Kaira love story (episode 27)


Hey guyz! Sup!!

Naksh  n tara congratulate kaira aftr comming out of the room.kaira then go just to roam around the resort..seeing this gayu comes n says wat happened? 

Tara:gayu u came at ryt tym!

Naksh:gayu ..these two love birds finally came out of thier secret cage

Gayu: love birds?

Tara: ur sister  n kartik!!

Gayu: wat!

Naksh: yes they were together  for 3 months i guess…

Gayu was filled with emotions n excused herself n went to room

meanwhile vivan’s mom sona comes  to akshara

Sona: akshu listen i have to tell u something very important

*(sona n akshara r very nyc frnds apart from veing neighbours  so sona calls akshara as akshu)*


Sona:i have observed gayu n vivan working n spending so much of tym together …so i was thinking

Akshara: omg! Even i felt the same wen we went to switzerland for tht deal

Sona: hai na!…so it will be good we start the talks from now …as they both r also shaadi ke layak

Akshara nods with a smile


Kaira roam in the garden  area of the resort…holding each others hand

Kartik: naira now toh one plz!!

Naira: one?

Kartik signs towards his lips 

Naira: r u mad! 

Kartik: now wat!? Ab toh everyone knows about us 

Kartik pulled naira close to him…he moves his hands over naira’s hand …n then lifts her chin…naira had closed her eyes! Kartik leaned n very softly  kissed naira’s lips

Gayu’s room was garden facing n she saw the kiss n all .

Gayu (in mind): god!! U can never keep anything  for me na! Everything is going away ..now i will  have to find my own way …let naira n kartik be together  ..i will find a better one n then marry n get settled earler than these.!!

Just then there was a knock  on the door …its akshara naitik n all singhania elders!

Gayu behaves normal

Akshara: r u ok?

Gayu: yes yes…too much of work…so wat is the matter u all here !!

Naitik: gayu …we sti remmber the day u were born …na see how fast u grew…n today..

Naitik stops


Bhabhima: today u r so grown up tht  marriage  proposals  r comming for u

Everyone  smiles 

Gayu: wat? 

Akshara: u know him well….its vivan

Gayu: vivan !!

Gayu thinks is it God’s  sign! …but y?

Akshara: i know these decisions  can take tym ..try to  know each other in this picnic n them tell us on the day of return

Gayu then remmbers kaira kissing!

Gayu: i dont need to think….my answer is yes

Everyone is shocked 

Naitik: so  soon!!

Gayu: i know vivan …he seeems ok ..so..

Akshara n all became happy

Gayu thinks …i will show tht even i can get a guy!!

Just then kaira enter

Naira: wats going on?

Akshara: gayu said yes for vivan’s rishta 

Naira: wow!

Naitik: ab gayu ke baad it will be u n kartik

Kaira smile

Gayu is super hurt

Kartik: nhi sir ..not so soon …i wanna stay son to u all for longer…. damad phase will come latter

Akshara: u will always  be our son kartik!

Everyone  smile n enjoy  the moment!

Gayu was feeling miserable she felt even if she says yes will vivan say yes to me !!

All the elders go n talk to vivan’s parents 
They greet each other

Akshara: sona …we talked to gayu n from our side rishta is finale

Sona: waah kya baat h …even i talked to vivan m he said he is ready 

Everyone congratulate each other n make each other eat sweets!

All the youngsters of singhanias r near poolside

Tara: m so happy …my two sister in laws will get married soon

Naksh: m happy tht its happening at this tym

Naira: y bhai?

Naksh: arrey see now as tara is pregnant …so now she will have to take rest from all the shaadi work…so in mean tym …me n tara can romance 

Tara smiles n says sapne mein

Kartik: naira dekho …learn from them …how romantic they r !

Naksh: oye kartik …no need to be so romantic abhi se …ryt now only everyone got tp kmow about u …rishtaa fix nhi hua

Kaira smile

Tara notices gayu sad 

Tara: gayu ..i know  how u might be feeling …n how many ques maybe comming in ur mind…but the only solution to this is go n talk to vivan…

Just then gayu’s phone vibrates n its vivan’s msg

Naira: wow gayu di …ur n jiju ka connection  is so strong  abhi se

Gayu still doesnt smile

Aftr sometime viyu meet in garden

Vivan sees gayu when she was walking towards  him ..he senses tht gayu wasnt very happy …

Vivan: gayu r u ok?

Gayu: yes 

Vivan: thts a total lie!!

