Kaira love story (episode 32)

Without any delay m proceeding towards the story

Kartik is shocked  to seee…..kirti manish n suwarna entering 

Kartik is filled with mixed  emotions but mostly anger

Kartik: naira wat r they doing here!

Naira: kartik woh…

They three come to kaira’s table 

Kartik gets up n was about to leave

Naira: kartik stop!! Plz for me just  for once stay here! 

Kartik: naira i never say no to u …but dont force  me to change tht fact

Naira: kartik for once plz!! Tumhe meri kasam

Kartik was about to go but listening to meri kasam ..he stops n with anger turns around

Kartil forcefully agrees to talk 

They all sit  

Kirti: bro listen u have misunderstood everyone …aftr tht incident dad has changed himself ….n tht manipulative guy(step mamu) was thrown our of our lives …mom n dad only sent him away

NOTE-*(Guyz i hope u remmber kartik ka past n manupulation done by kartik’s step mamu..refer to episode  14 – http://www.tellyupdates.com/kaira-love-story-episode-14/ )*

Manish: m sorry beta …i should have trusted u 

Suwarna: kartik u  n i had such a spcl bond then  y did u not come to me tht day before u decide to leave ..

Kartik  was quite but was soft wen suwarna said 

Kirti: yes kartik aftr ma died we were  little n then mom was the one who raised us ..n more than me u had a good connection with her …then tht day y didnt u go to her 

Kartik: he was ur brother …wat would  u have done ..

Suwarna: kartik do u know me only this much..

Suwarna sheds tears

Kirti: kartik mom was the one who ultimately threw tht man out …atleast u should have tried  talking to her

Kartik is all teary 

Little kartik playing with suwarna 

Kartik: mom u will always stand by me 

Suwarna: yes my kanha always

Kartik: u wont go leaving me like ma

Suwarna: no never

Kartik: if i get into fight with someone u love more than me then whose side will u take

Suwarna: first of all i dont love anyone more than u n kirti …n i will always be with u no matter wat


Naira notices their deep ma beta bond n gets emotional 

Kartik then  notices manish is there n gets back to his senses

Kartik: ho gya ..now can i leave

Manish: beta..

Kartik: plz dont call me tht 

Kartik turns to go

Naira: kartik

Kartik: bass naira ab aur nhi i listened to u n now not anymore 

Naira: see how much ur family loves u …atleast for ur mom n sister …u should return to goenka villa….m sure even ur ma would  have wanted u to stay happily with family ..

Kartik gets all emotional n turns towards naira

Suwarna goes to kartik n hugs him

Suwarna: plz my kanha dont go away from me ..u might think m acting as m not  ur real mom  so how can i care so much …but trust me i care about  u more than anything …i went rishikesh bhi for u only …but..

Suwarna  suddenly stops realising she told about rishkesh 

Kartik: rishikesh??

Then kirti tells kartik whole story

Kartik: naira thnk u ..thnk u so much for saving  her life ..i cant thank u enough

Naira cups Kartik’s face

Naira: kartik dont say like tht …u have  done so much for my mom dad n whole family

Kirti: bro ab toh ghar

Kartik: no kirti not now ..coz wahan apne hi itna suffer karate h …(looking towards manish)

Kirti: kartik how cant u see the positive change inside him…m sure u know wat happened  to me …u know who was my support to face dadi …it was none other than dad! He helped  me  pursue my dream …he changed aftr realising wat wrong he did with u… plz kartik come back

Kartik:i dont know

Kartik leaves saying he will bring the car from parking to go back home…

Suwarna  hugs naira n says thnk u for rishikesh n here to help convince  kartik

Manish also thanks naira

Naira: uncle aunty ..he is just in a state of anger …he will calm down soon ..dont take tension

Naira greets n takes a leave

Manish smiles recalling the words of kartik “I dont know” ….manish was happy kartik didnt say no!

they all leave 

Kaira in car

There is lot of silence

Naira: m sorry i shouldnt  have  done this

Kartik: then y did u!

Naira: coz even u brought me n my mom Close ..helped me improve my relation with my mom..i wanted u also to clear the air

Kartik: i dont know  wat i will do …should  i go or should i not!!…i m considering  to go just coz of mom n kirti ….n my prime  reason for not going is manish goenka!!

Naira: see the happiness  u will get if u return to ur house …it will make ur decision  simple 

They reach singhania mansion

Naira holds kartiks hand n says sorry i know u felt betrayed seeing ur family there ….but i really  wanted u to clear the things…i always love u n m always with u …kartik do think about returning  coz i have seen tht tadap in suwarna aunty’s eyes …the same eagerness  she had in rishikesh …ryt now she has her son infront of her eyes n still cant bring him back!…take a wise decesion like u have always taken..a wise one

Naira goes in  singhania  house…kartik went to mehshawaris house

Next day
Kartik gets a call from …it was kirti

Kirti: plz tell me u r comming…plz say yes

Kartik: kirti!! Uk na

Kirti: kartik does tht  mean u r still angry with 

Kartik: manish goenka

Kirti: r u also angry  with mom?

