Kaira love story (episode 20)


Hey  guyz sorry for keep u waiting for so long …actually my preboards  have started so i hardly get tym for myself or writing! 

Hope u like this  episode  …it wil be long n will have many twists?

Naksh goes  to tara n kartik thinks of a plan

Naksh: tara…

Tara: who r u mr.?

Naksh: so someone is super angry!…wait wat did u say?

Tara: i said…

Before tara could complete …naksh says not u ..

Tara: then who …there is no one other than u n me

Naksh: no there is someone  else too …

Naksh makes tara sit on bed ….then naksh keeps his ears near tara’s belly….tara is confused

Naksh: see even our baby says plz forgive papa..

Tara smiles seeing this gesture of naksh

Tara: achcha …wat else is our baby saying!

Naksh: wait let me listen again….

Naksh again takes his ears near her belly

Naksh: oh achcha …now our baby is also missing our romance

Tara: wat …kuch bhi!

Naksh: arrey wats wrong in tht … we r so romantic couple …n thts y toh this baby came into our live so early (naksh winks at tara)

Tara shys 

Naksh comes foreward to kiss tara 

Tara suddenly   gets all teary ..

Naksh is surprised…

Naksh: tara wat happened ? Did i do anything? I am sorry…

Tara (all teary) : i wanna eat ice cream …tht too belgium chocolate..

Naksh:wat? N u r crying for tht? Dont cry for tht …come on lets  go we will have ice cream 

Tara: but its already 11 pm ..

Naksh: arrey dont worry darling ..this hubby of urs can do anything …come…

Tara:ok …lets first inform ma 

Naksh: let it be ..lets go chupke chupke like our old days wen we were dating!

Tara smiles n says ok!

Naksh n tara go to naira n tell her they r going n to manage …

Naira: ok sure ..u guyz enjoy

Nakshtara leave….

Naira thinks now she has nothing to do so will watch any movie …..

Just then kartik enters the room through window 

Naira gets scared n was about to scream but kartik comes running n shuts her mouth  with his hand…

Kartik whispers ….naira its me …n i figured out  y u r angry with me ..

Naira: wait first tell me u live in the house now n still u came from the window?

Kartik: yes coz i think lovers look good wen they enter through window..

Naira: it might suit lovers …but for mendhaks like u it doesnt suits at all…mendhak (laughingly) …who always do tar tar tar…(in naira’s  style)

Kartik smiles n says i love being ur mendhak!…i luv being ur anything u want me to be …coz i want u in my life …always  n forever

Naira smiles….n says ok then become  my brother …m bringing a rakhi wait!

Kartik: wat no!…wat kind of girl r u …u r making ur lover  ur brother!! Shaadi karne  ka irada nhi h kya!

Naira laughs seeing kartik panicked 

They both laugh ….

Kartik: so i was planning a different kind of date but as u r watching a movie lets watch it together!

Naira: ok 

They sit on the small sofa in the room ..

Kartik kept his arms on naira’s  shoulder n naira held his hand …they were partially hugging

Aftr a while a romantic scene comes in the movie ….
kaira look at each other …they were so close tht they could feel each other breath n their heartbeat getting faster…naira closes her eyes …kartik leans foreward to  kiss naira …their lips were just about to meet wen there was a sudden knock on the door

Kaira get conscious tht someone is outside…they get scared …

Meanwhile nakshtara

Naksh drives tara to a ice cream shop …which was about to close ..

Naksh goes n requests the ice cream shop vendor to close aftr 5 mins …

Vendor disagrees….

Tara: its ok naksh lets go ..

Naksh: wait tara..

Naksh goes to the vendor n says i will pay  u double…just 5 mins plz..

Vendor agrees

Tara: naksh wat r u doing …its just so silly …i can eat ice cream tomorrow …

Naksh cups tara’s face n says m not doing it for u …m doing it for our baby …u remmber na ma said in this tym watever  to be mother wants to eat is actually the thing the baby wants …

Tara smiles me n baby love u so much!

