Kaira love story (episode 30)

Hey guyz!!m glad u r liking my episodes!! Thnx for all ur support tht i have reached epiosde 30 ..luv u all ..keep supporting me!

Viyu still on phone call

Gayu: vivan tell na!

Vivan: see the first  thing tht  came to my mind hearing this was ohh god only 12 days!…but later i thought its good jaldi hoga as then jyada big nhi hoga as less tym hoga toh sabko uske according prepare karna hoga

Gayu: hmm…i never thought tht way!…as we both want to start it simple …12 days thing is good i guess…5 years tak rehenge toh sab uss wedding ko hadd se jyada grand banane ki koshish karenge

Vivan: so mutual decision?

Gayu: yes mutual decision….u tell ur family..i will tell my family

They both tell thier families ki they r ok with 12 days mein wedding idea

Everyone gets happy!!

Meanwhile kaira 

Kaira  r on thier way back home…naira is silent n is not even looking at kartik…kartik notices this unknown silent

Both at the same tym say each other’s name

Both then look at each other

Naira: kartik do u really think ki bhai n i ignore ur thoughts!!!

Kartik: naira

Kartik stops the car n both step out …its a lonely  place surrounded by forest both sides

Naira: its never lyk tht!…i always try to include u everywhere!!

Kartik holds Naira’s face

Kartik: naira breath! I never meant tht…at tht tym i was angry on my dad ..n u were trying  to make me talk to him …so thts y i said tht

Kartik hugs naira tightly…bith shedd tears

Naira: m sorry kartik i should have understand..i didnt..

Before naira could finish ..kartik passionately kisses her ….both were in a state of emotion n thts wat made this kiss more meaningful!!
Finally they release  the kiss…n again share a hug

Kartik: today aftr 6 yrs i saw  him! I didnt know how to react…i wanted to hug kirti n talk to her but his presence made  me so angry n upset

Naira: kartik …dont say like tht…if y dont mind u wanna say something!

Kartik nods yes

Naira: see as wat shivika had said …her frnd tht means kirti has suffered domestic violence n her dad tht means ur dad supported her ..isnt tht a good thing …the way he catched the goon who snatched away my purse was remarkable

Kartik: naira plz stop!…

Naira: see kartik ik u r upset with him..but look at these contrasting things …today u saw him do things u once said he can never do!!

Kartik thinks ..but doesnt react

Naira cups kartik’s face n says see m always with u no matter wat …its just tht wat i felt ryt ..i was sharing it with u 

Kartik: lets go home

Kaira leave for home

Kaira reach singhania mansion …they get to know about viyu shaadi n they all celebrate

In goenka  villa
Manish n kirti enter…they both have smiley faces

Swarna comes n asks  wat happened?

Mansih: kartik!

Swarna:kya kartik!!

Swarna gets very happy hearing  this name

Dadi Sulekha n akhilesh also rush n say kartik  where?

Manish tells the whole story

Instead of being happy about kartik 

Dadi: kirti..tum dance mein profession  banana chahti ho!!? Ab ek baar divorce toh ho gya dance ke chakar mein ..ab..aur kya bad luck lana h..

Manish: ma!! Plz lets not talk about past! Kirti ke dance ne koi bad luck nhi laya! Cant u see it  is due to her dance interest today i saw my son my kartik aftr 6 yrs!!

Dadi makes faces …sulekha notices it

Suwarna: manish ji woh wapas ayega?

Dadi: suwarna tum toh pucho hi mat! Woh aur wapas jo tumhare bhai ne kiya uske baad!!

Manish: maa! Mujhe ek baat bataiye …arent u happy tht i saw kartik aftr 6 yrs

Dadi: u saw …but usne baat tak nhi ki

Dadi leaves 

Sulekha: i will make her understand

Sulekha  also leaves

Akhilesh: bhaiya m very happy …6 yrs seemed like so long…today u stay at home n celebrate ..i will take of tht meeting with tht sharma company

Manish nods yes

Manish: suwarna kirti u both r those two important ppl in my life whom i never treated well in the beginning but aftr  tht day!

Manish was all teary

Suwarna: manish ji aftr tht day watver changes u brought is remarkable …n we really appreciate ur efforts

Kirti: yes dad! Apne mujhe jo support diya h ..i never expected it ..thnk u …i really love u dad

Kirti suwarna n manish share a hug

Manish: kaash he also sees this effort ..just for once!

Kirti: he will dad!! If not naira will make him realise

Suwarna: naira?

Kirti: yes mom ..uski gf ..she is really sweet…she is my boss too

Suwarna: oh wow! Kirti plz talk to her to convince our kartik

Kirti: dont worry mom i will!

In singhania mansion

Naira is sitting in her room …she is in deep thoughts about events tht took place earlier..just then she gets a msg…its from kirti

Kirti: naira wat is the exact timming for tomorrow?

Naira: 11am….waise i wanna tell to u and uncle tht it was nyc meeting u both..n sorry for tht kartik thing

Kirti: its ok naira …kartik maybe needs some time…n even dad is glad to meet u …i hope u n kartik stay happy 

Its next  morning 


Naksh: havr u noticed kal se naira is so chup chap si

Tara: yes even kartil behaved wierd

Kartik had come to take some signatures  of naitik

he is continously searching fof naira ..as he wants to know if naira is still disturbed about yesterday

Naitik: she went to dance academy early

Kartik scratches his head seeing naitik noticed it

Naitik leaves …then kartik starts getting worried as wat might happen there

Nakshtara come to kartik

Kartik greets them

Naksh: kartik tumse ek baat karni h!

Kartik  thinks tht naira must have told them

Kartik: yes naksh ask 

Naksh: is everything ok between naira n u?

Tara: actually we have observed many changes in ur both’s attitude

Kartik: woh…

Naksh: feel free to share it will be between we three!

Kartik  tells them the whole incident…

Preacap-viyu wedding preparations
               – kirti n naira talk
                -kaira nok jhoks
                -nakshtara will  be able to solve kaira                  ka prob?

guys today i introduced goenka’s ….there r may burried dark secrets n many twists….i have also planned a very romantic kaira part too…hopefully  aaj hi i will post..stay tuned ?

Do tell me wat do u think about this epi

Keep reading…commenting..n keep watching yrkkh on star plus at 9:30pm coz guyz officially  #KairaVivaah has begun!!! Too much kaira romance is upcomming …??

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