Kaira love story (episode 17)

Hey guyz!! As said m trying to update ¬†sooner for u guyz to enjoy more ūüėČ spclly to overcome the sadness going on the actual show ..i hope m able to!

Everyone celebrates ….kartik informs everyone tht he should ¬†go ¬†as tomorrow there ¬†is an impt meeting!

Gayu thinks of going with him to the gate ..but cant think of a way

On the other hand naira says bhai give me the car keys i forgot my purse in there

Naksh understands ¬†which purse naira wants to take as he knows naira wants to say bye to kartik …so

Naksh:arrey naira dont bother  i will go n get it

Naira realises naksh is teasing her so she grabs the key n says bhai u celebrate …i will manage¬†

Naksh n tara smile seeing kaira go 

Naira hugs  kartik n says kartik no more hiding secrets  i dont want us seperated ever!!

Kartik: ok naira no more secrets

Naira realises ¬†something ….tht she has not told about her past till now

Kartik: wat happened  naira

Naira: kartik i wanna tell u something  too but not today kal subah morning mein joggers park mein milte h 7am ok?

Kartik: ok sure 

Kartik cups her face 

Kartik: naira listen ¬†feel free to share i wont judge u …n nothing will seperate ¬†us …n ab toh naksh n tara bhabhi r with us!

Kartik winks at naira

Kartik asks naira for  a good night kiss 

Naira says no …go now bye …

Kartik holds naira ..

Just then akshara calls naira

Kaira realise this n kartik goes n naira comes inside  smiling

Tara notices it 

Tara: waah naira  itni badi smile 

Naira blushes n says ab toh bua banungi toh khushi toh hogi na

At night everyone goes to thier room …

Tara is in naira’s ¬†room chatting …

Naira: bhabhi m tensed for tomorrow 

Tara: y ?

Naira: woh actyally kartik n i decided to keep no secrets so m going to tell kartik about my past!

Tara: naira m sure he will understand ! I have seen in both of urs eyes the love is so pure….

Tara then goes to her room  naksh also comes there from washroom!

There was a unknown  silence of  happiness  n a bit fear

Naksh n tara hug each other…

Tara: naksh do u think we can be good parents.?

Naksh: we will try our best like we always do..

Tara: do u really think i havent learned from my past!?

Naksh cups tara’s face n says tara m sorrt at tht tym i was so angry tht ¬†i yelled anything ..m really sorry..

Tara: its ok naksh…even m sorry ¬†i should have told u about naira n kartik i just felt thier love has just started to blossom so didnt want it to hamper as tht was just beginning ¬†n i knew u r a nyc brother so u will react like this..

Naksh : its ok

Tara: i have really seen love in thier eyes just like ma n papa has for each other 

Naksh: i hope everything goes  fyn 

Tara: me too

Naksh: btw did u realise  one thing?

Tara: wat

Naksh: we have a spcl connection with udaipur  airport!

Tara: how

Naksh: i proposed ¬†to u …i mean i said i love u to near the entrance ¬†while u were going to goa for a match n now also near tht entrance ¬†u fainted n we got to know we r going to have a baby!!

Tara smiles n says yes!

They hug …

Next day naira is all ready in her track dress ..

On the other hand kartik also gets ready with track dress 

Kaira meet  in the park!

They sit on a bench

Naira holds ¬†kartik’s hands¬†

Naira: kartik 10 yrs ago wen i was 15yrs old ….

Naira told about sukanya her frnd who fell from train n everything else

Naira started crying while  saying all this!

Kartik sees tht n wipes the tears n says naira u r really very strong ! Dont u ever worry  i wi always stand by u no matter wat!

Naira: thnk u kartik for understanding me

Naira n kartik hug 

Kartik thinks of making ¬†the situation light…so

Kartik: ab sherni ka sirf rone ka irada h ya jogging  bhi kar le?( are we gonna cry or wanna jog too?)

They both smile n jog!

Aftr jogging for a while …kaira decide to return¬†

Kartik: naira ek baat aur..we should tell naksh about my  past too as he has given me a chance n i dont want to ruin it

Naira nods yes

Naira:we both will together tell hin today only .. we four will  go to coffee shop in eve

Kartik: ok

In singhania mansion

Tara goes  to kitchen  n starts to make rotis

Akshara shouts  tara y r u doing this!

Tara is surprised  

Akshara: i told u na …no work …first 3 months is very crucial¬†

Tara: ma i know u r worried but wat will i do if i dont work at all

Akshara: rest

Tara: if i rest so much n eat n rest again i will get more fat n tht too very soon!..and then naksh will tease me

Akshara smiles n says if he does then i will scold him …so dont worry

Tara also smiles

Naksh comes tere n says so wat chugli u both r doing of me?

Tara: none of ur concern 

Tara n akshara smile….naitik ¬†calls akshara¬†

Akshara:ok i m going n naksh dont let hee do any work ok!

Naksh: ok ma

Akshara goes 

Tara makes  faces

Naksh: tara dont get so upset yr… only 9 months then u will be busy like anything¬†

Tara:9 months …its so easy for u to say ¬†na ..coz the changes will be only with me i will grow tripple my size n everything

Naksh hugs her n says i will love u no matter wat …i love u

These lines melts tara n she says i love u too

Naira looks at them from far…

Next scene 

Naira is in kitchen kartik comes n back hugs her 

Naira: leave me kartik 

Kartik m not here for u !! 

Naira: then?

Kartik kneels down n hugs naira from waist keeping his head with naira’s belly

Kartik: m here for this person (*guyz guess who*)

Naira blushes…even tht person wants to be with me alone for now …

Kartik: i ¬†hear tht this person missed me so much …so now its papa tym for it!!

(* yes guys kaira baby in naira’s womb*)

Just  then tara calls naira n naira  comes  back to reality from her dream

Naira blushes so badly  

Tara: where  r u lost naira? What dream r u seeing?

Naira: no dream  ..its nothing 

Tara: hahaha we know whose dream it must be ..

Naira: its nothing bhabhi btw i wanted to telm u n bhai something

Tara: now u r changing the topic…btw even we wanted to discuss about something¬†

Naira: ok then today at 6pm coffee shop?

Naksh: done …btw naira is kartik troubling u

Naira: no bhai he is very sweet dont worry…u just worry about being a dad soo !!

Naksh: naira u….wait¬†

They both run around like old times

Precape: kaira n nakshtara meet in the coffee shop ….akshara n naitik’s wedding anniversary planning

I hope u guyz like today’s ¬†episode …spclly naira ka dream sequence!!¬†
Let me know ur reviews

Keep reading ..commenting ¬†….n watch yrkkh on star pluss at 9:30 with strong ¬†heart ..m hopeful soon kaira will be back in yrkkh too ūüėČ


  1. anu

    I came across ur ff only today and i read or ur episodes from the beginning .its nice.i loved ut.i have a small suggestion karthik should call naksh as bhai as she calls tara as bhabhi

    • Hales



      Thnk u so much ūüėĀ…..yes anu it will happen its just tht there is still a bit of formality between naksh n kartik …so it might take some tym for kartik to call him bhai! Surely it will happen though ūüėČ

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