Naksh  even me n the baby love u !

They both smile …

The vendor gives icecream tara eats n also makes naksh eat….they pay n return


Kaira get super scared hearing the knock..

Naira: kartik go hide somewhere  plz

Kartik : ok m hidding in the cupboard ok!

Naira: ok m going to open the door…

Naira goes to open the door …it was naitik …he brought water jug as naira had forgotten it on dining table..

Naitik: u forgot this  jug!

Naira: thnx papa …

Naitik: princess i still  remmber u being so little! 

Naira: yes papa n tht tym wen u called me a princess i used to feel so privileged  like i m really going to become princess like shown in cartoon…

Naitik: haha yes …no matter which prince comes to ur life …u will be my princess always n i will not give tht right to anyone …luv u princess ..gud nite sleep well

Naira:  luv u too papa …gud nite

Naitik leaves …..naira shuts the door…

Kartik comes out of cupboard  

Kartik: sir ne toh abhi se apne rights secure kar liye…

Naira: yes 

They both laugh …

Kartik: so shall we continue…

Naira: no …we  need to go n sleep…bye

Kartik(smiles naughtily): ohh so u wanna sleep…..so thts ur plan …ok i have no problem…

Kartik winks at naira

Naira shyly says i mean u go n sleep in the guest room …bye ….

Kartik: ohh achcha …

Naira: now go ….

Kartik: u r forgetting  something!

Naira: i luv u 

Kartik: i luv u too …dream about me 

Naira: i have so important  things to dream about than a mendhak

Kartik acts angry 

Naira: but now toh u r my frog prince na …so how can i sleep without thinking about my frog  prince …

Kartik kisses  naira on cheeks!

Naksh tara also return  they see kartik n naira  in naira’s room …

Naksh: kartik…

Kartik: naksh woh i just came  coz …nothing like tht ..

Naksh: relax kartik …i was just asking all sorted!

Kartik: yes …

Kartik n naksh smile

all of them go to sleep…

Few days pass by ….n finally day of the play 
(They r doing  the play one day prior to the anniversary  in a way such tht it gets over by 12 at night n they all wish naitik n akshara)

Moring time

Naira carefully without getting  noticed  comes to guest room where kartik is still  sleeping!

Naira adores kartik sleeping

Naira keeps the tea on side table n sits by kartik n wakes him up!

Naira  kisses kartik on forehead

Kartik opens his eyes …he is surprised  to see naira there 

Naira: good morning

Kartik: good morning lady love!

Kartik pulls naira close

Naira blushes 

Naira: leave me …someone will come

Kartik: naira ..today at night i will go back to mehshwari mansion…u remmber na!

Naira gets little sad n says yes ….i will miss u 

Kartik adores naira 

Kartik: will miss u too..but dont get sad …soon we will marry n then u have to bear me everyday

Naira blushes!

Naira: arrey waah u agreed for becoming a ghar jamai!! As sherni never leaves her den ..so how come this sherni (naira herself) will leave her den

Kartik cups her face n says for u anything!

Kaira share a hug….

Naira: now go kartik freshen up ….u stink

Kartik: achcha i stink! Now toh u have to bear it coz i won’t leave u!

Then they both laugh!

Naira is sitting in her room….tara comes to her

Naira: bhabhi y did u come …u should have called me 

Tara: arrey i really wanted to move a little …as no one is letting me do anything

Naira: ok 

Tara notices tht naira  is very silent

Tara: naira come on speak it all out ryt now!

Naira: wat?

Tara: i know something is troubling u so come on tell me 

Naira:woh ..kartik will  go to mehshwaris  today aftr the play

Tara: ohh so thts the problem….so lets make u marry kartik ..then u will stay with him only 

Tara smiles 

Naira(smiles): wat bhabhi!

