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Kaira love story (episode 19)


Hey guyz!! M very happy n glad to read all the reviews of last tym …it really motivated me n i hope m able to stand on all of urs expectation….keep supporting me by reading n commenting ur reviews n suggestion!

Btw guyz thia tyms trp for yrlkh is 3.4!!!yay!!

At night!

All the youngsters decide  the play
Naksh announces the roles as decided to gayu …

Gayu gets upset knowing naira will play opp. Kartik ….

Gayu: lets call yash bhaiya n rose bhabhi too!

Naksh: good idea …

Gayu thinks now only rose bhabhi can help me get a role opp. Kartik

Next day ladies of the house go to temple …n male members to work

In house only naksh tara gayu n naira were there

Later kartik yash n rose joined in ….to discuss about the play

Yash n rose  congratulate tara n naksh 

Rose: tara now even our children will be close as yash n naksh

Tara: yes rose..

{Rose is pregnant too if u guyz remmber}

Gayu signs rose …rose goes to talk to gayu alone..

Gayu: rose bhabhi  help me ..i want to play opposite kartik 

Rose: ok sure

They all start discussing

Tara: so as of now it is decided tht naksh n i will play ma n papa….n naira n kartik will  play naksh n tara …n gayu will play naira

Rose: wait let gayu play u i mean tara …as naira can do n act like her so well

Naira n kartik look at each other tensed

Tara: but wats there to act naira will be naira only! So thts y 

Rose couldnt argue more so agreed

Gayu got upset …kaira were relived

Yash: rose u will not act as u r 4 months pregnant its crucial…

Rose: but y  ….tara is also doing …yash u r being over worried

Yash: but rose even ur sugar level becomes  imbalanced wen u stress urself remmber

Tara: rose its ok ….u can still help us ryt

Rose thinks of something n says yes i will be ur costume designer!! I wll arrange all ur costumes ok

Everyone agrees …

They decide  to include everyone  else too

yash: rose as i have promised u tht i will stand by u so even i wont participate but help in back stage things

Naksh: arrey waah yash ….my romeo brother!

Yash: bhai u toh just dont say ….u were ready to get hit with a hockey  by tara just to see her!

Everyone laughs n naksh n tara look at each other

Kartik: wat naksh? Hockey wat is tht story!

Yash: yes now kartik should know as he has to play naksh …naira do tell him all about this …or wait let me tell him as i was part  of all the craziness  in these two love bird’s love story!!😂😂

Kartik n yash go ….

Naksh gets a call so goes …

Tara: i will bring some stuff like old albums n all from room..

Rose: ok i will help u too

Naira:rose bhabhi u rest …i will go n help tara bhabhi 

Naira n tara go 

Gayu comes  to rose 

Gayu: rose bhabhi now wat?

Rose: i said na i will help u …see wat if the costume for tara’s character fits u n not naira!

Gayu: wat?

Rose: yes …i will get the costume of ur size u can play tara opp. Kartik!

Gayu first  gets happy n hugs rose!….

Gayu: but bhabhi will it be ok …i mean ..

Rose: chill gayu ! Everything is fair in love n war …n i know u love kartik! 

Everyone is ready with  a story line n everything so they decided to start rehearsing  from tomorrow!

Rose n yash left .. n wen just kartik was about to leave all the elders came ….

Akshara: its nyc to see you here kartik! 

Naksh: wat happened ma ..anything spcl?

Akshara: yes duggu! Actually ur nani n all mehshwaris have decided to go to a temple in UP …it is said to be a temple were all wishes comes true ….maa (rajshree) is going to pray for all of us n for  naitik n mine anniversary  next week….so they will return next week morning of anniversary day!

Naksh: ok …its so nyc of them…

Kartik: so ma’am  u wanted to tell me something? 

Akshara: yes beta as no one will be in mehashwari house so how will u manage so i have talked to everyone tht u will stay here for a week ok!

Kartik gets surprised..

Kartik: ma’am  no worries i will manage alone 

Akshara: thats enough kartik! I dont want to here no …its final u r staying here so pack ur essential things n come  back  today only …

Kartik: ok ma’am 

Naira smiles listening to all this…

Kartik also looks  at naira …

Kartik is then about  to leave …naksh comes to him n says kartik i know  u r a gentleman but still as naira’s brother …i will keep my eyes on u ….so dont try to mess up wen u will come to stay here ok!

Kartik nods n says ok naksh!

Naksh hugs kartik

Naksh: dont get so nervous i just said out of formality ok!

Kartik smiles n says yes i understand 

In evening  kaira video chat aftr having dinner

Kartik: this one week will be the best one week of my life!!

Naira laughs 

Kartik: y r u laughing?

Naira: u r so cheesy lover…

Kartik: ok then get a new one then bye

Naira: n who r u to say tht to me …i love my cheesy yet cute n hot bf a lot so dont u dare speak against him

Kartik: ohh so u find me hot now?

