Kaira love story (episode 26)


Hey guyz belated merry christmas!! Did u enjoy the christmas special kaira episode on 25th!?

Kaira nakshtara  shivika n mishti enjoy the roadtrip ….singing songs  n chatting

While Vivan cant get over gayu n keeps on gazing  her all the way!

They all reach  the amusment park

Everyone put thier sunglasses on …n went in

Everyone  formed thier groups n went on different directions

Gayu was going   to join kaira …but suddenly vivan screams out of pain 

Gayu gets all concerned  n turns n sees tht a bee bit vivan on his palm….no one was around as everybody had left….gayu caresses his hands  n puts some ointments from the first aid kept  in the car…

While doing it gayu thinks tht y does she care for vivan  so much now adays …n  this thought felt wierd  to gayu

Meanwhile vivan was just lost in the way gayu caressed  him …he was totally  mesmerized  by gayu

So eventually kaira nakshtara shivika n mishti went togther, viyu went togther, shivam n keerthi were just chilling out taking selfies n pics of others

Kaira were roaming holding  each others hand…

Kartik: naira lets go on roller coaster

Naira: no no 

Kartik looks surpirsed n says no? R u scared? Omg my sherni is afraid!!

Naira: umm woh…m not affriad ok …u go with shivika  n mishti…m good here

Kartik: i wonder wen will u accept tht u r scared!!?…ok then m going with shivika n mishti

Naira sees kartik go …

naira: mendhak wait!!

Shivika: mendhak!?

Mishti: shivika di woh naira di calls bff mendhak as she thinks he always does tar tar tar

Both mishti n shivika have a laugh

Shivika goes to kartik …pokes him saying so Mr. Mendhak …wont u raher go to lakes full of water than a roller coaster ride

Kartik: ohh please! And naira u …mendhak again!

Naira: sorry sorry …my bad….waise i wanna join u guyz too

Kartik gets all happy n says yay!

They four go …

Meanwhile nakshtara 

Naksh: tara u need to sit down 

Tara: sit down again!!! Abhi toh car mein we came sitting only!!

Naksh: still

Tara: wat still ….i wanted to go on rides but m not na …now no more restrictions 

Seeing tara sad …naksh goes  n kisses her on cheeks 

Tara is surprised 

Tara: its public!!

Naksh: so wat! Even  ur baby  bump can be seen in public …if u can show everyone  our love’s sign who will be comming soon…so cant i just kiss u to let everyone  know m with u

Tara is adoring the cute sweet talks of naksh

Tara holds naksh’s hands n sides hugs him

Kaira sat together on roller coaster

Initially when the roller coaster went to a considerable height  …naira holds kartik tightly …kartik sees naira n notices naira has closed her eyes

Kartik whispers to naira:song worrt lady love i m always here …

Kartik kisses naira’ s forehead 

Naira looks at kartik n they both stare at each other’s eyes  …

Shivika n mishti sat togther behind kaira ….seeing this they started teasing kaira 

Then all four of them had fun

Aftr tht shivam n keerthi joined kaira 

All singhania elders(including nakshtara) r seeing everyone  enjoy

Aftr having lot of fun .. they all proceeded  to the resort very close by!..everyone goes to their rooms

[Gayu went with vivan to do a vid conference  for a deal ]

Aftr sometime naira goes to akshara n naitik’s room …she finds all the singhanias (except gayu as she was in a vid eo call meeting) at one place 

Naira: kuch hua h kya?

Akshara: we wanted to talk to u about  something 

Naira is confused

Naitik: we noticed today 

Naira naksh n tara think they noticed naira n kartik together  so thts y…

Naitik: princess we have seen u …n we have decided to talk about ur marriage proposal

Naira: marriage

Akshara: yes …u n shivam r childhood frnds so … n we have seen ur bond …so we all decided to talk to shivam’ s family …about the alliance of shivam n u

Naira naksh n tara r shocked ….

Naksh n tara were about to tell about kartik  but naira signs them she will handle

Naira takes a leave from there …without saying anything

Naira desperately finds  kartik …but failing to do so she asks shivika

Naira:shivika …do u know where kartik is ?

Shivika: yes i think in his room ….is everything ok?