Naira: its just tht i will miss his presence …for one week seeing him before sleeping n seeing him first wen i wake

Tara: aww …dont worry everything will get better!

Naira hugs tara !

Its play time …first scene is of naksh n tara


They start from the very first meet of akshara n naitik ….then show their journey….


Kartik  is getting ready like naksh…
Naira comes n help him …

Naira: so officially u r my brother now!!

Naira laughs 

Kartik: dont worry soon u will become my wife tonight only!


Kartik enters as naksh n then mishti as little naira …play moves forward …

Then there is a small break

Naira goes to change  into her costume…

Rose calls gayu n says be prepared u will have to get up as tara aftr naira finds her costume tight

Naira notices her clothes being loose n unfit in many places ….then she panicks …but then decides to call tara 

Tara comes there aftr she got a call from naira

Tara: wat happened naira

Naira: bhabhi i think  the costume is not of my size

Tara: ohh yea…

naira: now wat bhabhi?

Tara:ok wait i have a idea i have my old dresses ..u wear them as we both have same size !

Naira: yes bhabhi  nyc idea ….thnk u so much

Tara: my pleasure naira …wait i will bring it

Tara brings her clothes  n give it to naira

Naira changes ….

Rose sees tara comming from dressing area n says is naira having any problem?

Tara: yes her costume was not of her size! ..

Rose: m so sorry …but i gave the correct size of naira to the tailor …

Tara: its ok rose not ur fault …

Rose: so now wat i think …

Just then naira enters dresses as tara 

Rose is shocked….gayu also shocked 

Rose: this dress?

Tara: yes i had my old dresses n my size fits  naira .

Kartik adores naira as she looks different

Naksh(whispers to kartik): kartik dont look at her lyk  this …otherwise i will seem as a big romeo type guy as today u r playing me!

They both laugh 

Play is resumed!

The scene depicts how naksh n tara first met n how akshara got  angry on tara ….

gayu gets sad as she couldnt play opposite kartik! 

Then again second break comes in play …

Next scene waa of naksh n tara wedding

Naira wears a lehenga so she goes to dessing area….

Kartik was passing by the dressing room

Naira thinks  its tara …n says come in …plz help in this

Kartik gets confuse but as naira continuously  calls for help he enters …

Naira is looking gorgeous  in the wedding lehenga ….

Naira: plz tie these strings of the top!

Naira then sees its kartik

Naira: u?

Kartik: sorry ..woh u called for help n no one was around so… i will go 

Naira: wait ….tie these strings as play will start anytime now

Kartik: r u sure?

Naira nods yes

Kartik sees her little uncomfortable  so he closes his eyes while he Ties the string 

Naira notices him closing his eyes….n adores how innocent he is 

Naira : thank u ….

Naira kisses kartik’s cheeks 

Kaira then go out of the dressing room


Naksh n tara wedding is shown

Kartik dreams  about his n naira’s  wedding

Naira in proper wedding attire but for a change naira n kartik both come on one ghodi!

N then kartik’s part comes so naksh calls him so his dream breaks

the play is succesfully over ….everyone  appluases …

Bhabhi ma says to akshara infront of everyone …bahu now prepare urself for naira’s  n gayu’s  wedding ….aftr seeing naira in wedding attire today cant wait to see her as a dulhan!

Kaira give each  other a look

Then 12 o clock strikes n everyone wishes akshara n naitik 

Precap- kartik leaves for mehshwari house 
             – akshara n naitik plan a surprise for                     everyone
             -vivan is back
             – someone new in town!

Guyz i hope u liked this long episodes…lots of  twists ahead …

Do comment wat u felt about this episode

Guyz i will try my level best to post as regularly as possible …i have a busy schedule full of exams till 19 of decmbr i hope u all will understand …

Keep reading…. commenting   n keep watching yrkkh on star plus at 9:30 pm….as lots of kaira scenes aheaf as naira will find a clue to prove kartik innocent ….n now she will go to any extent to prove kartik is innocent ????

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