Kaira Love Story (episode 2)

Hello guyz

First date of kaira!!

Kaira is filled with love

They hold hands n walk in the streets of  Zurich

Kartik: naira i have a idea i know we dont have much tym left in switzerland but lets celebrate our love  confession..as we still have 8 hrs for our flight back home  n ma’am ,  sir n gayu will reach directly to airport

Naira:achcha ok..so wait is it…is it ..like …umm a da…date?

Kartik: hey bhagwan ..yeh kya(whats this) miss rishikesh  is  shuddering while talking to me…wat happened to u madam …agar pata hota ki pyaar confess  karne ke baad tum aise behave karoge then….(if u knew aftr falling in love u will behave like this then..)

Before  he completes

Naira: (snaps at him) oye m not shuddering ok ..n agar pata hota tab kya(if u knew then wat) …wat  u would  have done …u wouldnt have confessed? or u would have not loved me?

Kartik smilingly shushhes her n says agar pata hota toh mein toh aur jaldi bata deta ….taki tumhari bolti toh band hoti (if i knew then i would i have proposed u faster so tht ur talking unlimitedly would  have stopped) *kartik laughs*

Naira gives a angry look n angryly goes far ahead from kartik

Kartik gets tensed  n goes to her

Kartik:oh my lady  love naira this mendhak says sorry fron the bottom  of his heart..plz forgive me ..

*kartik makes a cute face*

Naira:tathastu ..ur lady love forgave u but if next tym…

Before completing kartik says

Kartik: if next tym this happens then give me any punishment u feel lyk giving

Kaira again hold each other’s hand n then  decide to go to a cafe

Cafe scene
There r many couples sitting close to each other few giving kisses to their partner n few sharing a milkshake..few taking selfies

Kaira looked at each other giving a wierd look

They sit n r cluless wat to do next as its their first date

Kartik: naira dont get tensed ..its just our first date ..n u know ryt no matter  wat happens no awkwardness …so tell wat u wanna order?

Naira:um…chocolate milkshake

Kartik:wow how did u know tht even i wanted to order tht !

Kartik:(pulls naira  close n says in her ears)now we have a gud opportunity  of sharing only one milkshake together

Naira blushes

Kartik: excuse me waiter …one chocolate milkshake

Waiter:sure sir

Naira: so  kartik i just realised wat ur actual  plan is !!?

Kartik: huh my plan? Wat plan?

Naira: see first u became mishti’s bf n now my….(gets interupted by kartik)

Kartik:waah! it feels so nyc to hear tht ‘my bf’

Naira(blushes): dont change the topic ….so u have a plan to date singhania girls n then break up with them..

Kartik: becoming mishti’s bf was just like tht but becoming ur bf is so much more to me …its like lifetime achievment…i never ever want us or wat mishti calls us kaira to be broken up ever!

Naira: wait wait …mishti knows!!? From wen n how?

Kartik:relax she just guessed it as i was always  dreaming about u …it would have been better if u would have noticed it ..its fyn  coz mishti use to cheer me up for confessing too..

Naira: so u r going  to tell her( hesitantly )

Kartik: dont worry if u r not ok with it we can keep it a secret from her like we r keeping it from others!

Naira:hmm..see i just dont want to make it public now coz we r going through a transition from being frnds to being bf gf…i remember wen mumma n papa came to know about  bhai  and tara bhabhi  they got very tensed…though they found out in a weird way ..

Kartik:wierd way?

Naira: ya actually except me all the ladies papa n bhai went to goa n there even tara bhabhi had gone for a match n mumma saw them in church thinking of marrying each other..

Kartik(smilingly): waah woh toh humse bohot kadam agge the … tumhe bhi unke nakshe kadam mein chalna hai to batau m ready n yahan church hi church h! (Wow! They were so many levels ahead of us…r u planning  to follow their footsteps…if yes then i dont mind at all.. m all ready n in zurich there r many churches to fulfill tht!)

Naira:(blushes hard) no! I mean m not saying no no …umm matlab for now no ..!!

Kartik laughs? n say my very sweet  n shying gf luv u yr!! ❤❤

They both laugh then 

*chocolate milkshake comes with two straws*

They both look at each others eyes n drink the milkshake …

Just wen kaira  were enjoying the lovely monent a girl passing by the table by mistake drops her purse….

Kartik notices n stops drinking n picks the purse to give to tht girl

The girl says oh thank u so much ….by the  from ur looks i.e. cute n handsome look i can say u r a real gentleman!

Seeing them  chatting naira fumes of anger

Aftr kartik returns  n says so naira where were we?

Naira says wait let me think …oh ya u were going to flirt with tht girl n i was going to get a taxi for airport!!

Kartik (scratching his head with one head n smiling)  i was not flirting but sorry miss gf  i didnt know my gf can get so jealous 

Naira: gf?? Ohh u mean  her ryt..go to her only na!

Kartik:come on naira i was just giving her the purse…lets not waste our time on these talks 

Naira giving a angry look!

Kartik: ok miss rishikesh i have a wonderful idea to cheer up my beautiful lady love ….

Kartik takes out his phone n making cute gestures convinces naira to click a couple wali selfi

Precap: kaira take a taxi to go to airport but they get a call !

Guyz how did u felt about kaira’s first date…this is my first fan fiction …sorry if it was below expectation  would love to improve so i need ur views  n suggestion!

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    1. Hales

      Thnk u shifa

  1. Very nice dear naira n blushing is ao diff n her jealousy
    keep writing u will get more ideas dear
    thank u

    1. Hales

      Thnk u so much shilpa …as readers u r more than welcum to pour in ideas..m glad u guys r liking it ☺

  2. really nice.
    plz continue

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  3. It was an awesome date description.
    Just keep writing.
    Eagerly waiting for next

    1. Hales

      Thnk u …my main tensiom was is my discription of the kaira 1st date justified or not…glad to know it was justified ☺

    1. Hales

      thnx disha☺

  4. good one dear KAIRA wala date was kairalicous don’t worry about people judging ur atleast putting in cretaivity

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      Thnk u so much anjali ??

  5. wow superb

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