Kaira love story (episode 10)


Hey guyz !! How r u??sorry m posting late! I was preparing a super romantic episode for u guyz i hope u  it!?

Btw wasnt the official kaira millan n first  date of kaira awsum!!!??

So the answers
A1. On Friendship  day kaira became  jai n veeru!

winners: namrata, shilpa, vrushy,sona,anshika  ???? ?

A2. Luv u always n forever!

winners: namrata ,shilpa, vrushy,pia ??????


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Next day Morning!!

Naira hasn’t  got up so akshara comes n asks her to wake up as she needs to go to jaipur…but naira is still sleeeping

Tara comes  n says ma let me wake her up ..akshara agrees n goes to prepare breakfast n stuff

Tara comes to naira n says naira…come on wake up! U remember  ryt wat is so spcl today!?

Naira says 5 mins  plz..

Tara says naira u will get late …n see kartik is here…

Naira gets up n sits ….n says wat where..omg m not even ready!!

Tara(laughs): hahaha my dear  sis in law …he must be on his way so just get ready now!!

Naira: bhabhi!!

Tara: wat bhabhi!! Now come  on get up!!

Naira hugs tara …n says thnk u bhabhi u understand me so well…n u also gave the guidance i needed yesterday! 

Tara: ok ok ..too much buttering for today now go …n listen enjoy n be safe…avoid fighting  with kartik he is a perfect match for u ! 

Naira (blushes): yes 

Naira goes to get ready while tara goes to her room to see if naksh is ready or not!

Nakshtara room

Naksh sees no one inside so she goes in n starts keeping naksh’s purse  n stuff  out!

Naksh comes aftr taking a bath with only a towel tied n bare upper part ..n hugs tara ..

Tara: naksh!! U r all wet i will get wet too!! Leave me

Naksh: wat a excuse mrs nain tara singhania!! But it wont work m not gonna leave u from now on till the trip is over!

Tara: everyone  knows whom u will not leave during this trip!!

Naksh: wat …

Tara: u might leave me but not ur phone!!!

Naksh: achcha its not like tht

Tara: we will see

Naksh: we will see

Kartik scenes

Kartik gets ready prepares a emergency  bag …n checks  the red t shirt he is wearing! N is not able to decide whether  he should change the shirt or is it fyn!

He asks mishti for help on phone n sends her the way he is looking!!

Mishti tells on phone he is looking handsome n asks him to confess soon!!

Kartik (in mind) mishti ryt now the matters have gone  way too high …sorry i m not sharing but will soon tell u 

Kartik  comes to SM

Kartik greets everyone  n his eyes search for naira!!

Tara notices tht n comes to him when everyone has gone  to hall ….

Tara(in a low voice): she is getting ready! Be patient! As it is u will be getting a whole day wid her!

Kartik(blushes): no no its not like tht 

Kartik too goes n sits in the hall!!

Naira comes down in a beautiful blue stylish  top n jeans! She hasnt seen kartik…so she rushes to akshara n says Mumma  where is tht eyeliner u took yesterday ..

Akshara:naira chill…its on tht other table in the hall!!

Naira goes running to hall …n starts to search for the liner…kartik watches her n adores her from a distance…

Naira still doesnt notice him .. n sees the eyeliner  in a table when she goes to pick it up someone picks it n gives to her…she sees its kartik…he was sitting just beside tht table!

Naira smiles but then gets to know everyone is there so she just takes the  liner n goes…

Both  the couple  kaira n nakshtara get ready to go …naksh is wearing a cool t shirt n jeans ( like he used to wear before the second leap)

Tara was wearing a indo western outfit!

Akshara hands over a bag to naira saying take this  has the emergency stuff .. i kept some snacks n stuff too in the car

Naitik: today our house will have little less  shine n joy! As two of our daughters will not be there .. thank god mishti n gayu will be at home only

Naksh: oh …then its all about daughters wat about me! 

Naitik: hahaha ok ok will miss u too

Then both  the couple go on different cars n leave SM


Kartik: so naira ! Wat have u planned …a whole day together!

Naira: m very nervous  for the interview the official  people  will be taking with the formalities

Kartik: offu tigress wat happened to u …u r toh a sherni ryt …so dont get nervous ..u will rock it ok

Kartik is driving …so with the hand he hadles gear .. he takes tht hand towards naira n hold her hand

They laugh n talk all the way!