Naira blushes n says bye …

Kartik: haye!! I luv u so much my cute sherni!!

Naira: i love u too frog prince 💗

Video chat is ended!

Around 7 pm kartik reaches singhania mansion with his lugage ….

Naksh shows hin tge guest room!

Aftr naksh leaves …

Someone hugs kartik from back

Kartik: ohh  so my sherni came At last! 

Naira: yes !…i love u!

Kartik turns facing naira  …n says i love u too

Kartik:naira so kya irada h?

Naira:to beat u!!

Kartik: y? Wat did i do?

Naira:tht u think! 

Kartik: plz tell na!

Naira: achcha matlab i will only tell u now? Arent u the boy in this relationship! All this should come to ur mind!

Kartik thinks wat can it be?

Naira goes from there showing him a angry face!

Kartik gets into thinking …wat is he forgetting 

Just then naksh came to ask him to come to dinner

Naksh: wat happened to u kartik?  which thoughts r u in?

Kartil: um woh …kuch nhi!

Naksh  keeps his hand on kartik’s shoulder 

Naksh: kartik i know there is still   a bit formality between us but i would love to remove it!

Kartik smiles hearing this

Kartik:actually naira is upset with me n she said i should know y is she upset! N as u know naira ke mood swings oh god i wish there was a manual to handle those mood swings!!

Naksh: ohh…kartik these girls u know na! They r super confused piece

Kartik: correct! So i was thinking wat m missing!

Just then tara n naira also enter ….

Tara: ohh so naksh girls r super confusing!!

Naira: kartik  u want a manual ryt!

Naksh: tara u r my special girl na!

Kartik: naira manual for u is in my heart only!!

Tara n naira sign each other 

Tara n naira: u guys enjoy  here only …bye!!

Tara n naira leave angrily!

Naksh: arrey kartik see due to ur problem now even my love life in problem!!

Kartik:sorry naksh

Naksh: its ok so lets analyse yr situation from beginning 

Kartik tells him tht i have concluded ki it must  be tht kis(he was going to say kiss but nakes it kisi se realising naksh was here)…kisi se kuch chupa nahi sakte tht!

Naksh: no no she wants to keep this a secret only….ok kartik last tym u took her out?

Kartik: yesterday only we went to coffee shop with u n tara bhabhi

Naksh: oh idiot i meant alone!

Kartik: hmm.. proper we went to jaipur!

Naksh: dude tht was last month!!!

Kartik: oh yeah! Oh no i get it

Naksh: seriously  kartik u just forgot!

Kartik: yes ! Now i will do it ryt.thnks alot naksh…so now ur problem

Naksh:mention not kartik…..n dont worry about my problem i will do ir ryt!

Precap-kaira 3rd date …a unique one!
             – naksh convinces tara 
              – will gayu n rose get successful im                       their motives? 

Guyz lots more twits n turn  in next one be ready! Do comment n let me know how u felt about this episode 

Keep reading ..commenting n keep watching yrkkh on star plus at 9:30pm …we need to increase trp more …though it has rised to 3.4 now …but we hope to get more high trp ryt!😉😁

  1. Wow!so nice.karthik naksh convo was super.all these r missing in the serial.nakshs character is sidelined is good u emphasise and give importance to naksh too

    1. Hales

      Thnx 😁

  2. Good one…but expecting more …sorry
    I loved manual for mood swings seriously. ..haha
    Loved one thing ur characterisation of gayu n rose and nairA u have maintained as in serial only
    naira is the guy in relation. ..
    waiting fir next one….

    1. Hales

      Thnx shilpa .☺..n yeah even i was expecting to write more …but as u know m in 12th i have my preboards boards n entrance exans comming up …will surely try to stand on all ur expectation next tym 😉

  3. Vaishnavi sarma

    I am just loving your way of love story I wish it would happen in d serial also…… Plz update d bet episode of urs soon…….

    1. Hales

      Thnk u ☺ next one comming soon

  4. Luv ur ff gales but don’t let gayu succeed

    1. Hales

      Keep reading to know who succeds n how …i can garuntee tht answer to how is very interesting 😉

  5. Luv ur ff hales but plz let gayu succeed

  6. Sorry I typed it name wrong

  7. Vrushy

    Awsome as always.
    Update next soon.

    1. Hales

      Thnx vrushy ….next one comming soon 😉

  8. Anyan

    Hales superb as always.
    update next part soon..waiting

    1. Hales

      Thnx anyan … next one comming soon 😉

  9. Amazing…loved it..
    Update next part soon…waiting eagerly

    1. Hales

      Thnk u ☺

  10. RithuparnA

    too gud dear… keep going….

    1. Hales

      Thnks yr ☺😉😁

  11. I love d bonding btwn naira n tara..which is missing in serial

    1. Hales

      Thnx yr ☺

  12. Sethidisha002

    never ever bcos karthik sirf naira ka h

    1. Hales

      Yeah kaira forever 😉☺

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