Kaira love story begins (Episode 1)

Hi guys , this is my first fan fiction . I will write about Kaira’s love story . Hope u enjoy it !

Episode 1 :
The episodes begins in the navatri function where everyone is playing dandiya . Karthik is looking for Naira and Gayu is looking for Karthik as they want to play dandiya with one another . Naira is sitting alone , dreaming about Karthik . Karthik finds her.

Karthik: why are u sitting alone , come on lets play dandiya .
Naira: ok come one let’s Play.
While they are playing dandiya , suddenly Naira was about sleep but Karthik holds and they share a romantic eye lock. Just then Gayu comes and gets jealous seeing them and goes to them.
Gayu : what happened to both of u , where r u lost ?
Naira and Karthik : Nothing .
Gayu : Ok , come lets pla dandiya , Mami is also looking for u .
They all go
Akshara : where were u all , I was looking for u ?
Naira : mamma , we were playing dandiya .
Akshara: Ok , now let’s go home it’s very late ( it’s 2:30 am )
Karthik: Ok mam , Naksh And I will go get the car and u can call everyone and wait outside for us .
Akshara: Ok , go.

Recap : Maheshwaris and Singhnias are waiting for Karthik and Naksh .

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  1. Nice episode
    Plz carry on and upload the next episode as soon as u can

  2. Lover19763

    Plz suggest some ideas . I will make sure to post episodes as soon as possible.

  3. Very very small otherwise nice

    1. Lover19763

      Excuse me , it was my first episode that’s why it’s short . If u want long episodes then suggest some ideas for me

      1. Tvfan1

        Um….you don’t have to be so rude

      2. Ok chill na why are you so rude

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