Kaira reach a temple where akshara had asked naira to go n pray for the family

Kaira goes in …they pray

Naira(hands folded n closed eyes): ohh god ..plz bring happiness  to everyone’s  lyf…bring a bright future  for me n kartik n plz full fill kartik’s wishes!!❤❤

Kartik prays: god thnk u very much today u gave me my lyf! Naira makes my lyf so happening n worth living! Plz fulfil her wishes as i just want her to be happy…n us to be together❤❤

Both finish there prayer  n look at each other n smile ….the pandit there gives them prasad n says lord will bless u both r made for each other! U both should live in ur present n plan for future n dont let the past hinder ur togetherness!! 

Hearing about past kaira gets upset as both of them have a bitter past!!

They both  leave the mandir….n naira sees a market in front of the mandir!! 

Naira:kartik lets go there plz

Kartik: where n y?

Naira: see yesterday  we decided na ..tht we will get to know about each other as gf n bf..

Kartik: yes …but i didnt get  u!?

Naira:just come!!

Kartik: ok …

Naira holds kartik’s hand n takes him to a panipuri wala…

Kartik is surprised 

Kaira together: panipuri!

Kartik: ok so panipuri is ur fav  food!

Naira: one of them!! So lets eat panipuri..

Kartik is silent

Naira: wat happened ? U will eat na?

Kartik: actually i dont like  panipuri tht much …n thts y i havnt even eaten much of those from very long!!

Naira: waah!! Papa n bhai r same …is there something with u boys! Tht u dont like panipuri!! The most tasty thing

Kartik: wat sir n naksh also dont  like this!!

Naira: ok then i m bringing one plate …taste one …if u dont like it then fyn!!


Naira(to  the panipuri  wala): bhaiya ek plate panipuri…medium spicy!

The vendor gives her the panipuri..

Naira takes it …kartik was going to take one ..just then 

Naira: wait a min! 

Then naira lifts  a panipuri n says to kartik open ur mouth 

Kartik looks  at her in amazement…n then opens his mouth

Naira feeds kartik ….n naira eats one too

Naira: so hows it kartik!!

Kartik: very nice (he is still mesmirised  by the way naira fed him)

Naira: dekha i told u!

Then naira again takes another n feeds kartik  n then next one she eats …it continues…n kartik keeps on looking at naira!

Kartik feels spicy so he asks the vendor for water n haves it!!

Kartik pays n then went to car

Naira: dekha i made u fall in love with panipuri too! Now even u will eat them with pleasure 

Kartik: actually it became tasty to me coz u made me eat them with ur hands..

Naira (blushes): can i tell u something?

Kartik: obviously  anytime u can!

Naira: no leave it ..i know u will laugh on me..

Kartik: arrey no yr tell me naira

Naira: promise me ..u wont laugh

Kartik: ok promise

Naira: actually  eating panipuri  like this was my dream

Kartik: wat? I didnt get tht

Naira: actually in my childhood …mumma used to make papa  feed panipuri like this as he also didnt like them….then aftr tara bhabhi came …even she used to feed bhai panipuri as even bhai didnt like panipuri! So i always thought  will i ever be feeding someone spcl like this!

Kartik(smiles): i love u naira! 

Naira: i luv u too ?

Nakshtara car

Naksh: i have a surprise for u tara

Tara: wat?

Naksh: look at the back seet there r 2 bags in them …dont worry i will let u look at them wen  we reach the resort!

Tara blushes

Just then naksh’s phone rings..

Tara gives a angry  look…naksh doesnt pick up the phone n says m keeping my promise ..no phone calls

Tara smiles..

They reach the resort n go to the room …tara says now give me my surprise

Naksh: first  close ur eyes!!

Tara closes her eyes n naksh kisses tara on cheek.

Tara opens her eyes n is surprised to this gesture..then naksh gives her the bags …in one there were stylish tops….in second a beautiful  hot knee  lenght dress 

Naksh romantically  whispers in tara’s ears tht dress wil look way to hot n s**y on u ….n again kisses her cheeks

Tara tries to change  the topic by saying …naksh lets go out there  r so many things to do… 

Nakshtara go out

Meanwhile kaira

They reach the office but lunch tym was going on ….kaira had lunch on their way in some restraunt only…so they decide to visit hawa mahal nearby

In hawa mahal 
Kaira walk hand in hand …they saw a couple there taking pics …

Kaira looked at each other  n then kartik took naira to a isolated space with less people …pulled naira closer …they both could feel each other breath…n kartik n naira get closer ..naira closes her eyes ….kartik comes closer n kisses naira’s cheeks ….naira opens her eyes in surprised manner

Kartik: wat happened  naira? U thought….(he meant lip kiss)

Naira (blushes): no ..i didnt think anything

Naira was  leaving but kartik pulls her back n 

kartik whispers in her ears…i know  wat u were thinking ..i thought tht u may not be comfortable with tht…but as i think u r comfortable  let me do it..

