Kaira love story (episode 29)

New year spcl treat for u ….this episode will bring few important twists …i hope u all like it

Everyone reaches udaipur…

Shivika gives a hug to kartik n naira n takes a leave as she had a night flight to go back to delhi…

Everyone goes to thier rooms n unpack…they sleep

Next day!

Naira gets ready n goes to royal cafe….shivika had sent a pic of her frnd to naira so tht it will be easy recognising her!

Naira sees her ..n goes  to her…

Naira:hello! R u shivika’s frnd?

Girl: yes ..m kirti …n u must be naira singhania 

Naira: yes ..plz call me naira only

Kirti: ok sure

Naira: so i have my academy near only …there is construction  going on …so only two rooms r made ..one is for office purpose n the other one for practice…soon the whole  academy will be ready

Kirti (smiles) : nyc 

Naira: so u have prepared something

Kirti: yes i have …so shall we go to academy only

Naira: yes

Naira n kirti go to the academy 

Kirti gives her awsum Performnce on ‘lean on’ song

Naira gets impressed by her dance moves ..they were perfect n graceful

Kirti: so how was it?

Naira: omg! It was so amazing…i hire u !

Kirti: thnk u …i will submit my bio data n official  papers tomorrow 

Naira: sure 

Naira n kirti hug n exchange phone numbers

Naira: so will u be going alone?

Kirti: no my papa will be comming

Naira: ok 

Naira waits till kirti’s dad didnt come as she didnt feel good to leave kirti there alone

Suddenly a big black car stopped …n a man with suit  came out….kirti ran n hugged him saying papa!

Kirti: naira..he is my dad manish goenka 

Naira thinks she has heard this name spclly the title  somewhere 

Naira: hello uncle

Manish: hello

Kirti n manish were about to leave …..suddenly someone snatches away naira’s purse n mobile…naira runs behind him

Seeeing this even manish goes behind her…mansih catches the theif n beats him…naira gets the purse n mobile …naira is all tensed …naira thnks manish

Manish: no problem beta!

Just then naira heard her name being called by a fimiliar tone…naira turned n saw it was non other than kartik

Naira: kartik  u? 

Manish had back turned ..but wen heard kartik…he turned desperately …manish saw kartik n was all teary!

Kartik is all angry…

Kartik: naira wat happened  here…was this man troubling u.?

Naira: woh kartik..

Kartik  without listening to her ..comes near manish  …

Kartik: wat did u do? Y r u interfering in my lyf now??

Manish is all silent n just smiles with pleasure  like getting a long lost gold treasure!

Naira comes to kartik n shouts

Naira: kartik wait!! He helped me 

Kartik:  wat

Naira: yes …someone snatched my purse …n all thnks to mr. Manish Goenka …i got my stuff back….thnk u once again uncle

Just then Kirti comes running! 

Kirti: kartik bro!!

Kirti hugs kartik…kartik is also surprised to see her there

Now naira connected  the puzzle..yet not sure

Naira: kirti …kartik wats going on

Kartik: she is my sister 

Naira: oh hi

Kirti: n he is dad of me n kartik  (pointing towards manish)

Kirti asks kartik lots of ques but kartik keeps staring at manish with angry look …kirti notices this n was going to speak something …kartik understands tht kirti would ask him to return home ..so

Kartik: kirti ..i have lots of office work will talk later

Naira: but kartik…just..

Kartik: naira plz … let this stay  between me n my sis…there r things between u n ur bro too ..so let it be

Naira(low voice): ok

Kartik leaves fumingly n wiats for naira in car..

Naira greets kirti n manish bye n goes 

Kirti: m so sorry papa

Manish: no beta y r u sorry! I should thnk u …coz of u i saw mera beta aftr so long!…n aftr  so many years i have seen a ray of hope for him to return

Kirti: yes papa but  how r u so sure

Manish: naira! ..i have seen in her eyes ..n i feel she will only bring kartik back!

They all disperse aftr a while…kaira in a car

Naira: kartik y did u behaved like this with ur dad…he helped me

Kartik: just by one help he cant erase   all the pain he gave me!

Scene shifts to singhania mansion

Pandit ji n vivan with his family r present

Sona: pandit ji jaldi se jaldi shubh muhrat nikale shaadi ke liye

Pandit: apki ichcha puri ho gyi …next good day for u gayatri n vivan is aftr 12 days 

Akshara: 12 days …its so soon….pandit ji can u tell us next date…

Pandit ji: acrding to ladka n ladki’s detail  adtr 12 days …no good day till 5 yrs!!

Everyone  shocked!!

Gayu n vivan gets to know of this

Viyu talk  on phone

Gayu: so kya karien?

Vivan: ur call

Gayu: no ..u tell

Vivan: come on gayu

Gayu: ok atleast tell me ur first reaction

Vivan thinks in mind ….”my first reaction was to jump out of happiness”

Gayu notices  vivan  quite

Gayu:vivan!! R u there?

Vivan: yes  yes m here!!

Precap-will vivan n gayu marry in 12 days
             -kaira !
            – can naira make everything  between                   kartik n his family correct  but how?

Guyz this was a bonus  epi for u all marking the end of 2016!!! Welcoming 2017 !!😀😉

Guyz keep reading…commenting….do tell me how u felt about this bonus😉….keep watching yrkkh at 9:30  pm only o  star plus!😉


  1. Vrushy


    |Registered Member

    Nice 🙂
    Glad that here manish understands Naira and not like its in the serial !!
    Great going. Waiting for next.
    Happy new year !!

  2. Soumya

    It was awesome…hope naira clears all the misunderstanding between karthik and his parents and I m happy that Manish is understanding naira

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.