Kaira love story (episode 23)


Hey guyz again took some tym out to write the ff ..hope u like it

Btw this times trp 3.2 …i hope it increases spclly  aftr this kaira millan 2 …it was so awsum the dialogues n kaira ?


Kartik tells naira to meet him in the eve in coffee shop 

Naira agrees …

Kartik takes  a leave

In aftrnoon naira n mishti were  walking n going to a nearby shop to buy something for mishti’s project

On their way they saw shivam ..

Shivam:hey guyz …where r u both beautiful ladies going?

Mishti: to buy my project  material

Naira: aaj kya hua …u included   me  as beautiful n not moti ..good progress ..atlast u got  some manners

Shivam: good tht u reminded me …thnks moti 

Naira: u toh wait 

Mishti: jaldi karo di …u guyz fight some other day …i really need to start  making the project

Shivam: everything aside …naira plz i need ur help

Naira: my help?

Shivam: yes i need to see udaipur fort ….i havent visited ..Vivan bhai is busy n no one is free ….so will u accompany me ..plz

Naira: hmm ok 

Shivam: so aaj 

Naira:ok ..done we need to leave early or else fort will close 

Shivam: yes ma’am 

Naira n mishti go n shivam smiles 

Aftr sometime naira n shivam  leave for fort ..

They reached the fort n roamed n naira showed shivam the fort …

Kartik  reaches  the coffee shop …n waits ..naira’s phone is out of coverage  area ..so he calls mishti …mishti  tells him about naira going with shivam to udaipur fort

Kartik gets upset …n leaves from their  angrily

Naira n shivam return …shivam goes to his house dropping naira

Mishti comes running to naira ….

Mishti: di itna late

Naira: woh traffic  tha

Mishti: arent u forgetting something

Naira is clueless 

Mishti: ur coffee date with bff!!

Naira is shocked : ohh god how can i forget …n i didnt even  tell him i was going …he will be so angry n upset …ab kya karun

Naitik calls everyone to hall ..so everyone goes there

Akshara: guyz we need to tell u all tht me naitik n gayu have to go to switzerland again to complete the deal with  vivan’s company ..vivan will also be going

Just then  bhabhima receives a call from village tht big brother of rajbanna is very sick n it maybe his last day n he wants  to meet rajbanna bhabhima n devyani ….

Bhabhima tells everyone 

Akshara: i will also come with u three as someone needs to take care of u three ….

Karishma: bhabhi dont  worry i will go with them …u need to go for the deal …so relax

Naitik: wait a minute then wat about mishti

Karishma: mishti will u stay here as u have imp tests comming up …can i go?

Mishti: yes mumma u can go …dont take tension

Karishma hugs mishti

Naitik:our mishti is a big girl now!

Devyani: how can we forget!!..tara is 2 and a half month pregnant its initial phase so she might need help ….who will stay with her

Mishti: i have a idea….u all can go n me naira di …tara bhabhi n naksh bhayio can go to taiji’s mom’s house ..problem solved

Mishti winks at naira …naira  gets it mishti said this to help naira convince  kartik

Everyone gets happy with this idea 

Akshara: ok i will inform maa…tara naksh r u guyz ok with it

Tara: yes ma u all go 

Akshara hugs tara

at night Naira calls kartik but he does not pick

Everyone packs their things 

Next morning  naitik akshara gayu n vivan leave for switzerland 

Then bhabhi maa n all leave for village 

Then naira n all were about to leave wen naira says

Naira: guyz i want all of ur help

Everyone asks wat is it

Naira:bhai aaj raat ko make kartik leave from office around 10pm…tara bhabhi u need to help me a bit in ny surprise will tell u later …n mishti i want u to help me with decorations

Naksh: ohh surprise date

Naira: no bhai sorry date …

Naira tells everything to them…

Tara: i know u n kartik love each other n understand each other but never let jealousy get into ur relationship …it results into disaster

Naira nods …

They reach the mehshwari …

Seeing naira ..kartik takes a leave immediately

Naira thinks koi baat nhi mendhak  i will make ur tarr tarr start again by tonight 

In eve nara tells everyone today she will cook today for night

Everyone  agrees …

Naira asks tara to give recipie of few items…those items  were kartik’s favourite ..

Everyone eats food …naksh n kartik were still  in office ….

