Kaira love story (episode 35)

Hii everyone …did u enjoy  yesterday’s  kaira engagemnt  epi …n guyyz do tell me in comment about ur theories  about y mansi reacted like panicked n tensed wen she saw akshara’s pic..would love to know ur theories?

Kaira sleep thinking about each other …

Manish n suwarna think how to tell suhasini about kaira marraige ..

Manish: mujhe singhanias bohot achche lage ..so i think maa ko bhi koi problem nhi hogi

Suwarna: lekin mujhe lagta h hogi ..coz she wanted to select a girl for kartik ..n ab ye

Manish: see unke hisab se toh keerti n aditya ki jodi perfect thi …n unke accrding keerti ka fault h uske divorce mein ..so isliye achcha hua kartik selected a girl lyk naira …saalo pehle jo galti  ki thi maine iss baar nhi karunga..kuch bhi m with my beta 

Suwarna keeps her hands on manish’s shoulder …n says yes manish ji …naira ek bohot achchi ladki h ..woh sab theek kar degi

Next morning

Singhania house ..

Tara comes to naira

Tara: meri  pyari sister in law

Naira: yes my lovely bhabhi…kya hua bolo

Tara: wanna go shopping aaj raat ke party ke liye i need to buy few things n soclly a maternity dress suited for party ..u also buy something  mast sa!!

Naira: no bhabhi i dont want to buy ..but will accompany u surely!

Tara: naira kya hua h?

Naira: kuch nhi …woh kartik  is not comming  tonight for the club thing

Tara: wat? Y? 

Naira: he has to go  to some mandir with his dadi ..

Tara: suddenly!? ….waise u toh comming na ..plz ab dont say tht u r also  not comming..

Naira: hmm ..m not feeling lyk going

Tara: oye   leave this feeling n all u r comming  with us ..no option ok! Its ok kartik nhi hoga hum sab toh honge na ..so u need to come

Naira: ok bhabhi i will ..u r ryt y will i spoil my new year’s eve ..

Tara: thts the spirirt

At Evening 7pm

Naksh: gayu tara n naira come  fast! …n gayy did u call vivan or should i call 

Gayu: bhai i did call him ..but u also try once

Akshara: duggu ..listen take care of everyone spclly tara …dont let her even take water from tht club coz pata nhi who would have mixed wat ..so thts y i have asked tara to put a little water bottle thing in her bag

Naksh: maa chill karo ..i will handle …aap sab aaram karo

Naitik: aaram kya abhi toh do do betiyon ki shaadi preps start 

They all smiled

Vivan enters ..

Naksh: arrey vivan u came ..bit where r ur brother n sister kritika

Vivan: they went back to delhi yesterday  ..they will return  aftr finsihing some of thier work there

Naksh: ok ..dekho na ye ladkiyan ..they r not comming

Just then gayu naira n tara come down the stairs..

Vivan is mesmerized  by gayu’s look ..a knee lenght black color drees ..open hair

Naksh: adores tara’s long baby pink colour dress 

Naira is just in kartik’s thought ..n thinks mendhak ne ek baar call bhi nhi kiya 

Vivan gayu naksh n tara leave ..while naira was checking  her phone’s  signal ..naira sees no one is here so she rushes to the  main gate  ..but car had left

Naira: aaj ke din sabne hi mujhe dhoka diya ab mein kya karun ab

Naira had come a little out of the singhania mansion main gate…just then someone covers naira’s mouth n drags her in a particular direction…

Naira tries to shout but is unable to ..so she tries n bites the hand covering  her mouth…

Tht person cried ouch!!

Naira  thought to hear a similar voice …naira turns around n sees its none other than kartik

Naira exclaims!

Naira: kartik  u??  

Kartik: yes ..sherni ..aaj prove kar hi diya na u r a sherni ..jo mujhe khana chahti h!

Naira laughs 

Kartik: haw u r laugjing!!tumhare  liye yaha  aya hoon n tum ho ki..

Naira: aww sorry ..

Naira tightly hugs kartik

Naira: waise way did h tell dadi?

Kartik: nothing  ..just mom handled it ..n mr. Goenka took her

Naira:ok..so abhi ka kya plan h?

