Kaira love story begins (Episode 3)

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Singhania Mansion

It’s morning and everyone is having breakfast. They all are very glad as Naitik came back .
Naira : Mamma , why don’t we go for a small family vacation with Nani’s family as Papa came back after a long time .
Bhabima : That’s a great idea . It would be a good chance of all of us to have some fun family time .
Devyaani : Yes , and it’s been very very long time and we haven’t gone for a vacation.
Gayu : I think we should go to Goa for 1 week .
Akshara : That’s an amazing idea Gayu . It would be like a fun family time for all of us.

Naitik : Ya it will be very nice , let’s go . So everyone start preparing I am going to book tickets for Goa for day after tomorrow , and Akshara plz inform your maternal family about it and tell them to start preparing .

Bhabima : We should also inform Karishma and Mishti so they can come back and start their preparation.

Everyone agrees and they start preparing as they don’t have a lot of time .

Scene shifts to Maheshwari Mansion

Rajshri is shown talking to Akshara on the phone.

Rajshri tells everyone to come out as she wants to tell them something really important.
Everyone come down

Varsha : What happened Maa , u look so excited.
Vishamber : What happened , tell us quickly.
Rajshri : Akshara called me and told me that they have planned to go to Goa for someways as Naitik came after such long time .

Kuhu : Wow , I can’t wait to go. It will be so much fun.
Karthik : Thats a great idea , when are we going to Goa ?
Rajshri : Naitik is booking tickets for day after tomorrow . So let’s start preparing ,we don’t have a lot of time .

Everyone goes to their room and start preparing .

Scene shifts to Karthik’s room.

Karthik is packing and talking to himself.
Karthik : I can’t believe I am going to Goa with Naira . It will be a good chance to spend time with her and propose her . This time I have to propose her in Goa no matter what .

Scene shifts to Singhania Mansion
Everyone is working and Karishma and Mishti suddenly arrive .
Mishti : Taiji , I am here .
Everyone is glad to see them. They come inside .
Akshara : How are u Mishti , I missed u so much .
Mishti : I also missed everyone a lot.
Devyaani : How are u Karishma
Karishma : I am fine , when Mishti knew that we are going to Goa , she was very excited and wanted to come back . So we came now.
Bhabima : Good that u came , the house was so lonely without both of u . Everyone was missing u a lot .
Akshara : Now that u came , go and start packing your stuff .
Naira and Gayu come downstairs and hug Karishma and Mishti .
Mishti : How are you Gayu didi and Naira didi and when are we going to Goa .
Gayu : We are fine , we were missing u a lot.
Naira : I also missed u a lot . Our flight to Goa is for day after tomorrow.

Recap : It’s night and Maheshwaris arrive to Singhania Mansion . Everyone is surprised seeing them at this late hour.

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