Naira: thanks …ya everything is fyn

Naira goes to  kartik’s room…kartik opens the door n says wow! U couldnt stay  without me n my handsome looks ! U wanna share this room ..i knew it!

Kartik then notices  naira …n sees her almost  like crying…kartik gets tensed n hugs her without asking  anything!

Aftr a while naira cools a bit…n tells kartik everything 

Kartik holds naira’s hands n says lets go

Naira: where?

Kartik: lets tell them 

Naira: r u sure?

Kartik: m 110 percent sure ..

Naira agrees n goes towards akshara n naitik’s room ….on thier way they find nakshtara…

Naksh: wat will u be doing  now?

Naira: bhai we will tell the  truth..

Tara: good decision …come we will also accompany u both

They four go

Akshara: naira ..y did u just leave

Bhabhima: yes naira beta …r u ok?

Before naira could say anything ….

Kartik: i want to tell u all something …i know it will sound odd…but its not …its the reality …i and naira reallt love  each other …we cant stay away fron each other…its going to be complete 4 months soon…we wanted to first see if it works n only then tell u all

Naitik: princess …u never

Naira cries n hugs naitik

Naira: m sorry papa! I wanted ti tell u but scared tht wat if this wont work n all ur expectations will be high…

Akshara: naira chup beta …

They all (except kaira n nakshtara)  smile 

Kaira n nakshtara  were surprised

Akshara: we were just playing a joke on u both

Naira: u knew!? When?

Naitik: the whole week kartik stayed in singhania house we noticed! We also knew u both werent going to reaveal anything so we tried this method….we also knew naksh n tara  were ur helpers

Naksh n tara: woh toh

Akshara: haan haan we know woh toh kya …chill u both ..u supported the correct ones

Now everyone smile out of immense joy  n happiness

Naitik hugs kartik

All disperse..

Meanwhile seeing gayu n vivan work so niceky with each other …vivan’s mon thinks them to perfect for each other!

Precap-vivan’s mom’s decision  about viyu
             -gayu gets to know about kaira
             – is kartik a goenka??

Guyz so the most awaited  ques is answered …marriage fix  of naira n shivam was temprorary …so chill

Guyz more twists r comming  a small hints for the upcomming
“Show se pehle yahan ho jayega toh?”

now keep guessing kya hoga yahan pehle ?

Luv u all guyz thnks fod ur constant  suppoort n motivation ??

Keep reading …commenting n keep watching yrkkh at 9:30 pm only on star plus …trps will reach  higher as so many kairalicious scenes on the show yrkkh n also here in my ff ?

Next update i will do it today only hopefully ??

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  1. Lasyashree.10

    di… its awesome.. veryintresting.. and that nakshatra scene was so cute..these are missing in real show..bt you are balancing it

    1. Hales

      Thnk u so much lasya….m glad u feel lyk this n u like the ff ?

  2. Vrushy

    Awsome as always. 🙂
    Reading your update brings a smile on my face. By the way are you getting kaira married ?!! I just wanted to see more of their relationship phase !!

    1. Hales

      M happy tht my ff brings a smile on ur face ☺
      I wont reveal but would give u a hint -‘ryt now many things r incomplete so…?
      Keep reading to know

  3. Amazing! And the Christmas special episode was sooooo…… cute. I loved it and watching it even now. Waiting for the next update. ??

    1. Hales

      Yes tht christmas spcl epi was awsum!☺

  4. Vinni05

    Amazing really enjoying while reading and can’t wait for next part

    1. Hales

      Thnk u ☺

  5. Anyan

    Awesome yr hales..
    Now i am waiting for nxt episode
    Plz update asap

    1. Hales

      Thnk u ☺

  6. It was awesome love both couples bond really missing naksh in serial but by reading ur ff it looks complete

  7. Hales

    Thnk u so much ☺

  8. This was awesome dear….waiting fir more kaira n twists n turns …keep up the good work
    belated merry Christmas

    1. Hales

      Thnk u shilpa ?☺

  9. CuteVanshu

    Amazing epi….

    1. Hales

      Thnks ☺

  10. Merry Christmas(belated). Amazing episode as always..and we want some more kaira gf bf romance waiting for ur new twists…TYSM for updating regularly

    1. Hales

      Thnk u ….keep reading to find the twists?

  11. cool

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