Kaira love story (episode 22)


Hey guyz aaj i got some tym in between my exams  so m writing  a small update but with a nyc twist …plz dont stop  reading the ff …i will post more regularly once i get time off from my exams ….i hope u guyz understand

Guyz twitter  update for all kaira fans …this week kaira millan 2 for sure confirmed  by bhavna ma’am  (writer of yrkkh)

N also on 25th dec sunday dont miss the Christmas spcl epi full of kaira n star  screen act of kaira ..it will not be a part of the main story line …?

Precap of last epi- kaira romance n kartik goes back to mehshwaris 

Next  morning

Aftr having breakfast 

Naira: papa today i will go with u to office i have work regarding dance academy 

Naitik: ok princess

Naksh(teasingly): naira last pura week toh nhi gyi aaj achchanak se?

Naira(gives a angry stare at naksh): woh bhai aaj kam aya toh going 

Naksh: ok 

Naksh n tara smile coz they know naira is going to meet kartik!

Just then  kartik enters  …he wishes everyone

Naksh wishpers to naira – naira  dekh ye tera dewana little tym bhi nhi reh paya without u

Naira blushes but gives a angry look to kartik

Kartik makes a sorry face

*(flashback- yesterday night naira called kartik at night but kartik didnt pick up n then aftr tht phone was switched off of kartik)*

Akshara: kartik beta …wat happened u came in morning only?

Kartik: woh ma’am  …i forgot my charger n watch here only …n my phone  got switched off …(looking at naira signing her tht this was the reason)

Naitik:ok kartik …go n take it

Kartik goes signing naira to come 

Tara pokes naira teasingly ….naira smiles n goes..

Kartik holds his ears n says m sorry naira 

Naira: i luv u 

Kartik: wat?

Naira: i thought to pretend angry for more tym but u r so adorable i couldn’t  resist ..

Kaira hug n then go out without  getting noticed 

Just then vivan  enters with two guests!

Naitik n all other elders welcome them

Vivan- radhekrishna….uncle this is my younger cuzun brother shivam …mausi ka beta n she is my cuzun  sister kritika..mama ji ki beti

Akshara stares at shivam

Shivam comes to akshara n says aunty pehchana?

Akshara is puzzled  …

Shivam comes to naksh n says naksh bro not even u
Naksh is puzzled 

Shivam then comes to naira n says u remmber me moti !!

Naira is puzzled but hearing moti she exclaims  with joy omg golu!!!

Shivam smiles n says wow u r not tht dumb ..

Naira says u toh wait !!..she chases shivam  just then naksh hugs shivam …shivu  u!!

Akshara n naitik also hug him …

Kartik sees this n feels who is he!!

Vivan is shocked n says shivam u know them already!

Akshara tells everyone tht in cape town shivam lived next to thier house n is of same age of naira…

Naksh: yes …naira n shivam r tom n jerry jodi!!

Kartik feels insecure n jealous ..thinking he is past n m naira’s jai…

Mishti comes to kartik n says bff i m smelling tht something is burning …

Kartik: no mishti nothing like tht 

Kartik fakes a smile

Just then  kartik notices kritika ….kritika stares at kartik 

All the male  elders vivan n gayu sit togther to discuss the deal …

While ladies busy in kitchen

Mishti Tara naksh naira kartik shivam n kritika sat in the garden

Shivam  excuses himself to go to washroom so mishti takes him …

Kritika: kittu u dont remmber me !

Kartik gets surprises n says u remmber

Kritika: ovio kittu!!

Naira tara n naksh exclaim kittu??

Kartik smiles n says its my nick name 

Naira:wow pehle batate toh mendhak  nhi bulati kittu

Kartik stares angrily

Kritika: actually guyz my dad n kartik’s dad were good frnds we were childhood frnds but aftr tht wen we shifted to mumbai we were out of touch!


Kritika: the last memory i have of kartik is he doing his photoshoot for his dad’s new company product !

Naira: photoshoot.

Kritika:actually he was very cute n thts y …

Kritika pulls kartik’s cheeks

Naira feels insecure 

Kritika shivam n vivan take a leave

Tara teasingly tells kaira …naksh m smelling so much of burning smell…

Kaira look at each other 

Naksh n tara leave ..

Naira: so kittu u r jealous 

Kartik: no ..wat about u moti!!

Kaira laugh 

Kartik: we dont need to be jelaous we r together always

Naira: and forever 

  Precap- akshara n bhabhima get a phone call which leada to change in plans ….kaira scenes n kaira twists!!

Guyz next episode will have a kaira dhamaka n full  on kaira romance ….n gear up for some kaira jealousy ahead …?

Do comment  wat u feel about the new twist

I am open to any suggestions u want to give

Keep reading …commenting  n keep on watching yrkkh at 9:30 on star plus n guyz lets top the trp charts on the special  occasion of kaira millan 2!!??

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  1. Nice n excited 4 nex update
    Plz update it soon

    1. Hales

      Sure thnx ?

  2. Nice update

  3. Double dose of jealousy
    awesome good one….
    looking bforward to twists n romance ….ur awesome in keeping us hooked
    all the best for exams

    1. Hales

      Thnk u?☺ ….watever u said means a lot to me?

  4. Anyan

    Double jealous awesome yr
    Looking for nxt update

  5. Vrushy

    Jealousy track is awsome. Looking forward to your next update. All the best for your exams. Do well !!
    PS : i also read about bhavna’s tweet on twitter. She had used the hashtag #aag in that tweet. i wonder if it would be something related to fire (any acciedent sort off ) !!
    Anyways hope kaira get back together.

    1. Hales

      Thnx …..latest update its related to kidnapping n gunda thing see latest kaira interview ….n the cover pics of all those interview videos ?

      1. Vrushy

        Saw that just now !!
        But bhavna’s tweet was regarding 25th dec , it was chritmas special episode that she was talking about !!

  6. When r u going to date next tell I cant wait for long

    1. Hales

      I will update kal maybe or else aftr 21st dec

  7. It’s awesome! I just love ur ff. When will ur exams finish? All the best for ur exams! ?

    1. Hales

      Thnx ?… My exams r non stop ryt now till june mid coz i have my tests in institute n then 12th board n then entrance exams but i have free schedule for a little tym aftr 21 dec ☺

  8. But after 21 I would not be here I will miss ur ff

    1. Hales

      Ohh ! Where r u going?

    2. Hales

      I have submitted the next one ..it will be posted within 24 hrs ..do check tht out …enjoy in london …u can still read ff in london or wen u return …best of luck ☺

    1. Hales

      Thnx ☺

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