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Kaira love story (episode 16)


Hey guyz!! Today ¬†there r more twists n turns ..hope u all like it!!ūüėČ

Btw guyz a important news …hope u all know kaira is the lead as akshara aka hina khan left yrkkh….so now we surely need to make trps rise for yrkkh as kaira is the lead…

I know the current track is sad but it will pass soon coz aftr all yrkkh is a positive show! N for all the kaira fans to cheer up m trying to upload the episodes as regular as possible …so i hope i have cheered u all up ..hopefully this week good ¬†kaira scenes will return in yrkkh ūüėČ

Kaira gets shocked to see  someone standing behind them in the announcment office of the airport

That somone was none other than naksh ..

Naksh is shocked  as he has heard everything naira announced and saw kartik n naira hugging 

Naira: bhai! ..

Naksh(angrily) :bass naira dont say anything now u come with me 

Naksh drags naira from there  n kartik follows them..

Near entrance  naksh is shocked  to see tara 

Naksh comes to her n says: tara u …ohh so u also knew about naira n kartik!!

Naksh seeing  tara silent gets more angry

Naksh leaves naira’s ¬†hand …

Naksh scolds tara ….

Naksh: naira is doing kiddishness wa happened to u tara …n u never even said anything to me?? U ¬†forgot wat happened wen last tym u started to keep things from me…dont u learn from past!!

Tara: but naksh 

Naksh: i have not finished yet! How much we know about kartik tht we will allow all this …tara u know how complicated ¬†this gets cant u understand ¬†god damit!!

Naksh is fuming with anger….

Tara(sternly): naksh just stop it ok …i think u r forgetting tht even we both ¬†were strangers ¬†wen we met …n our first meet …ma didnt like me back then…but everything ¬†worked …

Naksh doesnt let her finish …n turns ¬†his back towards tara

Naksh: tara even  now u r not understanding ..its ur mist..

Naksh was about to complete …but just then ¬†naira shouts bhai …bhabhi!!

Naksh turns n he sees tara sensless n naira has grabbed her …kartik is also worried!!

Naksh panics n lifts tara in his arms  ..

Naksh: tara !! Open ur eyes..

Kartik: naksh listen..

Naksh: just dont speak spclly u!!

Kartik: naksh its important to take her to the hospital! ¬†There ¬†is city hospital 10 mins from here …

Naksh  agress being worried for tara..

Kartik: naksh u sit at back let me drive..

Naksh: but..

Kartik: its not the tym to think about anything else other than her (pointing towards tara)

Naira sits in front next to kartik while kartik drives….

Naira n naksh shed tears!!

They reach the hospital …tara is being taken for check up….

aftr some injection ¬†…Tara gains her consciousness….

Naksh kisses on her forehead ..n then naksh is called by the doctor…

Naira cries ¬†n holds tara’s hand n says sorry bhabhi ..u r here ¬†coz of me

Kartik : yes bhabhi ….m so sorry!!!

Tara smiles n says its not like tht m happy i helped u guyz n all this is not coz of u both …n kartik bhabhi sounds so good from ur mouth¬†

Kartik realises tht he called tara bhabhi!!

Tara puts naira’s hand ¬†in kartiks n says m always with u both stay together¬†

Naira: but bhai

Tara leave him on me ..i will talk  to him ..he is just being a protective brother  ..

Naira : i know ..he loves me a lot

Kartik:i can exactly know wat a brother feels in this kind of situation  n thts y i wanna assure naksh tht he can trust me i will never  let anyone harm naira!!

While all this naira realises tht naksh is standing near the door from some time now!!

Naira: bhai ..wat did doctor say?

Naksh: everything is fyn …can i talk to tara alone!

Kaira goes from their

Tara: naksh.. m sorry i never meant to hide it from u …its just tht i knew u would behave like this n i wanted first ¬†both of them to know if this is true love n it is …trust me it is …n i think u should give them a chance…m sorry..

Naksh shushes her bu keeping his  hand on her mouth

Tara is surprised

Naksh: ¬†tara…u r …we r…

Tara: wat happened tell me clearly  is anything wrong? Wat exactly did doctor said!!

Naksh: tara ..

Naksh holds tara’s hands

Naksh:  u r pregnant ..

There is a moment of silent!

Tears flow from both of their’s eyes …

Tara: naksh it..

Naksh: yes!!

Naksh n tara hug …

They both  come out to kaira

Naksh seems angry 

Kartik: naksh see i know u r worried for naira but i assure u tht…

Naksh (angrily): kartik …

Everyone  looks on to know wat he will say

Naksh: i give u one chance!!

Naksh smiles!

Naira hugs naksh n tara 

Kartik was going to hug naksh but thinks just to do handshake ..

Naksh says kartik dont be so formal we did become frnds in these many days ..i want it to continue  but i was worried for naira!

Then they smile n naksh n kartik share a hug

Kartik: naksh i wont dissapoint u!

Kaira came to hug but just then naksh coughs ..tara says naksh come on dont behave so oldy!!

They all laugh!

Nurse comes  with the report  and asks naksh n tara to come for ultrasound next week

Kaira is surprised

Naira: is everything  ok?

Naksh n tara smile n say yes

naira says then y ultrasound! 

Lets go to home will tell u!!

They all reach home
Everyone ask how come  all four of u together 

Naksh:actually kartik and i went to welcome the foriegn client but later ¬†he called to change his plans …n while we were returning we saw naira n tara in the market so brought them!

Naksh signs tara to tell everyone ..

Naksh: ma tara n i want to tell u all something! 

Tara: yes !

Akshara: yes tell beta!

Naksh: ma while we were in market …suddenly tara fainted…

Akshara: ohh is she okay …n u both r smiling about tht …ohh wait is tht true naksh? (Making a conclusion ¬†about the situation)

Naksh shyly nods ..

Akshara comes n hugs tara…

Everyone is still clueless..

Akshara says arrey now i am going to be dadi!!

Tara n naksh shy!!

Everyone gets happy naira hugs tara …kartik hugs naksh¬†

Everyone congratulate them ..naira says m going to get sweets ..

Naira goes  to kitchen..

Kartik comes n hugs her from back…

Naira shyly says kartik leave me somone will come then wat will happen

Kartik: like naksh everyone will accept  our love!!

Naira is so happy n kartik looked so adorable  while saying tht she kissed kartik on hus cheek

Kartik was surprised!! 

Kartik: so even ur intentions r this only!! So ok ..
kartik  comes  close to naira to kiss her on lips ..but naira pushes him n was going to leave but kartik holds naira 

Kartik whispers in her ears …so miss rishikesh ..koi plan h tht u will make me uncle of naksh’s ¬†baby!!

Naira blushes n again runs n says for tht u will have to have a long interview with papa …n this tym it will be a long n difficult ¬†interview than the one u gave while getting the job¬†

Naira winks at him n leaves with the sweets

Kartik scratches his head n says thnk u krishna ji for making everything fyn ..without her my life is lifless …i love her so much

Precap: akshara and naitik’s anniversarry plannings by all the youngsters!! ūüėĀ

Guyz do comment  about how was this episode! More kaira scenes ahead

¬†keep reading ..commenting n watching yrkkh at 9:30 pm on star plus …coz we need to make yrkkh top wen now kaira r lead!!

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