Kaira love story (episode 25)


Hey guyz today this episode will be a special episode ..n i would like to dedicate this episode  to one my best  friend cum sister …she has her bday on 25th december so this is like a  pre birthday special gift from my side to her!!
Happy birthday shivika!! Luv u yr!! Keep smiling hope u like this bday gift from me …this is hust 1st gift …many more on ur way ???

Guyz dont forget to watch star screen christmas special episode on 25th dec 2016 sunday at 9pm only on star plus coz there would be kaira story n yrkkh story n bollywood stars grooving with them?
At aftrnoon
Akshara naitik gayu n vivan reach to mehshwaris to pick up naira n tara as mishti  was in school n naksh at office

Naira: mumma papa! U  all came so soon

Akshara: yes beta work got finished fast …but it looks like you r not happy seeing us so soon

Naira: no ..woh …thts not like tht m so happy…i will go n pack my n mishti’s stuff

Naira thinks what ganga maiya i had planned so many fun for the whole  week …

Just then kartik enters as he had forgotten  a imp file 

Kartik gets surprised  seeing gayu akshara  n all

Kartik: radhekrina ma’am  sir …u guyz here

Naira turns around hearing kartik’s voice 

Akshara tells kartik the same thing she told naira about how the feal got over fast

Kartik gives a look to naira whose eyes was already filled with sadness

Naira goes to pack her things ….kartik goes to his room to take  the file….naira n kartik’s room was close by …

For first few minutes they glazed at each other outside thier respective rooms …

Then they came towards each other n shared a hug

Naira: ye kya ho rha h dekho na …we stay n we go away

Kartik: our hearts r always intertwined  how can we be  away!

Kartik was going to give a lip kiss as a goodbye 

Naira: wat r u doing!!

Kartik: kissing u

Naira: someone might see …so plz flying kiss se kam chala lo

Kartik agrees aftr arguing a bit 

They bid each other bye n then they both go to hall ….

All singhanias  leave mehshwari  house to return to singhania  house

Akshara n naitik  r in thier room 
Naitik: akshara will it be ok?

Akshara: yes naitik it will be …we need to do this for everyone’s  good …

Naitik: but directly

Akshara: it wont happen directly we both know na …so we will even have to hide this from everyone …for everyone’s  sake

Naitik: ok as u say

Soon they get a happy  news tht due to miracle the village relative is out of danger now so bhabhi ma n all will be home by evening

Everyone is happy 

Naira misses kartik 

Aftr bhabhi maa n everyone come …all singhanias r in the hall 

akshara: we all have a surprise  for u all …i n naitik want to give u all a return gift of our anniversary …n tht is 3 days picinic …we all n all mehshwaris will go n i even invited sona (vivan’s mom) n family!

Mishti: wow tht means bff would also be comming

Naitik: no mishti he has work i guess 

Naira hears this n gets upset….

Tara notices it n signs naksh to let kartik come too

Naksh: papa ..let kartik also come as he also did so much for the play n all

Everyone agrees 

Naira gets  super happy n excited…she was going to mg kartik but just then few office members enter house for a meeting called by naitik at home …n kartik was also one of them…..

During the meeting naira finds some way or ther to go the tht room where meeting is going on …sometine she took the glasses of water next tym she took the snacks…

Each tym kartik saw her they would keep in seeing each other

Aftr the meeting got over all staff took thier leave 

Naksh stops kartik n tells hin about picnic…kartik gets happy but then remmbers something 

Kartik: thnks for the invitation but i cant come  …

Naksh: y kartik

Kartik: actually one of my college best friend is comming  to udaipur …she is comming to india for the first tym for work n for few days she is visiting here

Naitik: so its good na beta …let her also join all of us it will be fun ..in this way she will also explore  udaipur

Kartik: no no sir …u guyz dont have to get any trouble i will manage

Naitik:it will be fun …it wont be any trouble

Naksh: yes kartik come on

Mishti: come on bff

Kartik looks at naira …even she gives him a look to say yes

Kartik: ok yes i will!!

Naksh: thts nyc …now we will have fun

At night
Kaira on Phone

Naira: now adays toh  many of ur girl friends r comming to see u

Kartik: girl friends

Naira: yes first krithika n now this new girl

Kartik: oh krishna ju someone save me from this bad smell of burning

Naira: m not jealous 

Kartik: ik wat u r ryt now

Naira: u think u r popular  ..i also have shivam with me …he will give me company


Naira: yes

Kartik: woh toh tab na wen i will let anyone else other than me  give u company …i wll never leave by ur side

Naira: if u leave na then …u will see wat this sherni can do

Kartik: ok ok i won’t …i love u

Naira: i love u too

Next day morning 

everyone  meet in singhania house …

Suddenly a girl comes n hugs  kartik …

She is tall ..has medium lenght straight hairs  open…she has wore a black jagger with white shirt n royal blue coat with a trendy scarf 

kartik: everyone meet my college best friend  shivika!! ( yay she is my bday girl best frnd guyz!!?)

Everyone greets her

Naira also comes to her to talk 

Naira: hi shivika …nyc name

Shivika:thnx naira i like urs too …btw congrates wat no girl could  ever do u did it 

Naira: huh? Wat?