Kartik leans n naira runs away!!

Kartik smiles!?

Kaira realise its tym they go to the office for registaration….

Naira is asked to perform on stage as its a formality needed to fulfill…
Naira dances  on moh moh ke dhage ….she looked at naira all the while  dancing

Finally all the paper work is over….

When they come out of the office ..few common ppl say ohh she looks so beautiful (pointing at naira) ..kartik hears n gets angry ….naira holds kartik’s hand to calm down kartik ..

But those ppl keep on talking aftr a point kartik cant control …he goes n grabs collar of one guy! 

Kartik: how dare u ! Dont u have any respect for girls!? shame on u …in this world u have no work else than commenting on girls n teasing them …stop all this or i will hand ovr u to police…!!?

Guy: ohh y cant u hit me …tht u will give me to police!

Kartik holds his collar tightly almost choking him ..but seeing naira getting worried n crying he leaves him n takes naira to car!

Naira is all cry cry type …n aftr sitting in car she asks kartik r u ok!? Did u get hurt ..

Naira takes kartik’s  hands to take a look at the…kartik hesitate ..but naira forcefully  sees blood comming out as kartik’s  hand got wonded by a chain worn by tht guy!

Naira(all angry n concern): kartik ..i told u to let it go ..cant u understand!!!! Now we r going to a doctor near by to get u a tetanus injection so tht u dont get infection  …but first let me clean ur wound!!!!

Kartik is all mum

Naira brings the first  aid box….n wipes the wound from antiseptic

Kartik: ow ouch

Naira slowly blows n wipes  ..naira is still crying …naira bandages kartik’s  wound 

Naira: kartik m gonna drive now …


Naira: no more …u have done a lot !!

Naira drives take him to doc

Kartik: naira plz no injection yr! M scared of iniection!!

Naira: u should  have thought before fighting !

Kartik notices  naira’s unstoppable  tears n hold naira by her sholders 

Kartik: naira look at me ….i did all tht as i cant let anyone do anything wrong  to u ….even commenting on u …i couldnt save u from  those comments then how will i save u from difficulties ahead which will be more  comolicated than this!! I want to provide u all the care n safety!! ( tears  come out of his eyes)

Naira holds his face n says kartik…u save me from more complicated  thing from this…n here it was not needed …it wasnt such a big deal…i was so scared wat if anything would have happened…m feeling so guilty tht coz of me ur hand is hurt so badly!!

They both  stop each other from crying n then its their turn to see the doctor! They go in ..doctor  gives the injection to kartik …kartik holds naira’s  hand tight!!

Kaira come  out 

Kartik: naira lets hurry n return back as its 4 pm now it wil take 4 hrs atleast to reach..

Naira: ya lets go

Naira was going to sit on driver’s seat 

Kartik:plz naira let me drive

Naira thinks if i give this mendhak the reason i will is tht he got hurt  then he will not let me drive so i will have to become sherni naira 

Naira: achcha u forgot wat u said back in udaipur half half!! U will drive half way n i will half!! U drove while comming n i will while returning!! N now dont do more tar tar 

Kartik  thinks naira i know u very well …ur actual reason to drive is me getting hurt…but u also  know ki i wont let u drive for this reason ..i luv u so much sherni!!!

Naira shakes kartik n says ohh mr. Mendhak where r u lost now ..i know u told me tht before  when u were like this lost ..u were dreaming about  me ..now whom r u dreaming about m toh here only!

Kartik:  ohh its tht beautiful  nurse!

Naira: ohh tht one whith tht ajeeb nose ..perfevt mendhaki for u mendhak!!

Kartik: she held my hand so lovingly  while i took the injection!

Naira: achcha so m now nurse for u!! U cant distinguish  between my hands n nurse’s na ..now come to jaipur only everyday to meet ur lovely nurse!!

Kartik smiles seeing sherni naira back n says naira for a mendhak like me ..one mendhaki is enough n its u..

They both smile n sit in the car n naira drives 

they reach home around 8pm

Nakshtara scene  

Nakshtara r roaming in nearby places….holding each others  hands…they r roaming by the poolside
Suddenly seeing no one around naksh holds tara close to  him face to face ..

