Kaira love story begins ( Episode 4 )

Singhania Mansion

It’s 10 pm and everyone is about to go to bed but suddenly the door bell rings . Akshara opens the goor and gets surprised by seeing Maheshwaris at this late hour.

Akshara : Mom , you all here at this time .
Singhanias start questioning them and worry if something happened with them .
Rajshri : Akshara as we are going to Goa day after tomorrow , we all packed our bags and locked the house and came here to stay . So we can also help u tidy up the house.
Devyaani: That’s so good that u came here .
Bhabima : Yes , now we can enjoy talking while packing.
Akshara : Yes , now come inside .
Karthik is looking around for Naira . After a while , Naira and Gayu come down .
Karthik smiles seeing Naira and Gayu smiles seeing him.
Naira : Wow Nani , so good that u came here to stay .

All of them sit and talk. It’s 3 am and they arrange the mattresses in the sitting area on two sides and sleep .

It’s 9 am
It’s morning and they all are having breakfast together .
Bhabhima : It was so late when we slept last night .
Rajshri : Yes , but we had a great time talking .

Just then Naitik gets a call . He talks and ends the call and is worried.

Akshara : What happened Naitik , why do u look so worried ?
Naitik : Actually ….. , the flight that I booked for tomorrow for Goa is not on the time it was supposed to be. It was supposed to tomorrow morning 9 am but now it is rescheduled and the time for our flight is tonight 2 am.

Everyone is shocked .
Devyaani : How can we pack tidy up so quickly .
Akshara : It’s ok , Chotimaa we will all work together quickly and all the work will be done before we leave . Anyways we had to leave early morning tomorrow and now we have to leave 7 hours earlier .
Naira : Ya exactly , don’t worry everything will be fine .

After 12 hours

It’s 9 pm
Everyone is ready and are leaving for the airport . They are going to the airport in 3 vans.
1st van : Naira , Karthik , Ananya , Nannu , Gayu , Naksh
2nd van : Akshara , Naitik , Karishma , Shaurya , Varsha , Mishti , Kuhu
3rd van : Rajshekhar , Devyaani , Bhabima , Vishamber , Rajshri , Sunaina , Dadi

They all are enjoying their time in the vans. Finally they reach the airport.
They all are taking their bags from they can and going inside the airport . Shaurya and Naitik check in all baggages in the check in counter . Then they all go to the waiting lounge and wait for flight.
After 30 minutes . The flight starts boarding and they all go inside the airplane .

Seat Organization

In the first row
The window seats on the right ( Mishti and Kuhu )
In the middle ( Karishma , Akshara , Varsha , Gayu )
The window seats on the left ( Naira and Ananya )

Second row
The window seats on the right (Karthik and Naksh )
In the middle (Dadi , Bhabima , Rajshri , Devyaani )
The window seats on the left ( Sunaina and Nannu)

Third row
The window seats on the right ( Taken by someone else)
In the middle ( Rajshekhar ,Vishamber , Naitik , Shaurya )
The window seats on the left ( Taken by someone else)

Sorry guys , I was so busy in my tests and quizzes that I couldn’t post
I will begin the love story in the next two episodes

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