Shivika: tumne iss momo ko apna bf bana liya ..good going girl

Naira: u know! N who is momo?

shivika: sorry  i hope u didn’t  feel bad .. momo i mean kartik didnt  tell me anything i observed the way u two were seeing each other before i came here …so i thought 

Naira: wow u know kartik really well! But y call him momo 

Shivika: naira dont worry i like momo as a best frnd only …so u dont need to worry! I call him momo coz during college tyms in our campus we had a cat n called him momo n kartik  also adored him a lot until his owner took him away aftr few  months…

Naira: ok nyc …n i think we can really be good frnds n then prank on kartik togther

Shivika:  ya! Tht would be fun…i would really need some girl company on this picnic trip

Akshara: so shivika wat job do u do?

Shivika: aunty i am a lawyer cum writer

Tara: wow multi talented

Shivika: actually i went  to law college ..it was part of the same university  kartik did her business course  from …then  i discovered my writing skills so later did few courses n now i do both

Gayu: nyc shivika

Aftr this everyone go to sit in cars 
Everyone is going in different different  cars so tht everyone is comfortable….

Kaira sign each other n acquire thier seats in the same car

Gayu wanted to be in the same car as kartik …but tht car was already full by then

Viva eagerly wanted gayu to sit with him in his car as he will be driving n wanted to spend lots of tym with gayu
  (*till now vivan has fallen for gayu*)

Car 1 is  7 seater car n driver seat where all singhania elders sit 

Car 2 is a four seater car +1 driver seat where  rajbanna bhabhi ma devyani n karishma sit

Car 3 is a 6 seater car +driving seat where naksh tara naira kartik mishti n shivika sit

Car4 is a 6 seater car+ driver where akshara naitik n vivan’s mom n dad sit n other space occupied with luggage

Car5 is a 6 seater car + driving where  gayu vivan krithika n  shivam n more picinic  stuff was there

They all leave for a amusemnt park n then they would go to the resort

Kaira sat at back seat side by side n in  a partial hugging position  …on the other side of naira is shivika 
N in middle bucket seat tara n mishti sit…n naksh sits in front 

Precap: – someone’s marraige is getting fixed!
              -Everyone enjoys in the amusemnt                       park!

Guyz i hope u liked it …picnic  will be continued n more kaira scene n a beautiful twist is comming which will bring  a smile to ur face …do comment on how did u feel about the episode!!

Keep reading….commenting…n keep on watching yrkkh at 9:30 only on star plus  …☺

U guyz must be knowing tht kaira vivaah is upcomming in the real show yrkkh …lets take the trps higher n higher!!?

Guyz dont forget to watch star screen christmas special episode on 25th dec 2016 sunday at 9pm only on star plus coz there would be kaira story n yrkkh story n bollywood stars grooving with them ?

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  1. Vrushy

    Awsome hales.
    Happy birthday to your best friend from my side as well.
    Who’s marraige are you talking about ?!! Reveal it faster yarr. The suspense is killing me from 2 episodes !!

    1. Hales

      Thnx vrushy…from my frnd’s side also thnk u ….next mein all reaveal hoga n twists …i hope u all will like it ?

  2. It was awsome…love the bonding of kaira with naksh and Tara…wish your best friend shivika from my side too

    1. Hales

      Thnx soumya …also from my frnd’a side thnk u for wishing ?

  3. Jiya1312

    U r my favorite….. I love your epicz… It is as interesting as real yrkkh…. Whateva is missing their yhaa poora hojataa h…. Thnkuh dear for sharing it with us… Love uh lot

    1. Hales

      Thnx yr jiya ? this compliment means a lot yr ?☺ m so glad u r liking it so much ?

  4. CuteVanshu

    Awesome epi..suspense…reveal it soon di..

    1. Hales

      Will be revealing it soon …keep reading ?

  5. Anyan

    Awesome hales..And happy birthday to your friend..
    And whose marriage?? Reveal it fast..

    1. Hales

      Thnx soumya …also from my frnd’a side thnk u for wishing ? ….i wll reveal it soon keep reading to find out! ?

      1. Hales

        Thnx anyan..also from my frnd’a side thnk u for wishing ? keep reading n commenting ?

  6. Vinni05

    Wow interesting can’t wait for next part and happy birthday to ur best buddy

    1. Hales

      Thnx yr …also from my frnd’a side thnk u for wishing ??

  7. Very nice episode Eva… Eagerly waiting for next

    1. Hales

      Thnx shweta…m glad u liked it ?

  8. Awesome dear….prrecap is intriguing since two episodes plzz reveal it next. ..looking forward to kaira scenes in picnic. …wish u friend happy happy wala birthday. ..merry Christmas to u

    1. Hales

      Thnk u so much shilpa …thnks from my frnd’s side too …merry christmas to u too have fun?

  9. Hey eva…wish ur friend shivika from my side too..and i’m already following u on Twitter. my Twitter id is @samia_jahan15. And I jst love the story of ur ff

    1. Hales

      Thnk u from my frnd’s side….m glad u like my ff …n will msg u on twitter ?

  10. Welcome dear..i’m waiting

  11. Lasyashree.10

    Di… it’s awesome…waiting for next one eagerly.. and you just said there are more twists even…. excited…. lots of suspense… great…… amazing… I really loved it????❤️

    1. Hales

      Thnks lasya ? ….surely many twits r upcomming keep reading!

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