Aftr everyone ate n went to bed at 9:30 pm 

Naira asks tara ..bhabhi now last help …

Naira shows a blue saree ..plz help me wear this

Tara: nyc one naira …sure i will help u …aaj kartik behhosh hi ho jayega

Naira blushes

Tara gets a call from naksh 

Naksh:  i n kartik will eat in office only n tell naira i will send him at 10pm ok

Tara: naksh wait no!!

Naksh: wat happened  u ok?

Tara: yes m fyn …but dont let kartik eat food there .. naira has prepared food for him ….send him here ryt now

Naksh: wat how ..wat will i say to him

Tara: do watever u wanna do but send him now..

The call is ended 

Naira hugs tara 

Tara:wat happened  …m so greatful tht i got bhai n bhabhi like u guyz i love u both so much

Mishti enters

Mishti: matlab decorations  mein karun n hugs tara bhabhi ko 

Naira n tara hug her also 

Then tara makes naira wear royal blue colour  saree as kartik’s  fav colour is blue

Naira gets all ready with silver bindi …blue n silver bangles …blue eyeliner …red lipstick …everything matches  each other n naira looks beautiful

Tara: nazar  na lage kisiki…

Mean while  in office

Naksh: kartik u go home 

Kartik: wat ?

Naksh: yes go home as u havnt eaten anything na

Kartik: but u said  everyone  will eat here as so much work is left

Naksh: yes but u need to go home as i m thinking ki tara is at home n she might need something n everyone must be sleep by now ..n i cant go as all the papers need my sign 

Kartik: ok naksh chill  …dont take tension i will go n will give u updates …u come aftr doing ur work …

Naksh: thnks kartik 

Kartik leaves ..

Kartik thinks now how will i ignore naira …woh sherni peche pad jayegi saying sorry n making cute faces …but iss baar i want her to work hard to convince me

In garden area of mehshwari naira has set up a table n mishti had decorated  it with heart shapped cut outs n lights…

Kartik enters mehshari house 

Wen he comes to dining table …he just finds tara ..he thinks naira went to sleep 

Tara: kartik wait i will serve u but once go to the garden i guess i forgot my mobile  there

Kartik: bhabhi u just sit i will bring the mobile n will take the food on my own …naksh will eat in office only i guess …


Kartik goes to garden then sees a rose petal filled path n there is a note sayi g plz follow this path for once just follow it

Kartik first  resists but then  goes 

Kartik was amazed to see the decoration 

From back naira comes n hugs him from back

Kartik: naira leave 

Kartik was trying to remove naira’s hand wen he noticed bangles in her hand …

Kartik turned n saw his sherni in a gorgeous  blue saree looking so amazing 

Naira: i luv u !

Kartik gets into his senses 

Kartik:so u finally  got to know tht u have a boyfriend  too …i thought u would be going with tht ur besti shivam again to make him tour udaipur

Kartik turns away looking angry

Naira: m sorry …m really really sorry …this sherni can only roar wen i m in my cave n my cave is tht where my frog  prince is there …. no one can ever make me forget about u …if i have a memory lost thing then also my heart  can never forget  u 

Kartik(all concerned): naira dont say like tht …

Naira holds her ears

Kartik removes her hands from ears n makes her dance with him ….

Kartik: i luv u  naira!! this was the best surprise ever

Naira brings him to the table ….

Kartik: wow these r all my fav things

Naira: only for u 

Kartik: u made them?

Naira  nods shyly

Kartik makes naira sit n he sits 

Naira serves kartik

Kartik takes the first bite 

Kartik makes faces …

Naira gets tensed : achcha nhi h?

Kartik :achcha … its amazing …better than rajashri aunty!! I am so lucky i will get to eat so amazing food all my life 

Naira: all ur life

Kartik: yes aftr marriage

Naira: ohh hello! I wont cook everyday ..even u will have to cook 

Kartik: ok sherni 

They laugh b enjoy

They make each other eat too

Precap- nakshtara cute scenes
            -kaira scenes 
             -kritika comes to mehshwari ….

Guyz i hope u like this episode ..i have tried my best to keep it kaira rich…do comment ur reviews 

Keep reading ..commenting n watch yrkkh at 9:30 on star plus we need to raise the trps …kaira scenes upcomming on yrkkh too ?☺

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    It was good…episode

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  3. Vrushy

    Awsome as always.
    No matter how long you write, I am always craving for more !!
    Waiting for next part !!
    And all the best for your exams.

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    Cute and romantic
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      1. I ll start oncemy studiez are complete i.e. after april-17

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      Next i will upload on 21 dec as now i have back to back tests ..so no tym ☺

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