Kaira love story (episode 31)

Hey guyz another mazor thing will be unfolded today!! 

At dance academy

Naira: kirti can i ask u something

Kirti: i know wat u want to ask ..its about kartik na!

Naira: yes! 

Kirti: see kartik has a point of view which he has pre assumed i dont know how all these  incorrect things were fed into his mind..

Naira stands confused 

Kirti: kartik thinks no one cares about him ..but doesnt know how much mom has missed him in past these years …once few months back mom heard the news tht kartik is in rishikesh with his friends …n at middle of the night mom managed to reach rishikesh somehow …there she tried to find kartik everywhere…she also fainted as she didnt eat anything as she was continously searching for kartik! Then a girl of some ashram

Naira interupted

Naira: a girl took her to the ashram  n gave her medicines n food ..

Kirti was surprised

Kirti: how do u know? This is known by only our family even kartik doesnt know

Naira: woh actually! I was tht girl …i took care of aunty n i helped searching for her son but the picture  she had was very old ..so we got no clue …

Kirti: naira u r that  girl! We r so thankful to u ..u saved her life ..if tht night no one would have noticed her getting  faint in lonely street then..

Naira: plz kirti dont say thank u ..now i feel every thing was destined to be …even kartik saved my mom n few months back even  my dad! He has done a lot for my family 

Kirti: he is like tht! Wen he cares for someone he can go to any extent  for them…btw naira y were u in rishikesh ashram

Naira gets a bit sad

Naira:  actually like kartik i had faced misunderstanding  too …n i stayed in rishikesh…but kartik helped me understand  wata ryt n wrong n now m so glad  m back  with my family

Kirti: both of u have so similar situation…i m sure  now tht u r the best girl  for him..

Kirti hugs  naira …later release the hug 

Kirti: naira ek request h (she folds her hands)… plz convince kartik for once ..just once come n meet me dad n mom …we want one chance..

Naira: dont fold ur hands plz…i will try my level best …

Kirti takes a leave 

Naira: kirti do tell aunty ..tht tina has said hi 

Kirti: tina??

Naira: i had changed my name to tina wen  i was in rishikesh

Kirti: ok

Kirti leaves 

Naira continues doing her work…kartik comes there n adores naira

Naira also notices  kartik is here

Kartik cups naira’s  face  n says would u like to have a dance with ur mendhak?

Naira smiles n says yes

Naira n kartik dance romantically ….like khuda jane types…

Galti se while holding naira in his arms titlted a bit kartik’s hands slips n naira falls on her bum…

Naira gives a angry  look to kartik

Kartik: sorry

Naira: tum kyun sorry saying ..i should say sorry …i should have known u r mendhak ek jagah nhi tik sakte…

Kartik: achcha jaise  u can stay at one place ..tum sher ki tarah roar karti ho isiliye sabse galti hoti h

Naira: wat do u mean? Its my fault i fell

Kartik: see now also u r just unnecessarily  roaring  …u r not underatanding the situtation!

Naira: tum bass tar tar tar karo wahi suut karta h tumhe 

Kartik: mein nhi karunga…coz tumne jo kar dia mere liye

Naira: alsi mendhak  kahin ke!!

Just then they hear clapping voice 

They turned  n saw nakshtara

Naira: bhai .bhabhhi aap …yahan? 

Tara: haan naira ..hum itna achcha play kaise miss kar sakte the …n baby ko bhi thoda entertainment chahiye tha so we came 

Naksh: tum dono kahin bhi shuru ho jate ho …pehle best friends bane toh laga ab jhagda kum hoga but no effect …then bf gf bane toh laga ab toh aise nhi jhagdoge …but ab bhi aise hi ….ab shaadi hogi tab toh intensity bad jayegi shayad is mendhak  n sherni fights ki!

Kaira blushes

Tara: shaadi chodo! Jab inke kids honge  n woh fight karenge tab unka jhagda solve karne ko chod apna chalo kar denge

Kaira blushes  n smiles

All four of them have a laugh

Kartik: waise  bhabhi u should rest …abhi gayu ki shaadi h so bohot jyada kaam wahan bhi joga ..so save ur energy…

Tara: yes kartik i will ..thnx for ur  concern 

Naksh: waise we r hapoy seeing u like this nhi toh kal toh tum dono ne itni ajeeb shakal banaya tha ki

Tara: yes kartik naira stay like this …all problems will get solved …n gayu ke baad toh naira tumhara hi number h 

Naksh: haan kartik jayada tym mat lagana ..baby se ane se pehle shaadi kar lena …baby ko bhi toh apne phupha ji kaun h pata hona chahiye na !

All four laugh

They all go to home n they see preparations  for engagemnt of viyu…

Naira talks to someone on call n comes to kartik

Naira: kartik lets go out somewhere  bohot din ho gye

Kartik: sure lets go!

Naira: so at 8 pm u will come to pick me up

Kartik: ok kahan jana h batao

Naira: tht i will tell u wen u come

Akshara comes to them

Akshara: kahan jane ke plannings chal rhi h?

Naira: woh mumma aise hi bahar for dinner ..i hope u r ok with it

Kartik: ma’am  agar ok nhi ho toh bata dijiye we respect ur decision 

Akshara: mein bilkul bhi ok nhi hoon 

Kaira get little sad

Akshara: mein isiliye ok nhi hoon ki u guyz think i will have a problem with this date of urs

Kaira smile…kartik takes a leave

At 8pm 

Naira wears a full lenght gown ….kartik comes to pick her …

Naira comes down from  stairs ..kartik gets mesmerized  by her beauty…

Naira: lets go

Kartik: u look so amazing  so perfect …

Kaira go towards the car

Kartik: naira lets change plans …mehshwari house chalte h as wahan ke log r here for gayu ki shaadi…n we can enjoy…n i can kiss u 

Naira blushes  n shys

Naira: mr. Mendhak kuch jyada age nhi chale gye aap…now lets go

Kartik: ok ok chalo …ik tumhe  itni jald kyun h ..coz tum abhi bhuki sherni ho….pata chala maine romance ke wajah se late kiya n tumne mujhe apna dinner bana liya

Naira: jyada tarr tarr mat karo ..chalna h toh  chalo

They both smile n leave

They reach a hotel …they go inside ..naira msgs someone

Kartik: whom r u msging 

Naira: woh tara bhabhi i needed to tell her about kal ka my dress

kaira enter 

Hotel manager: hello sir ma’am  ..do u have a reservation

Kartik: yes ..miss naira singhania

Manager: yes ..come with me

Manager takes them to a 6 seater table

Kartik: there is some mistake  i guess we r two ..then y table of 6

Manager: sir i think we had some trouble  noting down …plz adjust sir as its friday night so all tables are occupied

Naira: its ok ..we r ok with the table

Kaira  sit…

Naira faces the entrance  of hotel  n kartik  faces naira

Suddenly naira looks at the door of the hotel  like someone was here

Kartik: who is it naira…

Kartik turns  n is shocked!

Precap- who entered  the hotel n for wat
             -can naira unite kartik with goenkas!

Guyz i hope u have liked it …many of u might  feel m rushing  but i think things other than kaira r not so important to drag them so much …n i want  to show more kaira romance n thier growth  as a couple ..i hope u guyz understand …do let me know ur reviews n suggestions ??☺☺

Keep reading…commenting n watching yrkkh as now officially  with start of 2017 ..the start of KairaVivaah  has begun …dont miss out ?

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