Kaira love story (episode 33)

M so so glad tht u all liked the major turning episode!!  Last episode  i tried something very diff from actual yrkkh line n m happy with all ur responses.. thnk u so much guyz!!☺
There r lot many twists n sweet kaira moments comming up!!

Trp for this week is 2.9 …it has fallen by 0.1 …hopefully we will see increase in trp soon as kaira ki grand n royal wedding is upcomming ..preparations for which has already begun!! So lets hope for the best n keep watching yrkkh on tv to increase the trp ?

Mehshwari’s come home from jaipur …

On ther side even naira gayu akshara n mishti reach home aftr shopping…

Mehshwari house

Kartik comes to everyone  n says i want to tell u all n the singhanias something very imp!

Everyone says is everything  ok? Is there any problem?

Kartik: no no problem but i wanted to tell both of the families  who mean everything to me a very imp decision 

Kuhu connects  video chat with singhanias …they greet each other

Kartik: rashekrishna! U all have given me so much love n care tht i can never forget in my life …thts  y i wanted to share one of my big decision with  u all first

Naira is surprised  tht wat is his decision 

Kartik: u all never asked me about my family n stuff n accepeted me as it is …actually there was a big tragedy between me n my family due to which i had ran away from home n was also asked to never return by my dad…

Kartik tells the whole story about rishta getting fixed by his mamu doing brainwash n all

Everyone is shocked 

Akshara: beta itna sab kuch ho gya u never shared! U handled all those feelings all alone

Kartik: ma’am  past few months se even naira naksh n tara bhabhi have become  my support system ..its because  of them only today i got the courage to share this with u all.. spclly aftr wat naira did last night

Kartik tells about last night n today morning

Rajshri: toh beta kya socha h? 

Kartik: i was very confused ..n i was thinking for the whole day n i have concluded ki…i wll not stay….away from my mom …i have hurt her very much in these 6 months not anymore!

Everyone gets glad n naira smiles with joy

Kartik: i also want  to tell u tht if manish goenka my dad does anything like this again i wont spare him ..n i will have to take a strong decision maybe to leave goenka villa again ..i hope u all understand 

Naitik: beta we understand …ny advice to u is be calm n ynderstand things properly…n we all r always with u …

Kartik: thnk u sir it means a lot to me …

Kartik goes to rajshri n says rajshri aunty i will be leaving  tomorrow in aftrnoon 

Rajshri gets teary n says mera raja beta will go from my anagan! Dont forget me!

Kartik: kabhi ni !! I cant forget u for my whole lyf ..thnk u for everything

Rajshri: achcha family kehte ho n thnk u bhi!!

Kartik smiles

Kartik greets bye to sibghanias n sees naira giving a flying kiss  to him without getting noticed …n he just smiles 

At night 

Kaira talk on face time

Naira: i love u so much

Kartik: luv u too naira 

Naira: m so happy u decided  to back n live with ur family

Kartik: achcha matlab u wanted to get rid of me!! So tht i would leave ur nani ka ghar n then again everyone will give u attention

Kartik makes a acting wala angry face

Naira: arrey yr  …mera secret plan pata chal gya tumhe!!

Kaira laugh!!

Naira: i will miss u

Kartik: ohh hello madam mein udaipur mein rehunga!!

Naira: i know but ab se u will be busy with ur family …which m really happy ki u will bond with ur family…n m ready for less us tym 

Kartik: hey bhagwan ye kya!!!

Naira (panicks): wat happened

Kartik: meri hyper si miss rishikesh itni understanding!!!

Naira (takes a deep breath): uff u scared me!!..i thought  koi tension ki baat h

Kartik: tension ki baat toh h …my miss rishkesh is missing … pata nhi kisine kidnap  toh nhi kar dia

Naira:kidnap aur woh bhu naira singhania ko!! Haath toh laga ke dikhaye koi …maar maar halwa bana dungi …koi bhi na naira singhania ko na uske family ko haath laga sakta h

Kartik: arrey waah my sherni my miss rishikesh  is back in form…waise agar kou mujhe haath lagai toh

Naira: haath toh laga ke dikhai koi mere MAAL ko tab dekhti ho!!