Gayu: no …tht actually

Both say it together i wanna tell u something

Viyu look at each other

Vivan: u go first 

Gayu: ok …actually i wanted u to know tht before our marriage got fixed there was a past story

Vivan: ok is it about ur parents…coz akshara aunty told

Gayu: no its not tht …actually i had feelings for kartik ….but yesterday at night i got to know tht kartik n naira love each other…so …

Vivan is shocked!

Vivan: so was saying yes …just a heat of tht moment?

Gayu: umm no..

Vivan: chill gayu ..if it is so do tell me… we will find a solution to get out of this marriage thing …actually the thing i wanted to tell was…ki i had a very serious relationship with a girl …before comming here i had a bad break up …tht girl cheated me …so i understand tht feeling of having a attraction for someone else…so lets say no for this alliance

Gayu: but

Vivan: gayu i understand u cant say no …i will say no …u dont have to face any trouble

Vivan was almost teary ryt now

Vivan turns to go

Gayu: wait …

Vivan turns 

Gayu: maybe  god wants us to move on…we both had similar situation n heartbreaks…n maybe we can be only the support system of each other ….so wat if we marry we can still be frnds ..n as frnds we will become each others support system

Vivan: but ur feelings?… i..

Gayu doesnt let vivan complete 

Gayu: come on vivan …u had a bigger heartbreak as compared to me ..aftr listening to ur story my sadness was nothing….so its ur call

Vivan: ok then as frnds! Yes!

Gayu: yes just coz we will be husband n wife it isnt necessary we have to have tht kind of relation ryt 

Vivan: ryt 

Vivan thinks in mind gayu i will make sure one day  this frndship will blossom love between us …aftr neeti(his ex) ..u r the person  for whom i felt like this

They both smile n go back to room

resort officials announced tht there is a christmas party tonight

Everyone gets happy ….everyone gets ready


Tara is trying to fit herself in a beautiful long dress 

Naksh sees tht

Naksh: tara be careful ….u r hurting the baby!!

Tara: wat!

Naksh: see how the dress  is pressing ur baby bump…

Tara: naksh there r many protective layers inside tht bump!! Havent u studied  any bio!!
..plz zip this fron back

Naksh: this wont zip up

Tara: wat!! 

Tara gets all teary n sad 

Naksh: tara ..dont cry plz 

Tara is crying  more

Naksh hugs tara….

naksh: see only 6 months more!

Tara gives a angry look at naksh

Tara; wat will i wear now!

Naksh: wait

Naksh brings something from his luggage bag

Tara:wat is this

Naksh: i thought  to gift u this aftr 3 months r completed but i think its needed ryt now …n as only 4 days r left for 3 months to get competed …so here u go

Tara opens it n sees a beautiful long dress for pregnant ladies

Tara gets all happy n jumps 

Naksh comes  n holds her 

Naksh: if u jump i will take it away

Tara: sorry sorry!!

Tara hugs naksh

Everyone  gets ready …kartik(wears the dress mohsin wore in star screen 2016)..goes infront of naira’s room …naira comes  wearing a golden full lenght dress!!(Just  like in star screen awards 2016 dress of shivi)they go to the venue together 

At the venu
The host announces tht party n enjoy 
Music is played …

 tara asks naksh to  dance with her …aftr much hesitation  ..naksh agrees

Kartik asks naira to dance with her…

Kartik: u look so damn beautiful …i cant control  myself from giving u a kiss

Naira: stop!! Jyada bird banke udne ki koshish mat karo …u r still  mendhak ….my mendhak

Kartik smiles n winks at naira …naira also smiles

Vivan  sees gayu seeing kaira n all the couple

Vivan comes to gayu

Vivan: lets have a frndly dance ..if u dont mind

Gayu doesnt reply so vivan gets going from there

Gayu then accepts the offer n they also go n dance

suddenly tara’s face expressions changes…naksh notices n asks is everything ok?

Tara: yes i think so

Naksh worries n takes tara away from dance floor n brings  tara to a place to make her sit

All family members notice this n rushes there

Akshara: tara beta r u ok.?

Tara is all cry n all worry n naksh is all worried n cry seeing tara like tht 

Precap- find out the reason about wat                              happened  to tara
              -back to normal lyf 
              – gayu wedding bells starts

Guyz i hope u liked this episode …i had already planned ki kaira shaadi will have to wait coz of many twists  ..n aftr reading all ur comments  i was hapoy my thought matches to all of urs! Do tell me how u felt  about tbis episode

Keep reading …commenting n keep on watching yrkkh …we need to make it on no. 1 show as kaira is rocking n thier wedding is approaching!!?

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