Kaira love story (episode 24)


Heu guyz m back! So how r u guyz?
Some important  news about yrkkh!

– star screen christmas spcl episode will have kaira scenes of going to the award n all it will be seperate  from  the main story line of yrkkh 

-christmas spcl will telecast on star plus  on 25th dec sunday at 9pm …so dont miss!?

-trp of this tym is 3.2 which has increased from last week so yay!! But we need to make it more higher as kaira wedding is also upcomming!

-ppl from twitter plz note tht  there is a proper plan to make  the kaira wedding phase  exciting not only on tv but also online on twitter …if u wanna take part msg me here or follow @eva_shadangi on twitter so tht a proper thing can be told to u ☺

-with the reviews do comment ki on whose side r u on …ladke wala (kartik’s side as baarati) or ladki  wala (Naira’s side as ghaarati)…for kaira wedding ?

Precap- kartik was angry on naira for missing their  coffee date in order to go with  shivam …later akshara naitik gayu n vivan go to Switzerland for a deal …all the elder ppl like bhabhi  maa devyani rajbanna with karishma go to village as someone is ill ….naksh tara naira n mishti r now staying with mehshwaris …naira prepares a special date for her n kartik ..she also cooks n wears a blue saree …kartik forgives her n they enjoy…

Today’s  episode 

Kaira enjoy thier food n make each other eat too …

Meanwhile tara n naksh sit on dinning table n discuss  about thier old tyms

Kaira dance n then kartik kisses naira’s neck …back hugs her tightly …naira turns n then kartik comes closer …naira closes her eyes …

Kartik whispers: naira u even want to wait for wedding only na to even kiss!

Naira: umm …

Kartik: no worries 

Kartik kisses naira on her cheek

Kartik turned …naira held his hand kartik turned …

Kartik saw a unusual glaze in Naira’s eyes …he got a sign tht she also wants it

Kartik trusted his intutions about Naira  ..so he came close  to naira n then finally  thier lips met softly n gently !

They both experienced something new ..the kiss was irresiatable to  both..

Suddenly  rain poured …n kaira came to senses about where they r …

Kaira just give each other a small peck on thier lips …n stopped n went inside

Naksh n tara sees them

Tara signs kaira tht there is lipstick  pn kartik’s lips …before  they could  decode the sign

Naksh:kartik u never told me u like to put lipstick too!

Kartik gets worried n says wohh ..umm ..

Naksh: chill …kartik i said  na i trust u both ..this is fyn with me! Next tym do remove ur lipstick 

Tara n kaira smile seeing this side of kaira

Tara also leaves 

Kartik:naira see naksh is cool with us . .so today u come to my room only

Naira is shocked

Kartik: arrey dirty mind ..dnt think tht…i was saying so tht we can talk  all night n there many things  other than tht  ..i know u r very desperate for  tht …but woh aftr shaadi hi (says this melodramically)

Naira: achcha me desperate …now i will ensure tht lipstick  will never reach  to ur lips 

Kartik: achcha sorry  lady love ….

Kartik gives a flying  kiss 

Everyone  sleeps..

Next morning…everyone comes  for breakfast…kartik was missing …tara asks naira  normally  to go n call kartik for breakfast

Naira goes to kartik’s room

Kartik is doing excercise shirtless 

Naira comes without seeing wat kartik is doing …but then turns  around….

Naira:kartik wat is this??

Kartik turns n sees naira

Kartik: excercise baby! I need to keep myslef fit na nhi toh  how will i match up to ur hotness

Naira smiles 

Naira: where  ur shirt atleast!!

Kartik hugs naira from back

Kartik:ab toh shirtless dekhni ki aadat dal do …coz shaadi ke baad…

Naira: shut up ok

Naira was admiring kartik’s body by the mirror kept imfront of her

Kartik: mirror se achcha direct dekh lo i qont mind at all

Naira shys n goes saying to come for breakfast 

Everyone  eats food …then every male member  leaves for office …naira notices tht kartik had forgotten his watch on sofa ..so naira goes  outside …

Naira finds krithika there …she had come to give some file vivan had askes to give to naksh

Then naira saw kritika n kartik  talk to each other 

Naira was a little  jealous 

Krithika: hey kittu …sorry kartik

Kartik: hi

They both have a nyc frndly conversation …

Krithika takes a leave …then naira gives kartik his watch…

Then all male leave finally

Precap- everyone is back
            -whose marriage is getting fixed?
            -akshara’s surprise  will bring good                     vibes or bad?

Guyz do comment how did u feel about this episode …its short i know but now on i will post everyday so thts y its short …next one will be up by 23 night or 24 daytime …thnx for loving my ff so much n giving it so much love ?

Keep reading ….commenting n keep watching yrkkh on star  plus at 9:30 pm …we need to make trps high?

many cute kaira romance n kaira shaadi proposal is also  upcomming …so dont miss tht …n also do keep the christmas spcl episode  on star plus  (i have given details regarding this at top)

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  1. Wow superb anyway I’m from ladki wala

  2. Hales

    Thnks mihi …cool so ladki wale wala ho aap be ready to welcome kartik jiju then?
    Mein toh ladke wali ?

  3. Hales tum naira babhi ki welcome ka taiyariya karo

    1. Hales

      Hehe wahi kar rhi hoon . But dont think ki mein kartik ki sister hoon ….mein kartik ki bff hoon childhood wali?

  4. Vrushy

    The kaira moments were damn sweet and cute. Waiting for your next update !!

    1. Hales

      Thnk u so much ?

  5. Exercise dream sach huya thoda tho sahi…awesome …ur ff was missing it..now ur back…loved the romantic part u wrote ….looking forward to the surprise. …

    1. Hales

      Thnx shilpa ?? this means a lot ..m glad u liked it☺

  6. me bhi naira ki bff hu Cape Town wali ?

    1. Hales

      Ok nyc ☺

  7. Anyan

    Really awesome update..
    Waiting for nxt. And i from lalka Wale

    1. Hales

      Thnks yr!☺ …so baarati dance ready kar lo …ab kartik ke barat mein aag n masti ?

      1. Anyan

        Always ready

  8. Vinni05

    Awsome waiting for next episode

  9. It’s awsome…really love it I was missing ur ff..love kaira’s bond

    1. Hales

      Thnx yr …m glad u r liking the ff ??

  10. I m from kartik’s side so I will be larka wala

    1. Hales

      Cool …m from his side too ?

  11. it was amazing episode and I will be from Karthik’s side means larka wali

    1. Hales

      Thnks yr ?….so larka wali side… then get ready with the baarati dance ?

  12. AHT

    It was amazing I will be from Ladki wali side

    1. Hales

      Thnk u ? ….so ladki wali ho …then shoes churane ki plannning kar lena …though hum ladke wale dene nhi denge ?☺

  13. ladka moments were just awesome..looking forward to urfrurprise…anyway I’m also from ladka wala…we will spread aag on Twitter for kaira wedding!!!

    1. Hales

      Thnx surely we will spread aag!! So u wanna join the twitter kaira group? I can add u if u want …just follow the id eva_shadangi n tweet tagging eva_shadangu tht u wanna join the group ..?

  14. Kaira* moments
    Ur srprise*
    Sorry it was a writing mistake

  15. CuteVanshu

    Awesome update…

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