Kartik: no!

Kirti: and me?

Kartik: no

Kirti:ok so go n have breakfast everyone is waiting na!

Kartik:waiting? Wat r u saying?

kirti disconnects the call

Kartik freshens up n n goes down 

Kartik sees few guests they r sitting turning their  backs to him….kartik goes n is surprised

Kartik: kirti n mom?

Suwarna n kirti get up

Naira comes

Naira: kartik i thought to give u a surprise…dont worry  no one is at home everyone has gone to jaipur for getting things required for gayu di’s marriage

Kartik gets relief

Kirti: so kartik surprise  kaisa laga?

Suwarna: kartik i hope u r  not upset with me…i hope u trust me wen i say though tht person was my brother but wat he did was not forgivable …i can never forget  wat he did to u!

Kartik hugs suwarna …both of them shed tears

Suwarna: kartik  i can never think bad for u ..u know na

Kartik: u r my yashoda ma na …though u havent given me birth but aftr ma …u were my support system…then how can u think bad for me!

Suwarna smiles n wipes away kartik’s tear

Naira also gets emotional seeing kartik happy with his mom…

Suwarna: tina! M sorry naira …come here

Suwarna hugs naira 

Suwarna was going to say thnks but naira before tht only says …aunty dont say tht ..it was my duty as in rishikesh i promised u i will find ur son …n for kartik i want all the happiness..so from both sides i just fulfilled my duties

They all smile

Kirti: ab bohot ro liya! Can we eat now!

Everyone goes to breakfast table ….suwarna brought poha tht she made as kartik loved poha 

Naira: poha? Aunty kartik ko poha jaisa healthy food achcha lagta h ..m surpised

Kirti: arrey naira u dont know …kartik used to eat mom ki haath ka poha everyday

Naira: wow!! Coz yahan toh kartik was deewama of nani ke haath le kachoriyan!!

Suwarna feeds kartik with her hands

They all finish eating …

Suwarna: kartik …beta u will come home na!

Kartik stops  smiling 

Suwarna notices it n asks u r still angry

Kartik: yes but from  manish goenka….

Suwarna: beta he has changed over these years….u can see tht by the way he has taken stand for kirti …he even went against  maa ji 

Kartik: mom i dont know how much time i need but i cant forget the way he pushed me away  from his lyf just coz i said no to marriage 

Suwarna: see m not taking anyone’s  side but …u know  how manupulative tht person was..he brainwashed everyone very easily

Kartik: still ..as a father manish goenka should have known me better

Suwarna: ok kartik take ur time …but i think atleast  come  to goenka villa …everyone misses u …n u r upset  with manish ji na …then y  r u keeping ur self away from othera too!! Plz just think  about it!

Suwarna  n kirti take a leave….

Kartik is thoughtful..naira notices it n goes to him

Naira: so kartik ..good to know u r a bit healthy food eater…nhi toh  kachori kha kha ke mote mendhak ho jate …M.M. -Mote Mendhak

Kartik smiles hearing M.M.

Kartik: achcha mein M.M. toh tum mrs. M.M. 

They both laugh

Kartik  pulls naira closer

Kartik: so no one is at home …only u and me! 

Naira blushes 

Kartik comes close to her ..they kiss….they were passionate in thier  own way…

Both of them enjoyed the moment 

Suddenly naira breaks the kiss …

Naira: kartik i need to go

kartik:where? …abhi toh romance ka R bhi shuru nhi hua h

Naira: gayu di needs my suggestion for dress n all

Kartik: wat naira ..not fair….humare marriage  ke waqt we both will go shopping together so tht we spend more tym together!!

Naira: kuch jyada agge ki nhi soch li

Kartik: kahan ..its just 6 months or 1 year for this na…

Naira: 6 years na!

Kartik: 6 years …humar kids ko bhi  humaru shaadi dikhana  ka irada h tumhara

Naira: kids??

Kartik: 6 years i cant wait for so long!! So usse pehle hi sab kuch …u know na wat! 

Naira blushes 

Kartik: so 6 years mein 1 or 2 kids toh pakka ho jayenge

naira: shut up kartik!! 

Naira blushes n leaves 

Naira again comes n says kartik i love  u …n plz plz think about going to goenka villa …everyone loves u there spclly suwarna aunty ..she considers u so close n her krishna ..so dont hurt her…

Kartik smiles n says i will think about it ..u go n enjoy shopping

Naira leaves n kartik is  in deep thoughts 

Precap-kartik’s decision
             – goenka’s singnania’s mehshwari’s  n                  naira’s reaction to kartik’s decision 
             – viyu ‘s marriage

Guyz this is important  turning point for the story i hope u like it ..there  r plenty of kaira scenes  as said by me earlier i have planned it all ..i just need ur support so plz keep supporting by reading n by commenting  ur honest reviews …all suggestions r warmly welcomed 

I hope u dont feel m rushing …plz share ur reviews n suggestions ☺

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