Kartik: haye!! Tumhare iss ada pe toh deewane h 

Naira blushes

Kartik: waise on a serious note u better keep in ur mind ki no matter how busy i get …i will always have time for u n for our romance!!

Naira: itne baade baade wade na karo ..ab soon pata lag jayega! 

Kartik: dekh lena tum

Just then mishti comes

Mishti: hello bff!!

Kartik: hello pretty lady!!

Mishti: all the best bff for ur new journey …jaise we all love u n u love all of us ..waise hi even  ur family will love u n u will also start loving them…bass dont forget us n spclly me!! Will miss u

Kartik: aww mishti!! Meri pretty lady itni badi kabse ho gyi! Luv u mishti n u dont have to miss me coz i will come to meet u n ur chatter box di every day

Naira gives a angry look on hearing chatter box

Mishti smiles

Naira: achcha mein chatter box…toh tum idiot box ho!!

Kartik claps like he did in serial ..clapping the way shivangi claps in real

Kartik: joke of the year!! Hasna tha

Naira: bas bass …achcha year se yaad aya new year ane wala h ..kya plans h ..i was thinking to celebrate new year’s eve together as all couples decided to go clubbing like bhai bhabhi ..yash bhaiya n rose bhabhi gayu di n vivan jiju…so r u in?

Kartik: ok chalte h mazze ayenge!

Naira: yay! 4 days more!!! Waise kal u r going  to goenka  villa ..did u inform aunty or kirti!?

Kartik: no abhi nhi kiya call …kal karunga

Naira: ok m too sleepy …gud nite take care kartik …luv u so so much!!

Kartik: good nite ms. Rishikesh  luv u too!!!

Kaira go to sleep

 Precap: -kartik enters  goenka villa n                                  everyone’s reaction
            – New  year’s eve party every couple is                  excited
             – Naira is sad!

Guyz i will be posting the next episode by tonight or max to max tomorrow morning! Next one will be fun filled n emotional 

Guyz a important announcement is tht i have my physics  pre boards on 9 th jan …n on 7th i have my toefel exam…n 8th i have my NID entrance exam …so many exams comming up so i would be posting episode  35 aftr monday!!

I hope u guyz would understand …keep supporting my ff . Luv u all❤?

Do tell me how did u felt about today’s episode i tried to give a long kaira scene…i hope u have enjoyed  it

Keep reading .. commenting n watching yrkkh at 9:30 pm on star plus ?☺

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  1. Anyan

    In 1 word
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      Thnk u ☺

  2. Vrushy

    Really great update. Thank god Karthik agreed to go to goenka villa !! Happy for him. But why is Naira sad in precap ?!!
    All the best for your exams !! I know you would rock it. Do well.
    Ps : I really wanted to ask you, why don’t you comment on the written episode page. Do comment on it.

    1. Hales

      Thnk u so much vrushy….keep reading to know y naira is sad ….ok ur plint noted i will try to comment on written episode page …i never had to read the written episode thing asi see the episode so isiliye maine kabhi comment nhi kiya tha! ☺

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  4. Today’s episode was awesome really love kaira’s conversation…and we will understand as I’m in class 10 so my pre board is also coming..u r in which standard??and best of luck for ur exams

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      Thnk u so much yr! M in 12th yr! Good luck with ur 10th exams ☺

  5. Wow awesome dear ….loved it
    more importantly rajshri n karthik bond u showed lovely
    shivi clapping ..love ur romantic nok jhoks always feel good
    all the best for ur exams dear do well
    thank you….

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    Just loved it

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    love it but why naira sad

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      Keep reading to know y naira is sad? ?
      Dont worry bohot mazze h agge just keep reading n enjoying ?☺

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