Tara takes the opportunity  n pushes  naksh inside the pool!!

Tara laughs while naksh is surprised..

Then naksh (worriedly)says tara give me ur hand …the water is way too deep..

Tara seeing hin worried ..she too gets worried ..n in order to pull naksh out ..she holds his hand

Naksh pulls tara inside too!! 

Tara: naksh wats all this!!

Naksh: romance…

Naksh puts back taras hair back her ears n holds her face

Naksh: u look so beautiful! I dont  even remeber wen we  spent so much tym together 

Tara smiles

Naksh  pulls tara closer n tara closes her eyes…they kiss!! Later naksh  carries tara to their resort room!

They have romance n they make out! 

Singhania mansion!

Gayu is all upset  as she was in house for the whole day ..gets excited  to see kartik naira comming …

Kartik hides his hands from getting notice to avoid wierd convo..

Kartik wishes everyone  n takes a leave …he tells naira bye by his  eyes ..naira goes inside everyone  congratulates  as dance academy  registration  is finally done!

Precap: kartik takes a important decision! Naira gets suspicious of something! Nakshtara return to udaipur!

Guyz do comment how  was  thus spcl  episode!? N also tell me if any of u in twitter n wanna join the grp?

Question  for u all 
Q: at what exact point it was shown  kartik unknowingly has some feeling for naira? Wat was tht small action!?
 Lets see if u guyz can guess this coz its not s significant scene

keep reading ,guessing ,enjoying n commenting ??

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  1. Vrushy

    Happy with the Verrry long update !!!
    Its superb.
    As for your question I guess it was rose and yash marraige. When naira saw police and she became restless. Before that kartik thought that he just liked naira but after seeing her so scared and worried and the way he was affected because of her he knew it was love !!

    1. Hales

      Thnk u so much vrushy! Answer will be revelaed in my next post?

  2. Anyan

    I like your story yr
    and continue

    1. Hales

      Thnks a lot ☺

  3. Jacqueline Waston

    He got angry, when some boys said she looked beautiful in a wrong way, he got angry

    1. Hales

      Wat?!! R u answering the ques? Jacqueline?

  4. I think karthiks feelings which were unknowing was shown when he was taking to naira bracelet and not giving back to her

    1. Hales

      Ok !☺ will post answer in next post ?

  5. Ishram

    He thinks he imagined her in his room before everyone came to know he lives with the Maheshwaris

    1. Hales

      Ok …the answer will be reaveled in ny next post ?

  6. When he saw her dance im his room when he stepped out from bathroom

    Fab writing dear..good to see ur write romantic episode of both couples
    waiting for the suspense

    1. Hales

      Thnks a lot shilpa …ya the suspense will b bringing a nyc twist!?

  7. Ayesha Mohahmmed

    Nice one.. I am a big Kaira Fan as well. Can you please give me your id in twitter to follow as you said above.

    1. Hales

      Thnx ..n my id is @Evashadangi ..follow me ..do tell me ur id or tweet tagging me aftr u follow me …then i will add u

  8. it is when naira take revenge of pungi there kartik feels that he is loving naira and her talks

    1. Hales

      Ok …will reveal the answer in next one!

  9. Renee

    When karthik catches cold and he is in Maura’s room and when naira dances for 1st time in front of everyone

    1. Hales

      Ok …will reveal the answer in next one!

  10. Renee


  11. Sethidisha002

    osam and answer I think rose and yash marriage when naira got scared to see police and I m not sure answer is correct or not just guess it

  12. khushali shah

    hey i want to join on twitter…my id is yrkkh_lover

  13. khushali shah

    sorry its love_yrkkh not yrkkh_lover

  14. When naira dances in front of every one on insictence of bhabhi maa at that time kartik unknowingly got attracted towards her at that time he felt some feelings for her
    And it was awesome especially naira’s concern for kartik

  15. request to all the ff writers in telly updates forum of yrkkh plz request fans to vote for kaira as much as possible in upcoming ITA as best new jodi..see the tweet of ITA site n plz click the link they hv given to vote for them.

  16. Debarati

    I think when he was talking to Naira’s bracelet in his room and saying that there is some connection between them which is going on increasing.

    1. Hales

      Ok ☺ will post the answer in my next post

  17. I think when he came to udaipur he is having bracelet of naira and thinking why i had not returned her and when he see him then he realizes that someconnection is their between them but he had not realized that its love

  18. Hales

    will post the answer in my next post ☺

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