Kaira love story (episode 36)

Hello!guyz few things i wanted to tell u is 
1. Viyu have become very  nyc frnds n r more comfortable with each other than before 

2. Gayu is   ok n has accepted kaira as a couple


So in party

Next couple who have to say wat they have never done is …viyu

Viyu look at each other n whisper n talk 

Vivan: kya bole hum?

Gayu: humne toh bohot  kuch  nhi kiya h

Vivan: ohh r u complaining! Abhi ho jayega if u want 

Viyu blush n smile 

Naksh who is sitting beside them says guyz ho gya romance to game ki taraf dhyaan do

Viyu smile n decide on a thing

They say never have they ever done lip kiss

Viyu  blush as nakshtara n kaira look at them teasingly

Naksh: arrey dont be sad …soon shaadi hone hi wali h ..uske baad

Gayu: kya bhaiya 

Naksh: arrey u r not alone …kartik naira bhi isi category mein ate h !

Hearing this kaira get a bit  tensed  coz they have lip kissed many times  now

So game starts …many couple there kiss ..then nakshtara also kiss 

Next round was going  to start just then announcer says wait ..one couple is left …

He points towards kaira

Naksh n tara n everyone look at them 

Kaira look at each other

Naira whispers to kartik …mendhak lets do it coz i dont wanna get out of the  game n truth is we have done this ..so wats the big deal

Kartik: but naksh

Naira: its ok

Then kaira kiss each other on lips!

Naksh tara n viyu r surprised

Naksh: kartik naira ..tum dono ne bhi!!

Naira: yes bhai but plz dont be angry 

Naira  makes a cute face

Tara also gives a man jao plz look to naksh 

Naksh: hmm …toh tum dono se control nhi hota ..i see

Naksh starts laughing 

The three couples  laugh

Gayu: naira i think humse pehle toh tumhari n kartik ki hi shaadi ho jani chahiye!

Kaira blushes

The  next round starts….

Announcer: for next round i will give u all a situation  … so the situation is …never have i ever made out with my partner… if any couple have then just be honest n take the sip n make a passionate kiss!

Vivan slowly tells kaira 

Vivan: kartik kahin isme bhi sip nhi loge!

Kaira laugh ..

Kartik: nhi abhi tak itni achchi nhi hui h kismat

Naira pokes kartik to stop ..n they blush

Viyu n nakshtara laugh

So all the couple are out as they havent …n then kaira r also  out 

Gayu: naira thnk god! Mujhe  laga iss baar bhi tum log game mein raho ge kya pata

Naira: gayu di

Naira blushes 

Naksh n tara take a sip n passionately kiss ..

Naksh: waise  toh himme kiss karne ki zarurat  nhi see (points towards the baby bump) this is the proof 

Tara blushes 

Everyone  smile n laugh

kartik slowly  comes to naira n whispers next tym aise situation mein hum har na jaye isliye do u wanna do the solution to not loose?

Naira looks at kartik ..kartik winks at her

Naira: oye mendhak jyada phudkne(jump) ki zarurat nhi h …jab jo hona hoga tab hi hoga..

Kaira smile

Announcer: so our winner is ….Mr. and Mrs Naksh singhinia

Everyone clap …

Nakshtara go on the stage n get the prize ..

The three couples are dancing n enjoying..

Just then tara waves at someone

Another couple came ….

Tara: hi shelly!

Shelly: tara hi!! How r u?

Tara: m good ..u tell

Shelly: m also good …m here with my husband …meet hin he is my husband varun

Tara: hello!

Varun: hi

Tara: meet my husband ..naksh

Naksh: hello 

Varun n shelly: hi! 

Tara: i have come with my husband ..my sister in laws n their fiancees

Shelly: ohh nyc yr

Everyone  meet each other 

Kartik goes to washroom  …viyu r busy talking to each other … naksh n varun are talking about business n stuff

Naira was listening to  tara n  shelly’s convo

Shelly: tara yr! Shaadi ke baad every thing was so changed for me ..i mean my family n inlaws r very supportive but changes still come

Tara: woh toh h hi ..changes ati h 

Shelly: some r good like u have many ppl …a new family n a life partner to share things with but some effects r not pleasing  …kitna bhi freedom ho there r few things u cant do ..like mujhe freedom h to do my job n all ..but kuch restrictions reh jati h ..i have to look at my family first though they dont ask for it lekin tab bhi! 

Tara: hmm ..i m happy with my married life ..changes is must so uske piche sad hone se lya fayda …i hope hum aise hi milte rhe ..tu apne shaadi le baad dikhi hi nhi !

Shelly: haan yr full busy work  n house ..dono!

Shelly gets a call from home…she gets little sad ..n ends the call

Tara: is everything ok?

Shelly: yeah woh my mother in law is not feeling well n is all alone ..as my father in law has gone out for a meeting  ..so i think i n varun have to return

Tara: aww take care …bye ..happy new year in advance 

Shelly: same to u tara! 

They hug 

Shelly n varun leave 

Kartik returns n says guyz only few more minutes left for new year to begin …a very spcl year for me

Kartik winks at naira

Naira is lost in her thoughts

Kartik : naira u ok?

Naira: yes yes m good! 

Its new year finally!! Everyone wishes 

Naksh gives tara a small kiss on her cheeks

Kartik n naira share a lip kiss

Vivan n gayu wish normally …but vivan wanted to wish in a more romantic  way bit stopped  as he thought it might be not  ok with gayu…to his suprise gayu wishes vivan by kissing his cheek!..

Vivan is surprised

Vivan: wow! Never saw tht comming..pehle pata hota mein kab ka karta 

Gayu smiles 

Vivan also gives gayu a kiss on her cheek 

Viyu smile 

 Just then tara holds her tummy ..

Naksh notices  n asks wat happened  tara

Tara takes naksh’s hand  n puts on her tummy

Naksh: wat was tht? Omg!! Is tht a …

Tara: a kick!

Naksh n tara exclaim with joy ..

viyu n kaira also congratulate them 

Naira  n gayu keep their hands on tara’s tummy n feel the kick n felt amazing

Kartik gives a hug to naksh to congratulate him

Tara notices tht kartik  n  vivan also want to feel the kick but are shy 

Tara: kartik vivan ..dont feel shy m more like ur sister ..rather than  bhabhi  ..u can feel the kick of ur bhatija or bhatiji! 

Kartik n vivan get happy n feel the kick

Kartik: wow yr! Naksh be ready …the baby is a nyc kicker! Bohot windows tutne wale h ab toh!

Naksh: haha kartik! I dont mind at all …jo todna h tode … chahe windows tode mere tarah football  se ya hockey se kisi  aur ko like their mumma ..coz uske parents na dono  kar rakha h! 

Everyone  laugh n enjoy

Precap-evryone is preparing for kaira                                engagemnt  n viyu sangeet
             -everyone is tensed in singhania                           mansion ..
             -someone is very upset  

Keep reading guyz to know y is everyone tensed ..n who is tht someone n y is tht someone upset 

Guyz m more focusing  on kaira n viyu n nakshtara ryt now ..not kartik ki dadi ..as i feel  the story needs more of the couples n families rather than dadi drama

Plz do comment i have written a big episode  n also this is my second  one today! I hope u r liking it…

Keep reading …commenting n watchibg yrkkh at 9:30 only at star plus ?

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