira):waise tumhare liye toh ye door toh tpd diya naksh ne ..ab shaadi ke baad yahan ayenge toh romance kaise hoga…thoda toh sochti humare  romance ke bare mein!

Naira releases the hug

Naira:sirf romance hi dikhta h na tumhe …waise romance toh tumhare room mein hoga na …tab tak ye door bhi fix ho jayega

Kartik:achcha …aur shaadi se pehle wale romance ka kya?..mein jab window se aunga n tumhe kisd karunga ..tab

Naira:toh woh sab ab nhi hoga 

Kartik:haww thts not fair!! Mujhe woh sab chahiye (kartik makes a baby face)

Kaira laugh 

Just then naksh tara  enter the room ..with one hand they have closed thier eyes…

Nakshtara:knock knock 

Kaira smile n says plz come in..

Naksh:ab door nhi h toh new style  of knock knock

Kaira smile

Naksh:achcha naira …woh door repair walo se papa ne baat kar li …

Kaira gets happy n look at each other

Naksh:phir maine bola ..door ki kya zarurat h ..waise  bhi aftr few days u will go to ur sasural n tab tak agar  door  nhi hoga toh tu humesha  eyes ke samne rehegi …so theek h na?

Kaira (sternly):no!!

Nakshtara laugh  seeing this 

Tara:dont worry aaj new year h ..toh kal 3 hrs mein subah repair ho jayega ..now chalo sab ma is calling everyone to eat …as naira ne subah se kuch nhi khaya h

Everyone is at dinning table ..giving food to kaira …

Kartik:bass bass ..plz itni  formality mat kijiye..m still apka apna kartik

Devyani:kartik ab toh u r the damad of this house! Aap aur kya lenge damad ji

Kartik:plz plz ye aap n all nhi n no damad ji plz ..kartik hi sahi hoon

Naitik:kartik mujhe bhi pehle ye odd laga tha wen i got married …but dhere dhere adat pad gyi ..coz maine bhi request ki but koi ni mana

Naksh:sahi kaha apna papa …maine bhi tara ke dada ji n brothers ko itni baat kaha ki plz tum se hi refer kijiye ..lekin woh log sunte hi nhi h

Kartik:lekin aapko meri baat sunna padega!! Nhi toh nhi toh mein yaha nhi aunga 

Everyone worries

Naksh(teasingly):ok kartik ur wish …waise bhi yahan ane ka koi fayda nhi h 

Kartik realises wat he said n again says mera matlab shaadi ke baad nhi  aunga …abhi toh aunga 

Everyone laughs 

Akshara:now eat ..food thanda hp jayega

Naira:mumma mujhe sach mein bhul nhi h abhi..wo..

Wen naira opens her mouth kartik feeds her 

Naira with a mouth filled with food looks at kartik angrily

Everyone laughs

Kartik:gussa  karna h toh karo! But mein tumhe khilaunga …tumhe khana hoga

Kaira feed each other

Suddenly naitik’s phone rings

Phone convo-

Naitik:hello radhekrishna manish ji!! Happy new year

(Hearing tht manish had called  kartik gets irritated but naira makes him cool down)

Manish:namaste …happy new year! woh humne kartik ke dadi se baat kar li engagemnt  ke liye n she is happy with the  alliance  ..she wants all of u to come to goenka villa tonight  for dinner…so tht both families know each other n we will discuss about functions n set the dates  too

Naitik:tonight for dinner (everyone in singhania family says ok by signning him)…ok we would love to! 

Manish:see you  all in the evening then at 7pm

Naitik:ok 7 pm

Precap-dadi n surekha discuss something 
            -singhanias go to goenka villa

I hope u liked the suspense n how it opened lots of twists n turns r comming up so keep reading…guyz do comment would love to know ur reviews n suggestion

To be honest i introduced this track coz i always have a picture in mind tht daughters r very close to thier dads n we  they go to in laws …everyone cry n express thier feeling but dads they r the one who r concerned  till the very last minute tht aftr  marriage who will support her like he did as a dad!

So guyz do comment!

Keep reading …commenting n keep watching yrkkh on stat plus at 9:30 pm ☺

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