Kartik: kya plan  h ..chalte h clubbing 

Naira: but they left 

Kartik: so kya hua ..m here only n i have a bike n its not 12 yet so we can go !

Naira: ok 

Kaira go to club 

Tara: look who is here !!

Naksh: wow kartik ..nhi rhe paye n naira ke bina

Kartik blushes 

Naira: so kya karne ka plan h …n where us gayu di n vivan  jiju

Naksh: they went on dance floor 

Just then viyu join them ..

Vivan: hello kartik ..  i heard ki ur n naira ki engagment  humari sangeet ke din hi hi rha h na!

Kartik: yes

Vivan: congrates 

Kartik: thanks

The club announces a game – never have i ever in which a group of ppl say the things they havnt done ..n then the ppl who have done will take take a sip of any kind of drink n  those who havnt done t just sit like tht

The club announcer also says tht there is a twist in the game … ppl who have done the thing ..will not only take sip but do tht thing as far as it is possible 

Kaira nakshtara viyu all three couples r super excited!!

The game starts a girl says never have i ever said i love u with full feeling

Nakshtara goes first 

Naksh: i luv u wifey ..so so much

Tara: i luv u too  my dear hubby!!

Everyone claps

Now kaira

kartik: naira i luv u and always 

Naira: luv u too mendhak alwyas n forever!

Viyu’s turn

Vivan whispers we never said we have never said i luv u so ..

Gayu: its ok ..i luv  this game …so lets go with the flow..

Vivan agres … n says .i luv u  gayu!

Gayu: i luv  u too!

Viyu blush 

Everyone claps

Precap- more games for couples 
             – new year is here!
            – kaira engagemnt n viyu sangeet preparations! 

I hope u liked this epi!! Plz do comment  n share ur views!?

Next episode  bhi mast masti of new year..

Thnks for all ur supprt. N love ❤

This tym with ur reviews n suggestions also comment about ur logics n theories on wat do u think is the mattrr of mansi in the real show …☺

Keep reading …commenting.. n keep wtching yrkkh coz kaira wedsing is here nwe meed to make it a no. 1 show!!?

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    1. Hales

      Thnk u ☺

  1. Vinni05

    Awesome just loved it waiting for next part

    1. Hales

      Thnk u ..next part i have submitted ..soon telly updates will post it?

  2. AnikaSaini

    It was fab yaar….??… post next one asap

    Hmmm..cmg to yrkkh as far as I think mansi has some relation with akshara’s death …let’s see ….Nd yesterday’s episode was??…

    1. Hales

      Thnk u so much ..next part i have submitted ..soon telly updates will post it?

      Waise i also feel tht only about mansi ..or maybe mansi had a chance to save akshara but due to some reason she couldn’t ..so isiliye she blames herself ..lets see

  3. Vrushy

    Such a cute update. Loved kaira !!
    Please get them.engaged fast, can’t wait more for them to be together.
    As for Yrkkh I think mansi has either killed akshara or Karthik’s real mom. She must have been involved in one of these acciedents !!

    1. Hales

      Thnk u so much vrushy☺..

      For mansi thing ..Yeah tht is possible..or maybe mansi had a chance to save akshara but due to some reason she couldn’t ..so isiliye she blames herself ..lets see?

  4. Fenil

    awesome update…

    i don’t think so mansi was involved in akshara case becoz she was in boarding…..but yaa it was possible in the case of karthik’s mom case….

    1. Hales

      Thnx ☺

      The mansi thing maybe its tht only ..i just wonder was mansi even born wen kartik’s real mom died?..

      1. Fenil

        ooo..yaa it was also question……but if she was born then it was similar situation as pyar ka dard hai…Adi killed dadi mistakenly….may be

    2. Hales

      Yeah i thought the same thing! Mere bhi dimaag mein yehi aya kahin kartik se kuch bachpana mein hua toh nhi!?….but just now bhavna ma’am hinted ki ak related hoga kuch!

      1. Fenil

        ohhh…so just wait & watch.

  5. Good!!

  6. You write very nicely than all the others
    Love your ff ah lot

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