Kaira Love Story (episode 3)

Hey guyz m glad u r liking my fan fiction  ..this tym m making it long epi n a surprise twist too?

Continuing from where kaira takes a romantic selfi!

Naira:kartik lets go n grab a taxi we must leave for the airport

Kartik: yes baby! Sure so wats ur view  on our first date!?

*suddenly kartik realises wat he referred  naira as baby!*

*naira looks at him with big shocked n wierd eyes*

Kartik: sorry sorry…i didnt want to make u feel uncomfortable!

Naira:haha its ok yr! I was just messing with u btw control ur tongue galti se papa mumma ya kisi aur ke samne nikla na then…

Kartik: ya ya got it ma’am!

They both take a cab n ask the driver to take them to airport

Kartik’s phone  rings  n it is akshara

Kartik: hello ma’am  we r on our way to the airport! Did u all arrive?

Akshara: actually kartik beta ..some formalities of gayu’s  competition  is still left..i tried calling naira her phone came to be switched off..

Kartik: oh  actually her phone’s battery died..can i be of any help ma’am regarding  the formalities?

Akshara: nhi nhi beta ..u already did a lot of things …we will manage ..the thing i wanted to inform u was we have to stay here for tonight we have to return to udaipur by tomorrow noon’s flight  only

Kartik : oh ok no problem  i will tell this to naira

Akshara:  aur beta aur ek cheez the place where we need to complete the formalities  is far off from our hotel  so we will be staying in a near by hotel for tonight  …u n naira go to our old hotel stay there only n we will meet tomorrow  at airport at 9am sharp ok!

Kartik (smiling): ok ma’am

Call ends

Naira: wat happened wat did mumma say?

Kartik: some formalities of gayu’s competition is still  remaining so now we will go to india tomorrow n they r staying near the place where they r going to complete the formalities..so she asked us to go to our hotel only n meet them tomorrow at 9 am at airport…. so madam kya karne ka plan h its again u n me!(smiles )

Naira: hmm…i miss them yr i wish i was with them..

Before she could complete

Kartik:achcha….so yeh sab is not gud enough for u na…(makes a angry face)

Naira: ohh my pyare mendhak!

Kartik stares

Naira: sorry sorry ohh my  frog prince❤…i was saying tht aftr so long i met with papa n thts y i wanted to be with them??

Kartik suddenly gives a hug n says ik my lady love…u have gone through a lot so dont hesitate to share  ur feelings with me  anytime u feel like sharing…

Naira: bass bass ab senti mat karo  yr (dont make me emotional)

Kartik(to driver): excuse me , take us to a nyc place to visit near by our hotel if any!

Driver:ok sir!

They reach to a place it was decorated n crowded  ..it seemed like  a normal place

Kartik: wats so spcl in here?

Driver: this is our fest tp celebrate love! Its yearly cpuple competition…its very unusual u will kmow wen u go in…people  also say tht whichever couple  wins will be together forever!

Listening to this kaira looks at each other

Kartik:i think it will be fun wat do u think naira!?

Naira: hmm lets try ..it will be something new

Kaira goes in n see beautiful decorations n people enjoying

They fill the form for  contest n go ahead as competition starts

Announcer :ok pay attention all  the couples participating…there will be three rounds ..
First round paper dance
Second  round couples have to pass biscuits from mouth to mouth from one table to the table on other partner’s side
Third round u will be given a question paper n it will contain a column u have to fill ur fav things n on another ur partners …tht couple wins whose max ans. About the other partner matches

Kaira gave look to each other n then first round started total 5 couples were there….wen the paper had 2 folds kaira were dancing too close their eyes met n they were mesmirsed
When paper was smaller kartik carried naira on his feet…when the paper become too small kartik carried naira n it was a romantic moment between them…

Kaira n 2 other couples won this round

In next round when kaira’s turn came first kartik lifted the biscuit n then naira carefully took it from the very corner at one moment their lips were about to touch n our kaira blushed but somehow they managed to stop it??

N finally by collecting 30 biscuits in 30 seconds won with another couple

Now the final round came kaira were sure they would  loose coz the other couple were together for almost 5 yrs but these two r couples only today

The results  were announced 

Announcer: this couple who came 1st n winner of our yearly celebration of love seem to be a couple since childhood they know each n evrrything about each other n at a point did make the same correction (listening to this kaira started to leave)….so our winners are kartik  and naira (kaira were stunned  n returned they couldnot believe they could win)…so guys tell us how long was it even  before u guyz were born..haha just kidding keep this l9ve going on coz u r surely soulmates…take this heart piece  keep one half  with each of u this will keep ur love for eternity!

Kaira: thank u so much!

Kaira hugged each other n were happy

*someone  is seeing kaira n took a picture  of kartik only wen he was going to stage (as naira had gone to stage a bit earlier than kartik)* {big twist upcomming guyz}

Kaira walked down the streets to return to thier hotel on the way naira was standing towards the inner side but few strangers sitting far off in the inner side stared at naira! 

Kartik noticed it n pulled her to his other side 

Naira: kya hua ..is everything alright

kartik: ya ya just lets go u must be tired

Naira: hmm

They reach the hotel ..thier rooms were side by side 

Suddenly few minutes later aftr they had entered  thier rooms naira screamed….kartik heard her voice n came out to see

Naira: kartik woh woh chip chipkali!!

Kartik: hahaha  bass itni si chipkali se darr gyi meri gf ..dont worry ur brave  bf is here with u *he goes n shoes  away  tht chipkali*

Naira: thnk u so much my hero luv u for this yr!!

Kartik: achcha u love me only for this 

Naira:no no i love u for everything!

kartik: love u too sweetheart

Kaira together  always n forver

they decided to have a walk n talked about how surprisingly they won n knew about each other so well…

*someone is continously watching  them as they walk*

Aftr a while kaira went to  their respective rooms 

*tht someone  stares at kaira’s doors*

Precap: kaira go to airport  meet naitik akshara n gayu ….naira seems a bit upset….when they put thier lugage into car in udaipur someone is watching them!!.

Guyz comment plz …i have planned a twist  will reveal  this someone soon keep reading to know actually i was planning this  long epi m alsp the twist so it took some time to post 

M glad u r liking it ☺???

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  1. It was awesome
    And the twist is really full of suspense

    1. Hales

      Thnk u namrata ?

  2. Sethidisha002

    who is watching kaira

    1. Hales

      For no would just say someone …i m pretty sure it would be revealed in two three epi..keep reading to know?☺

  3. Summaya

    Nice update hales

    1. Hales

      Thank u so much summaya ?

  4. Good dear
    Trust me I am eagerly waiting for the twist I love such twists
    All excited

    1. Hales

      Thnks …n surely u will get to know who is tht someone n also the twist it will bring ..keep reading ??

  5. Good one dear bring it on with such twists

    1. Hales

      Thnks anjali ☺

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