Kaira love story begins (Episode 2)

The episode begins with the Maheshwaris and Singhanias waiting outside for Shaurya , Mohit , Karthik and Naksh to bring the cars .
They bring the cars and they all sit and go to Singhania Mansion .
At Singhania Mansion :
Everyone is very tired :

Akshara : Finally we reached home , I am so tired.
Gayu : Yes Mami I am also very tired but had a lot of fun .
Naira : I played Dandiya after so long . It was a fabulous event .
Karthik ( in mind ) : It sure was .
Devyani : Come on , now we should go to our rooms and sleep else we won’t be able to wake up
Rajshri : We will also leave , it’s already 3 am .

Maheshwaris leave and everyone goes to their rooms
After sometime Naitik arrives and goes to his room and scares Akshara.

Akshara : I don’t want to talk to you .You didn’t come to play dandiya and went to office to check if everything fine or not .
Naitik : Sorry , I just wanted to check if everything is fine after what Naman did .
Akshara : I still can’t believe Naman did this . Because of him Karishma and Mishti are very upset .they were not in the mood to play dandiya. So we all told them to go to their Maternal house .
Naitik : Yes Karishma and Mishti will feel better at Maternal house .

Scene shifts to Naira’s room .
Naira is thinking what happened while she was playing dandiya with Karthik . She smiles thinking how Karthik held her .
Naira : What is happening to me , why do I keep on thinking of Karthik . Am I in love with him.

Recap : It is morning . Everyone plan to go for a picnic with the Maheshwaris as Naitik has arrived after a long time.

Sorry for the short episodes

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  1. Nice episode
    dont deel sorry for short episode but just try to make it long

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    love it muah

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