Kaira love story (episode 28)


Hey guyz sorry for posting aftr so long ..actually i had  my 12th class  farewell …so was very busy! ?☺

So without any delay!

Previously- gayu  n vivan decide  to marry to give each other a chance n give love a second  chance..now everyone is in the resort  party every couple  danced…tara started feeling wierd so came from the dance floor n sat on a chair

Tara has teary  eyes …seeing her everyone  gets tensed spclly naksh!! 

Kartik gives naksh support n asks him  to stay  calm

Akshara: tara beta dont cry just breath …n tell me wat r u feeling

Tara (cryingly): i think something is wrong!!..ir doesnt feel nyc

Akshara: wat doesnt feel good

Tara: ma …woh tht i feel something  in my tummy! Its like something i cant explain…n m not feeling  comfortable…

Akshara  listens n analyses  it .. she looks at all the  elder  women present  n they all smile 

Naira: mumma….y r u all smiling

Akshara hugs tara

Akshara: tara shush!! Dont cry beta…wat u r feeling is good to be feeled!!

Everyone except the elder ladies  r confused

Naksh comes to tara n akshara ..n asks wat r u saying ma!

Akshara: this feeling …tara tell me u feel something  watery type in ur tummy n some time u feel something is moving?

Tara(still  crying) nods yes

Akshara: tara duggu this means the baby has started moving a bit inside there!!

Naksh tara have a mixed  feeling n smile seeing each other

Tara: sach mein

Devyani: yes tara

Naksh hugs tara  from side n kisses her forehead…naira also hugs tara 

Tara keeps her hands on her tummy  sensing..naksh also keeps  his hand on her tummy…they both  smile! 

Naira: bhabhi ..now on u will feel ajeeb na like someone is tickling  ur tummy…how will u stay with all tht tickiling…n mumma how did u stay with all those tickling  tht too two two times!!

Bhabhima: arrey beta every women learns to stay calm at tht tym …u would know wen u come to this phase.. its not tht difficult

Naira(all shy): badi dadi!!

Everyone laughs …kaira exchange glances

Later everyone  disperse ti thier rooms…

Kartik goes to keave naira to her room..

Kartik: chalo mein bhi ata ho

Naira: kahan!

Kartik: tumhare  room mein

Naira: ohh excuse me mr.!

Kartik: arrey aaj suna nhi badi dadi ko bhi chahiye ab toh!…n pehle tumhari bhi woh dream!

Naira blushes 

Naira: achcha so u wanna come na ..ok come..m calling papa now

Kartik: wat! Naitik sir!!…tum  thoda romance kyun nhi handle kar sakti !!

Naira: thoda nhi bohot sara kar sakti hoon ..ryt now 

Kartik: ryt now

Kartik comes close

Naira: ryt now m too sleepy!

Naira pushes kartik away …n closes her room door!

Next morming

Everyone  gets ready to leave

Gayu is unable  to lift her bag…seeing this vivan  comes n says let me…gayu hesitates but then agrees.. 

Vivan takes the luggage…all tht while gayu keeps  observing vivan!..

Kaira r sitting in the car ..(*the car planning  is same as the way they all came*)

Shivika comes to naira

Shivika: good morning

Naira: good morning shivi!…can i call u shivi 

Shivika: sure…i love it …it sounds more cuter like tht 

Kartik: haww shivika…u r my best frnd n u never let me call u by Nick names

Shivika: well momo thts coz…naira has become more close frnd now 

Naira n shivika  hug…kartik smiles seeing them bond

Shivika: naira..i wanted to ask something

Naira: yes shivi tell

Shivika:actually one of my frnd is a trained western dancer from London!…she was looking for jobs…n i heard u have started a academy  n y would like few co dancers  to make ur work easier…so..

Naira: wow shivi!! This was so much needed…n specially someone who knew western …coz i know western but not as mych as i know karthak!…give me her number n ask her to meet me tomorrow  at royal coffee  shop!

Shivika: ok sure ..i m msging u her no. ….actually tht girl  has literally struggled…she is divorced…her husband used to ill treat  her so much…but she took a stand for herself n then completed her dance course..n slowly n steadily her family n spclly her dad is her main support

Naira: wow impressive …now m sure of one thing…other than being a dancer she is a really confident  human being….

All the car stats going to home

Everyone is sleeping in kaira’s car

Kartik seemed lost somewhere 

Naira: wat happened  kartik 

Kartik: this story sound so similar to a girl who is very close to  my heart

Naira had rested her head on kartik’s chest while kaira sitting beside each other… as soon as kartik tells about  a firl beibg close to hus heart .  Naira lifted her head n gave a angry look 

Naira: wat a girl.. n tht too close to ur heart!!

Kartik  smiles seeing  her  all jealous..

Kartik: chill she is my sister 

Naira: oh ok…so u think this girl…

Kartik: no naira it cant be…one of the main reason is ..my dad is never like the one described  by shivika…my dad can never support the ryt person!

Naira keeps her hand on Kartik’s shoulder..supporting him…

Precap- naira meets shivika’s frnd
            – gayu n vivan marriage talks

Guyz wat do u think who will  be shivika’s frnd…coz she will  be bringing a big twist ..i m pretty sure u all will be loving the upcomming in the ff .. n also yrkkh …now we will see tge next episode of yrkkh in 2017!!!…the show is supposedly taking a 6 months leap n aftr tht unique  grand KAIRA VIVAAH!! dont miss awsum episodes  of yrkkh as now it will be all about kaira wedding!

Keep reading…commenting n keep watching yrkkh at 9:30 pm only on star plus …we need to make yrkkh top as kaira vivaah is upcomming!! ?

Happy new year to everyone! May this year vring smile to ur face succes to ur missions n joy to ur lives!! ?☺

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