Kaira love story (episode 21)

Heu guyz today i wll be keeping it short i planned to update in between my preboards too but not too long epi …i hope u guyz understand ..

Last tym- play was done successfully …gayu n rose’s plan failed…

Today’s  epi

Naitik n akshara cut the cake at midnight…

Aftr everything is done …naira goes to store room to get the camera stand to take a family  pic..

Naira enters the store room …suddenly the doors close behind  her ….naira was about to scream but someone puts a hand  on naira’s  mouth …n whispered naira  its me kartik

Naira: ohh u !couldnt  u say before …i was scared

Naira was about to get fake angry on kartik but then notices kartik’s face

Naira: kartik …wat happened


Naira: achcha now u will lie to me!! Come on tell me…

Kartik hugs naira tightly …naira gets surprised but even naira hugs kartik…

Kartik:naira i will miss u so much ….during my stay here i had got a habit to see u every time in morning n night …m so sad it feels like we r getting away..

Naira: kartik ….dont say like tht …badi mushkil se m controlling my emotions …plz….

Kartik kisses naira’s  forehead  … n then both of them seem to talk through their eyes…

Suddenly there is a voice uffo y there is so much silence…

Kaira get shocked ….they turn n they see mishti in a corner…

Kaira: mishti u?!

Mishti: yes me …actually  i didnt want to interupt or listen to ur romantic talks actually  i was playing hide n seek with kuhu n nanu bhaiya but then u guyz came here …

Kaira gets surprised

Mishti: btw bff u r so bad …i helped u so much before in making of kaira …n u never told me …

Kartik: mishti m sorry ….

Naira: mishti m sorry too ..i was affraid to tell anyone i only stopped ur bff from telling u 

Mishti hugs them both …n says its ok ..just promise u will always stay like kaira ..

Kaira: promise..

Mishti: our main problem is naksh bhaiyu…he will get very angry if gets to know …

Kaira smile …

Mishti: y r u smiling …

Naira:mishti ..woh …bhai n tara bhabhi knows  ..we didnt tell them they caught us together like u ..

Mishti: ohh ..see kaira together can  make  bhaiyu’s anger away ..means together u can do miracle …btw now i should go n continue playing hide n seek …u guyz continue with ur romance 


Mishti leaves

Kartik: naira we will always will be together ..

Naira: yes forever …n kartik last tym u said na u cant live without  me …today i am saying if u go away from me then i will die at tht very moment…

Kartik keeps his hands on naira’s  mouth ..

Kartik: no i wont let tht happen  …i luv u ..(he kisses her two cheeks)…i luv u ..

Kartik was going to kiss her lips… just then someone calls naira  .

Naira hugs kartik n goes 

Kartik also leaves  from the store room…

Everyone posses for the family photo ..naksh goes first to set the timer ….naksh notices tht kartik n naira are in two seprate ends  ..

Naksh:kartik come this side …(pointing  towards naira’s side).. as u r not comming in the frame..

Kartik happily goes to naira’s  side …naksh winks at kartik!..

Then a family pic is taken ….

Then mehshwari family decides to leave …

They all bid them bye …

Naira gives a flying kiss to kartik without getting noticed ….kartik smiles n also gives a flying  kiss without getting noticed

Precap- vivan is back 
             -someone new in town
            -kartik to get a surprise!

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Good days for kaira fans comming soon on the show .. ?

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  1. Awww kaira romance thank u dear
    lovely episode bff n kaira
    looking forward to next

    1. Hales

      Thnx yr ?

  2. Gr8 story n thnx 4 posting

    1. Hales

      Thnk u ☺

  3. Anyan

    Really nice…
    Loking for next

  4. Aishbee

    Dude some more kaira romance

    1. Hales

      Sure yr soon …i have kept it short coz i was running out of tym aftr 21 dec much more of kaira ?

  5. Ishram


  6. Vrushy

    Awsome. 🙂
    Waiting for next.

    1. Hales

      Thnx yr …even m waiting for ur next …i hope it comes soon !! I really like ur ff ??

  7. Not good at all, the story is good, but a kid (mishti) knowing about this romance, kids should not get involved in this

    1. Hales

      If u have watched yrkkh …in the serial too mishti is the first one to know about kaira love n mishti gives romantic ideas to kaira

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